The First Solar Orbit

‘The First Kiss of Adam and Eve’ by Salvador Viniegra (1891)

Beloved Α∞Ω,

I started writing this just months after we found each other. While you never wanted to see the list I used to ‘manifest’ you into my life, I still wanted you to know that I was serious when I said that you are all of it, and I love every single thing about you. Something stopped me and I realized it would have more meaning if I gifted it to you during a benchmark moment. One that really made sense. Like an anniversary… 

And then, in all of our typical ways, we analyzed what an anniversary actually was, what defined a year, and what benchmarks were actually the ones that should be the most celebrated. Since this is the first complete solar orbit we’ve shared intimately living and sharing every day of our lives together, I decided this was it. The first solar orbit that has revealed the most to us and where we have found out even more about each other that has strengthened our love and passion. Some of it was a bit challenging because of how much the changes in the world due to Covid have impacted us and our ability to do what we first set out to do before the lockdown came… and then the flights grounded… and then visas blocked… and all the other challenges we’ve had to navigate together so far away from both of our homes. Nonetheless, I will return the words you spoke to me earlier today… I am so grateful for this year with you. More than you know, and in a lot of ways, it has been the best year of my life, regardless of the challenges.

With the utmost Reverence and Gratitude, this is the best way I can shout my love from the mountain tops. My spoken words are clumsy and fail me, but my writing always wins. On the other side of this Monumental Integration we have been experiencing during this chaotic time there is a certainty that we both share that I want to honor. I feel this is the greatest possible public display of affection I can Immortalize In Eternity

I am writing this to you, and for all those who might read it to See and Know just how deeply the trajectory of my life has been altered by you in such beautifully profound ways, in such a short amount of ‘time’. Even though most will never understand the totality of what we have shared with each other, the Powerful Medicine we have been for one another, the True Nature of the tears we have cried, and the ways Our Souls Speak To Each Other in the language only we know, I believe that by the very act of spelling this all out I am carving it forever in the Compendium of the Universe’s History. We have already begun Collapsing Timelines and have realized New Dimensions of Possibility, perhaps even touching the Ninth Dimension? 😉 

The most pressing realization for me is that I thought I had singlehandedly ‘dreamt you into existence’ and thought I was calling you into my universe when in actuality, you showed me that we co-created an entirely new one for us to exist in with our love. No one has ever done that with me before. I feel that the very door to the Parallel Universe that you spoke of could only be unlocked when we came together. 

Within those first few moments of my ‘time’, you anxiously asked me for, I knew I was getting to know the current incarnation of you… the one I have always danced with, in all spaces, and all times throughout the multiverse… and this was ‘it’. That I was just meeting the person I would probably spend the rest of my life with. Every last bit of it happening in a Burning Man space known as Lagrange. And then they named 2020’s burn ‘Multiverse’. The joke was entirely on us! 

Even though this year’s Burn was canceled, the fire in our hearts has grown and is unstoppable, and since you never wanted to see that 111 list, I want to tell you the 111 reasons why I love you now (including our inside jokes, code words, and, with all that has been revealed and everything we’ve been through. And, in spite of All The Magick we both see, I also want to appeal to your logical and rational side with the reasons why I Know Who You Are … and a list helps, even though it loops back around to the magick and all the feeling over knowing that stands out to me. 

  1. You Are Everything I had hoped for and dreamed of, and so much more than I was able to imagine I was worthy of until you showed me just how Good and Righteous Love could actually be. 
  2. You Knew before you even saw me by simply hearing my voice. That level of recognition means everything to me. 
  3. Your Spiritual Journey, and how you are moving through it in such a Unique, Conscious, Intellectual, and Honest way fascinates me and I admire you so much for it. 
  4. I am grateful for how you Love Yourself, me, and all the others we love together while maintaining your balance with Discernment and Interdependence.
  5. You are consistently True to Yourself and Authentically Express in ways that continue to teach me more of how I can be. 
  6. Almost every day you find a new and meaningful way to Love Me and Remind Me To Love Myself, and allow me to do the same for you!
  7. Intuition and following one’s heart is the key to everything, from my perspective, and you following yours to find me when I was more than a continent away,  is all the evidence I needed that you are ‘Him’.
  8. You are the most profound Psychonautic Co-Pilot I’ve ever had, with insights so unique that you open my eyes even more in ways only you can do for me.
  9. You have Dedicated Yourself to the Success of My Visions, not just me. You have voluntarily put so much of your own ‘time’, energy, knowledge, experience, and heart into them like no one ever has from a place of unconditional love and giving. It means more to me than you might ever understand. 
  10. You are Authentic with your emotions and needs, handling them responsibly, allowing yourself to lean into me when it’s needed, and keeping communication open so I always know where you are whether you want or need my support and affection in a moment or just need your own space to process your experience. 
  11. I Feel Safer With You than I have with any other man in my life. In every healthy and meaningful way. 
  12. Your wisdom and knowledge Educates and Liberates everyone you share it with. You are the greatest teacher I’ve ever had and have ‘enlightened’ me in ways I didn’t know existed. I’m grateful you allow me to do the same for you. 
  13. You found me because you gave yourself Freedom, and allowed yourself the Spontaneity and Adventure I crave and need in a partner. Although that has been temporarily thwarted by current events, I am excited about all of the adventures we have planned together. 
  14. Your Vegan Cooking rivals mine and the ways you make meals for us show me how much you care about and wish to nurture our bodies for a longer life together.
  15. You are even more Capable and Excited to Travel the World with me than I was without you. I’m grateful that we both have places to show each other, and places we will see for the first time together. 
  16. The amount of laughter we share is the medicine we both needed, and I love how Playful, Friendly, and Outgoing you are with all of the people I love.
  17. It is important to me that the person I end up with is just as excited about Transformational and Conscious Festivals as I am, and the fact that we met at Burning Man, then you brought up us doing the festival circuit together as the first thing you wanted to do with me after we had left the playa, and that we both had the same documentary project in mind around this subject could not have been just an accident or coincidence!
  18. You are a Powerful Healer that is so humble, you don’t even call yourself that. 
  19. Your lack of material interests is the Simplicity I was seeking, even though, like me, you enjoy ‘the finer things’ when they’re available to be experienced. I love our shared interest in quality over quantity and how that positively impacts our life together. 
  20. You are Gentle and Compassionate with yourself and others while having calm strength as a foundation, even when you’re feeling weak.
  21. I love how Passionate you are with and for me. The way you pull me into you and use every part of your body to interlock and weave us together… the way you kiss me so intentionally, hold my hair while you smell me, and all the ways your body communes with mine in deep bliss as you claim me. No one has ever made love to me in as many ways and with as much intensity as you do, every single day. 
  22. I love that our Individual Perspectives often have their own polarity, even while pointing to the same things, that create balance while helping us both to grow in so many ways through one another.
  23. I deeply admire the Courage, Integrity, and Bravery you maintain through all you have and continue to move through in your life. 
  24. You are Community Minded with Strong Leadership and delegation skills while letting others lead until you are asked to or you see that it is necessary.
  25. I appreciate how you organically participate in keeping our spaces Clean and Organized so that our spaces are safe, comfortable, and relaxing for both of us. 
  26. You are truly Awake, Aware, and Taking Positive Action in the World with me, but doing so from a more informed place than anyone else ever has, and in a powerfully strategic way that I had dreamed of, but hadn’t believed would happen. 
  27. I am in awe at how much of a Powerful Speaker and Teacher you are, and I feel so profoundly blessed that you envision a future of the work we can do to help heal others together with our hearts and minds. 
  28. As a fellow Sapiosexual, I know it is unnecessary for me to tell you how important it is that you are An Intellectual, Visionary, and Creator that understands what I’m doing and chooses to do the work with me, bringing your vision into it in a way that integrates so easily and just adds so much more impact than I thought was possible. 
  29. After all that I have been through, only someone who is able to Gently Point Me Into Greater Integrity would be able to get through to me. You are doing so in ways that I grow more respect and reverence for you each day. The ways you so gently speak to my blindspots, cognitive biases, and areas of misinformed perceptions with unconditional love and without a need to be right, but a desire to help me evolve is something that I will be eternally grateful for. Thank you for also letting me do the same for you. 
  30. Your Self Control and your Peaceful Demeanor heals me more each day. 
  31. Your Expertise in the Digital Realms has upgraded my life and mission and has brought so many of the missing parts and pieces that I needed for success. 
  32. You are an Open, Honest, Equanimous Communicator who is quick to speak the truth and receive it in appropriate circumstances.
  33. For the first time in my life, I am with someone that my tribe Loves, Respects, Admires, and Embraces fully. This means a lot… not just to me, but to all of them as well! Thank you for just being you. 
  34. You Listen and Hold Space for me in a truly meaningful way.
  35.  I needed A Trickster Like Me, and I’m grateful for all of the fun that we have with each other.
  36. You bring your education and Understanding of the Ancient World Cultures, Philosophy, and History in a way that balances the Esoteric Wisdom I brought. 
  37. You remain Humble and Curious in your spirituality, even though you are far more advanced than me and many others that I know.
  38. I watch you consistently be Conscious In Thought, Word, and Deed in a way that keeps me on my toes and reflecting on how I can continue to embody what I preach.
  39. You are Committed and Loyal to me in a palpable way that allows me to be Vulnerable and Authentic with you.
  40. I love your Artistic and Creative Expressions, and how they collaboratively align with the creations of others I love. I also love that you make things that I want in my environments.
  41. I am grateful for all the ways you are willing to ‘Chop Wood and Carry Water’, firetend, and share a desire to homestead.
  42. You are willing to be a Light in the Darkness for others in our life, and for the way you do it for me so I can do it for so many others.
  43. I will never be able to express the entirety of my Awe and Gratitude for all the amazing ideas you bring to the table for our Social Impact Ventures.
  44. You have been a Political Activist since before I knew what politics or activism was, and even more grateful to know we’ve been on the same side all along, on different continents and in dramatically different cultures, fighting for the same causes.
  45. I’m honored by how much value you see in my Rituals and Ceremonies, and how much you desire them as a part of our life together.
  46. Everything about you is Sensual, Attractive, and Sexually Gratifying to me.
  47. I love how you embrace all of your Authentic Expressions and Love Yourself Enough To Be Yourself while creating the space for me to be safe to do and be the same.
  48. Since the first moment we met and sat down to talk, you have always been Present and Available to and for me, even when you were thousands of miles away.
  49. I love the beauty of your Relationship With Nature and all the ways you make love to it, and see our place in it.
  50. I love that you have remained Open Minded to New Perspectives and Ideas from each myself and the people around us so that we can continue to evolve together.
  51. I Love What Makes Us, Us.  All of it. Our secret language, code words, our shared quirks, habits, and the organic symbiosis that makes us so uniquely who we are individually and as a couple.
  52. I love that you Love Gaia just as much as I do.
  53. I love that you love All Things Fungi as much as I do.
  54. I love that you want to Go To Mars and Experience Outer Space as much as I do.
  55. I love that you are Willing and Capable of Collaborating for a greater cause.
  56. I am grateful for all the ways you bring greater awareness and action plans to our health and longevity in so many ways and still Honor the Power and Value of Plant Medicines.
  57. I am so grateful for all the Beautiful Dreams you hold for our life together.
  58.  I love that you are an Autodidactic Bibliophile and Lexophile and that you actually know what that means!
  59. Your Eccentricity and Quirkiness drew me to you, and are some of the sexiest things about you!
  60. Cuddles… I fucking love our cuddles so much! And I love how often you initiate random cuddle moments throughout the day and how affectionate you are with me in so many ways.
  61. I love that you Love the Outdoors and Enjoy Star Watching as much as I do, which we have officially done in three countries across two continents in less than a year!
  62. I’m grateful that you are not just willing, but are actually creating the platform to have our Hearts, Minds, and Voices Heard.
  63. I’m Grateful for how often you express your gratitude for me and how much you value even the small things in our experience.
  64. I love that you are so Charismatic that some of my closest friends call you ‘The Magnet‘!
  65. I am grateful that you came to me as Empowered as I was and that we continue to empower ourselves and each other.
  66. You may never understand how vital it was to me that you have put so much effort into helping me be a better Peace Ambassador and Advocate.
  67. I love how Respectful and Reverent To the Feminine that you are.
  68. I’m grateful for the ways you Foster Brotherhoods and hold other men accountable with integrity.
  69. I needed someone that was a Road Warrior, and that your first desire with me was to get on the road together was just one more moment of perfection.
  70. You are just as happy living in a cabin in the woods, a hempcrete dome in the jungle, an RV on the road or camped at a festival. ALL OF THIS means so much to me. 
  71. I love that that the entire time we’ve been together, you have left a Positive Impact on the lives of everyone you connect with.
  72. You may never understand just how much it means to me that you are In Love With All Aspects of My Physical Form.
  73. I am so in love with how committed you are to the intimate exploration of our Divine Union within and without.
  74. As an introvert, it means the world to me that you can be Comfortable In Shared Silence.
  75. You were eager for our time together while Grateful and Patient during our moments apart.
  76. It was literally a requirement for you to be a Burning Man veteran that used his space and time on the Playa wisely and to its fullest. Apparently, that worked out well. 😉
  77. I am grateful for how compassionately, responsibly, and maturely you have handled our Difficult Conversations.
  78. I love how Practical you are with the application of your spiritual knowledge.
  79. I appreciate that you Trust Your Intuition, as well as Honoring Mine and that you see the signs and meanings with me.
  80. I am grateful for the way you have set Healthy Boundaries with me, your friends, and your family.
  81. I love that you are Willing To Give and Receive Credit where it’s rightly due.
  82. I’m grateful that you’re Taller Than Me… even if it’s only a little bit!
  83. I’m grateful that you Love Me Exactly the Way I Am, with all the history and scars, internally and externally, I come with.
  84. I love that you are Comfortable With ‘Imperfection’ in yourself and others.
  85. I love that you Honor and Respect Boundaries for yourself and others, and you have NEVER tried to question mine in a manipulative way. That fact that you were curious about them in a genuine way helped me heal and let go of some of them, and for that, I am eternally grateful to you!
  86. Sapiosexually, it is super hot that you are A Rational, Logical, Philosophical, and Scientific Thinker that continually checks in with his heart.
  87. I am grateful that you have kept An Open Mind About Paranormal and Supernatural Events.
  88. I am grateful for the ways you are Diplomatic In Negotiations and Deal Making.
  89. I love that you are Grateful for Your Past, The Present, and Excited About Our Future Together.
  90. For better or worse, I love that you are also An Ecstatic, Adventurous Eater, and Kitchen Wizard.
  91. One of the best parts of our relationship is that you are Emotionally Sovereign and Take Healthy Responsibility For Your Responses To Triggers when they come up.
  92. You literally melted my heart when you said, word for word, that you are Grateful To Hold My Ladder While I Reach For The Stars.
  93. Your Balanced and Informed Insights and Perspectives On My Ability to Impact The World with my visions, while giving me realistic timelines and goals has helped me to stop getting burnt out and feeling like a failure. That is one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me.
  94. Taking baths together, you working my feet, washing my back, and generally Pampering Me in so many ways, is a blessing and I cherish it!
  95. I am infinitely grateful that you are Connected and In Balance With Your Inner Child, and act as a Strong and Nurturing Co-Parent to Both of Our Inner Children.
  96. Yes, it was a requirement for me that you Treat Your Body as a Temple, Allowing Yourself to be Natural, including Growing Your Hair and a Beard – while maintaining good hygiene. Thank you for just being who you are!
  97. I love all the Magick In Your Words.
  98. I love that you and I share so many of the same dreams, including A Home With Dogs and Goats… and an OUTDOOR cat. 😉
  99. I love that you are also A Wolf Spirit ready to help build and lead our pack.
  100. One of the reasons I feel safe with you is because of how Calm and Capably Responsive you have been in urgent situations, and how much you take on.
  101. I deeply appreciate that you are A Survivalist in ways I hadn’t thought about becoming one and help bring a new line of thought to strengthen what I was already doing for preparedness.
  102. I love that you share my enthusiasm for things like Transhumanism, Dynamic Tattoos, Life Extension, and more.
  103. I love that I have found a worthy opponent that is equally Talented In the Arts of Snark and Sarcasm.
  104. I love your shared love of Tea and Coffee!
  105. I absolutely love and adore how you Dance and do so in such a free and authentic way!
  106. I am immensely grateful for how Motivational and Inspiring you are for me in so many ways.
  107. I finally found someone that is Able To Keep Up With Me In Every Way, while equally Enjoying Quiet Downtime with me.
  108. It means everything to me that we share the same tastes in Entertainment and Gaming
  109. I am so very in love with how much you are Comfortable With Nudity and Share My Liberal Perspectives on Human Sexuality
  110. Wyoming, Raccoons, Boop Boop Be Doop, Unicorn Onesies, and Mouth Farts! LOL!!! 
  111. Literally… Infinity… and it’s only been a year and a few months since we first met. Together we create a Beautiful Mosaic of Conscious Observation.

You may not be what society, religion, or social norms would consider ‘perfect’… and while you might look at yourself and perceive flaws, scars, frustrations, struggles, weaknesses, or any other measure that you or others might use to judge you negatively, but for me… You Are Perfect

I love you, Hatter. I always have and always will… and we both know that.


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Α ∞ Ω


Healing Racism In Spirituality to Create True Unity

To all my brothers and sisters of faith, morals, or ethics of any kind… those who believe in the vision of Unity Consciousness. Whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, or simply a moralistic atheist… we need to have a talk. Especially those of us who are spiritual – specifically the leaders, coaches, and teachers – who believe they are here to assist during this time to Bring This World to the Glory of its Fullest Potential. Even more so, those who are white. 

A lot is happening right now. A lot. It can be overwhelming and to say that 2020 is an extremely emotionally charged year is the understatement of all understatements. We are all tired… exhausted, really. We are being asked to look at and see so many things at once, and to dig deep in dark and dirty places that are hard for the Empathic Heart to go to.

I do not believe it is a coincidence that we have incarnated at this exact time. We have already remembered what we are here to do and we know that Love Is The Answer that will ultimately lead us all into the state of Unity Consciousness. We have been training for this and we have many looking up to us for the examples and light they are seeking. We have people learning from us, living vicariously through us, and Receiving Healing just through our presence.

And, we each need to acknowledge that we are fallible beings. We need to acknowledge, as we have already, that as long as We Are Breathing, we are learning. So long as we are in this avatar, We Are Awakening. So long as we are progressing, We Are Evolving. We are perfectly imperfect, and that’s ok. 

We also need to admit when we have weaknesses… as individuals and sometimes as a Community. The Truth is, for all the Enlightenment we wish to believe we hold we still don’t know everything, and we have limited bandwidth for how much we can absorb at any moment in time. Sometimes, there is also resistance to addressing painful truths. This often results in bypassing reality and putting on lenses of denial that allow sources of harm to continue and sabotage the entirety of Our Mission Here.

We came here to address the very real wounding that is the source of the suffering we want to heal. In Unity, when one of us hurts, suffers, or experiences any manner of injustice, it wounds all of us and there is no way out of that Butterfly Effect. And the longer we resist the Compassionate Presence of heart and mind to look at what’s happening now and act as healers by going back to the source of the wound in order to understand the extent of the healing needed to be holistic, the longer we resist being the greatest possible amount of healing available. For all of us. The longer we resist, the longer it will take to get us into the collective state of True Unity Consciousness.

We have deeply empathic hearts that have the Fullest Desire To Love and heal ourselves and others. We have the desire to right what feels wrong, find the balance where imbalance exists, to Find the Most Regenerative Solutions Available to every problem, Create Justice where injustice has lived, and to ensure that the needs of all people are met. And we do this so that our consciousness can explode into its fullest potential. That all of humanity can access the highest states of heart and mind, fully realizing itself and actualizing its Co-creative Superpowers. Sending cosmic waves of paradise across the entire planet. So that we can witness the true nature of Creation’s Fractal Diversity in everything and everyone. To achieve planetary wide Authenticity where all of nature thrives in divinity that awes us to the extent of seeing ‘The Face of ‘God‘. 

Now, I am going to ask you to take a moment away from this post to sit with your hand on your heart, your mind and body relaxed, and Just Breathe in the love of your ancestors and exhale gratitude for the intensity of their experiences over Thousands of Years and Hundreds of Generations. Think of all the hard work, intelligence, blood, sweat, and tears it has taken from those behind us that had to survive famines, natural disasters, plagues, wars, freezing winters, scorching summers, genocides, and all manner of pain, struggle, and Determination it has taken to get us to this moment in time.

I’ll Wait.

Now that you’re back and you can feel that… I want to remind you that not all of us have had it as hard as others to get here. In fact, it is likely that those who will organically see this through knowing me and being connected via social media are more likely to be white because you come from the spheres of privilege I have walked through in my life. Let that sink in and think about the sphere you’ve been in with me and think back to the disproportionate lack of diversity that was present with or without noticing it at the time. We were programmed not to notice. Think of how many of those events, productions, meetings, gatherings, heart storming calls, and strategy sessions were disproportionately white and the nature of our ability to Gather Together for Fellowship and Creative Efforts was mostly based on privileges that others don’t have.

To go down a quick rabbit hole with you, keep in mind that for those of us in the so-called ‘spiritual community’ that come from European roots (specifically white people) and that our Sacred Lineages and Practices were destroyed by our own through religious wars and inquisitions. We lost the connection to our own history and experienced our own cultural destruction. But, by the time colonization and imperialism were pillaging and violently ravaging and destroying populations and cultures all over the planet, many of our ancestors were comfortable in Europe diving into the Age of Enlightenment and dwelling on Transcendentalism

The grandmothers of the New Age Movement were the daughters and wives of aristocratic men. While they were fighting the patriarchal aristocracy in their own ways, they also had great privilege and resources in order to do so. It is with this privilege that they had the ability to be able to Learn and Practice Freely, as well as sharing their wisdom with others without needing to monetize the Spiritual Philosophies they were sharing. It kept it Pure in an Idyllic and Sacred Way

And yet, the last 15 years of a primarily white community has been systematically destroying what is sacred to the teachings of the new age ideologies as well culturally appropriating from other spiritual cultures as part of an insidious ancestral pattern. We have capitalized Sacred Ceremonies and Traditions that belonged to our ancestors and others as a birthright. By no means am I saying that we should take a vow of poverty to combat this, but I will sternly say that we are doing it wrong on all accounts. While it is understandable that we all require some element of financial resources, we have to really take a microscopic look at what type of energy we are carrying into our intentions when we monetize Sacred Practices, whether they ‘belong’ to us or not. All we are currently doing is reflecting the broken systems we wish to defeat by replicating their detritus structures of oppression. 

We have to talk about this and acknowledge it. We don’t need to feel guilty about that if we are willing to change it, but we absolutely must start making changes immediately. I don’t mean that by suggesting we start inviting that one black or brown person to show up and get involved, thereby resulting in even more insult added to the injury through tokenism. I mean to say that we must Start Taking the Necessary Actions to root out all racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and general discrimination or prejudice and adjust our models to reflect greater ease of access and safety in our spaces to Actualize True Inclusivity. We have to break our patterns of elitist and classist exclusivity in our offerings, events, teachings, and practices. Full stop. 

While there are many reasons people of color may not be interested in what we have to offer like any other demographic, in regards to those who do I have personally seen and heard more times than I can count that our spaces are not safe for them, are not easily accessible, do not attempt to include them, and often incorporate patronizing displays of cultural appropriation that evokes a perception of mockery and a sense of disrespect from us. We can do better, but, We have to Do Our Due Diligence and avoid the continual perpetuation of another subculture that disenfranchises those who our entire movement was meant to bring unity with!

We have to make sure that we are in Integrity in all of our thoughts, words, and deeds. That they align with the role we have taken on. That we truly Create Sacred Spaces of Opportunity for everyone involved. To Do This With Full Integrity means that we have to be willing to acknowledge and understand what has been happening up until now. It means to understand it fully in a way that actually empowers us with greater knowledge that we can use to cut all the cords of oppression and suffering that exist. That is the only way we will ever be able to truly Empower Others into their Individual and Collective Liberation. Once we can do that for our human family, then perhaps we’ll have an actual fighting chance to do it for the rest of Life on Earth as we evolve into the understanding that All Life Is Sacred.

I innerstand the desire to resist. The impulse to avoid those places that could potentially hurt to see or admit inside of us and in the ways that we’ve been. Yet, if we have been truly Walking The Path, then we have been prepared for this all along. We know how to address Deeper Levels of Healing. Right now, millions of people on the planet are screaming for us to hear them and acknowledge their pain and suffering so it can be healed in every corner of society. It needs to be addressed within the individual and beyond. We are being given an opportunity to go deeper into our own psyche to examine biases we may have been holding onto unconsciously and examine the ways we have each been holding up the system that is oppressing so many in a multitude of ways. 

There is no conspiracy or bad guy manipulating things to blame right now. This is an internal and systemic issue in our community and the world at large, which means that it’s running through each of us in some way. It’s an issue that has been begging to be addressed for hundreds of years and now getting the consideration it has been asking for.

The best news is that no matter what it is you specialize in, focus on, or what modality you use in your practices, you would only be enriched and better able to serve in your best capacity by hearing the voices. Acknowledging them. Taking the steps to put an end to ways we have been harming them, whether we did so unknowingly or not. Transcending into your next level of awareness and consciousness. Taking a time out and a step back to examine the truth of our own Ancestral Roots and finding a compromise that works for everyone. A Collective Agreement on the rules of engagement and which boundaries are too sacred to be crossed. And then, we must honor them if we are ever going to truly reach the point of respecting and revering the Diversity of Creation

No ‘what abouts’ or ‘what ifs’, or excuses. No bypass. No willful ignorance. No dismissal. No denial. No attempts to justify. No more time ignoring and denying the Millions of Voices of Color pleading with us. No ‘colorblindness’ that fails to acknowledge the diversity in another, as well as the challenges they experience in their lives due to the evils in this world. None of the ‘we are all one’ rhetoric when you have not acknowledged a part of your suffering within and without so that It Can Be Healed. And while we’re at it, let’s be honest about the whitewashed religious programming that has also seeped into our beliefs, our tools, our marketing, our art, memes, and our practices that we have co-opted from others. If we are going to blend Christianity with Transcendental Forms of Spirituality, let’s end the charade of Jesus and all angels being white men, often with blond hair and blue eyes. 

We need the fullest presence possible to face the current moment and what it is loudly begging for our attention… not as a matter of manipulation, but a matter of crisis. A crisis rooted in a form of darkness that is also crying out for our Truest Expressions of Love and Light. A crisis that we can resolve. Full Regeneration of Your Internal System so that you can embody an entirely new and cleaner frequency and allow that to expand out as the actualization of full regeneration of the systems that impact our global family. This is about the Ancestral Lineage Healing we have been speaking of for years. 

I also want to point out that right now there are many grasping onto baseless claims, narratives, and blame on others for the current events. It’s this billionaire’s fault for this, or that evil entity for that, and a multitude of conspiracies bypassing the messages of the Collective Apotheosis that is waiting for us on the other side. We asked for this, and now we’re running from it. Ultimately, you can blame all you want, but if you’re not looking at the places you personally have to, and can, change the dynamics, whether or not there is an external villain that could be blamed, you are simply wasting your time victimizing and disempowering yourself and others. It is a particularly troublesome and willful blindspot during a moment when the elephant in the room is so big right now. 

My personal perspective on this phenomenon is that we are witnessing a mass hijacking of consciousness. A spiritual warfare (as I recently discussed) that leverages psyop tactics to create a false Sense of Unity for those willing to invest themselves into the narrative, and baits them with a means to bypass internal fears and feelings of a lack of control.  It offers ideas that alleviate our responsibility on the matters at hand with a false sense of security, while also giving us ghosts to project our judgment onto. I deeply resonate with Charles Eisenstein’s latest essay on ‘The Conspiracy of Myth’.where he shares his wisdom on this. I would also add that there is an urgency to break the hypnotic spell that is polarizing our community and diverting us away from The True Nature of Our Shared Mission

I personally know it stings when we realize we have been hurting others unintentionally when we thought we had the best intentions. I know all of your hearts truly want Joy, Bliss, Peace, Prosperity, Purpose, Passion, Unity, and Vitality for All Life On Earth. I know that the very concepts of poverty, famine, or oppression are so foreign to us because they go against everything our body, mind, and soul know to be possible. And I feel deep compassion for the Sensitive Souls that can hardly bear the thought of them. But we can’t ignore them or any opportunity to Become Stronger In Our Ministries of Love and Our Missions of Peace.

For those who are white, or have been raised in environments shrouded in whiteness, I can tell you directly how systemic racism has harmed you and what wounds need to Be Healed from the programming most of us don’t realize we have inside of us. It’s big and it’s deep, but it is hidden in such a dark place that it has been hard for a lot of us to be willing to go there. One of the first symptoms is an observable and behavioral pattern witnessed in white people known as White Fragility. This is actually another bit of good news because Our Awareness of it Empowers Us to have the ability to quickly heal it within ourselves and show others how to do it as well.

We can do so much better and we need to. The first step is to Educate Ourselves through any number of existing resources. Be Courageous enough to enter into spaces where we are invited to remain quiet and Listen to the Voices of Our Brothers and Sisters that have been unheard for Generations Upon Generations. Become Aware of how they are still suffering, and the ways we can help. Look at what is causing them harm that we have an ability to transform or eliminate. Then, it is our job as leaders to admit where we have been wrong, and share what we’ve learned so that we stop harming some people, and misleading others, even though it was not intentional.  Then, Focus On Inclusivity in all the ways you lead moving forward. 

We can do this with Unconditional Self-Love and Forgiveness, knowing that we are still learning and this is the Loving Response that ensures we can be Truly Safe and Loving Leaders. It is how we will be able to help Co-create the Balance this world needs so We Can All Thrive. Our Shared Success relies on it, as a community and as a species.

So, with that, I am including resources to help you. I will also remind you that I am available for Compassionate Support for those going through this learning process. As long as you are truly willing to do the work necessary to Come Into Alignment With True Unity Consciousness, I am willing to hold space for you. No judgment, no chastisement. Just Love, Acceptance, and Support while facilitating your breakthrough.

Additionally, I invite you to join me and Tanya Rodriguez, founder of the Global Decolonisation Initiative,  for our 4 week series on Deprogramming Racism.  When you’re ready to start digging, here are some resources I recommend that will help you begin to see how rigged the system is so you can find ways to hack it:

  • This is the 13th Amendment in the US Constitution ‘abolishes’ slavery, unless it is used as a punishment for a crime (which incentivizes criminalizing the people you are trying to oppress). You can also watch a full-length documentary on this for free on YouTube. 

Groups on Facebook to learn from as well as finding ways to bring about actual social justice:

I love you all and I’m truly here to support you. If you need help from me to guide you through the process of ‘the work’ or want to ask for help as a person of color that needs an ally or accomplice, I’m here and all you need to do is reach out. Truly.


🦋 May you all be blessed and may you be a blessing to all. 🦋

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Spiritual Warfare: The Bearers of False Gifts & Broken Promises

Note: I began writing this piece on an emerging spiritual warfare trend months ago… something internal took a pause. It was an Intuition telling me there were vital facts and perspectives necessary to speak of this as accurately as possible. There was More To See and Experience before I would truly be able to Receive the Entire Revelation

During this exploration period, polarities presented themselves in my awareness in a way that solidified the spectrum of this phenomena, as well as the medicine for it. And as you could probably easily guess, the answers is Love. Because Love Is The Answer to Everything

It was Within The Womb of Love where The Greatest Revelations and layers upon layers of Self Liberation would occur. It was a Deep Dive into even more clarity that showed me the Finer Nuances of tactics, infectious behaviors, and  the current Human Condition that is permeating the Collective Conscious to a degree that will require a recipe of Ingenuity, Patience, and Unconditional Love to Resolve and Heal the shared trauma being experienced by the masses that are lost in confusion and chaos. The good news is that there is a very possible Happy Ending because we are in the most Fertile Grounds we’ve ever known in history to Plant Healthy Seeds of Knowledge and Wisdom for the New Paradigm

Please know that this information is not shared to incite fear. Similar to describing the childbirth process in detail, some of this may invoke a sense of discomfort or fear, but I also promise to share Hope and Actionable Solutions to transmute any negative energies within and empower you to be a part of the efforts to Become Victorious Together. It is also important to be wary of spiritual bypass, which I address multiple times in this essay. 

Spiritual warfare is something that has been spoken of for thousands of years primarily as a Metaphysical Metaphor for the Journey of Life. It was typically referenced in regards to The Internal Process of fighting the original ‘Satan’, which was understood to be the human ego until modern Christianity twisted mythology to suit their agenda(s) to weaponize scriptures as a means of oppressive control of rapidly growing populations and world leaders. Many a prophet has predicted that there would come a time when spiritual warfare would take over the entire planet in an ultimate battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of ‘The Righteous‘ or ‘Holy Ones‘. And to me, it is painfully obvious that this event is happening now. 

If We Are Honest with ourselves, we can see this spiritual warfare happening. Many have even been unknowingly complicit in it and driving it. The first time I became Personally Aware of how deeply it had infected Spiritual Communities was in 2017 when the message below channeled through me. I quickly realized that it had been working so well, that it had evolved in an extremely subtle, but effective way. And yet, the antidote was an obvious Solution Within The Challenge being presented. In a way, it was a Blessing In Disguise

As many of you are aware, waves of expansion have been washing over all of you and more and more of your people are stirring from their slumber. In their vulnerable state of waking, they can easily be lulled back to sleep by the present planetary influences which desire to hold their existing false authority and imposed power by holding the newly awakened in the darkness of their ignorance and wounding, or they can be gently woken further by the light of those of you who have mastered the philosophies and wisdoms of the future paradigm that wishes to come through at this time…

The PsyOp War

When I originally channeled the message above, I had seen something Extremely Intelligent spreading through social media and Interpersonal Interactions. I saw a viral infection that was creating a full-blown war against and between the very people sent here to Help Humanity. It was a Powerful Force that was creating chaos and spreading through exposure and infection, playing on the weaknesses of our psychology. 

A tsunami of polarizing information came through from every direction. It was obvious that it was a form of ‘psyops’ (psychological operations) designed to divide the masses and shred the growing Sense of Unity that was quickly gaining momentum. This is a tactic originated with the US military and eventually employed by marketing strategists. It also hides in plain sight, unapologetically, spoken of on government websites. It uses the media (radio, television, and print) to incept subliminal programming into the collective. You can refer to the two public sources below if you’re not sure what I’m talking about:

“Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

Source: Wikipedia

“Born from the counterpropaganda and resistance efforts of World War I, modern-day Psychological Operations Soldiers use the power of influence to shape the global security environment and achieve United States national security goals.”

Source: GoArmy dot com (I’m not inviting them to my site with a link back… this is easily google-able)

The developing trends in these sabotage efforts were (and still are) targeting the Greater Collective, and it had moved into the Spiritual and Conscious Communities, on and offline, in profound ways. It was Perfectly Designed to divide and aggravate, cause self-doubt, promote fear, challenge intuition, and generally create toxic anarchy. It was scrambling the quickly actualizing Peace Efforts and dissolving previously evolving notions of True Oneness and Unity

In 2016, the world at large received an influx of negative exposure to true and false news. We had been slowly sliding into, and eventually, fell face first into what is being called ‘the post-truth era’. We were all left with little ability to Discern the Actual Truth vs. insidious lies and which sources were credible or involved in a much greater conspiracy (that would eventually be revealed). This created an extremely distrustful collective, which enabled and accelerated even greater separation. It was also a blatant and powerful form of sabotage against a large number of Light Bringers.

Those who were most vulnerable to the highly contagious mind viruses were being pulled down swiftly resulting in tragic consequences. By 2017, I was personally aware of, and experienced in my own life, a skyrocketing number of conflicts among lifelong friends, separations of Notorious Spiritual and Power Couples, empath suicides, exponential addiction statistics, dissolution of Peace Movements, activist arrests with extended convictions, and even the corruption of High Profile Spiritual/Conscious Events and Festivals that left many in shock and awe.

Moving through 2018 and 2019, mainstream statistics and anecdotal observations were showing that it had become a psychological pandemic of epic proportions. Even as I type this, in mid February of 2020, we are considered to be in the ‘Age of Rage‘ and facing a true viral pandemic 

There is virtually no corner of the physical or digital world that isn’t riddled with conflict, suffering, or degradation at this point, and no Good Cause has been spared. Many have come to realize that ‘The Event’ Is Happening. Our ‘time’ to act is Now or Never.  We are all invited to Be The Change We Wish To See and to Set New Examples as the Wayshowers and Lightbringers who have come to Guide Humanity Back To Harmony and Balance in all ways. Above, below, within, without, in body, mind, and spirit and in thought, word, and deed.

All of our habits, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and choices are being called into examination for their levels of Integrity, Alignment, Regeneration, Empowerment, and their propensity to Bring Love and Liberation to and for All Life On Earth. Old paradigm ways being painted with Spiritual Glitter will not make it through our collective bottleneck, as it is facing the planet’s sixth mass extinction event. This, in and of itself, has implications in spiritual and physical terms. Humanity’s Success relies heavily on alignment with The Highest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. Moreover, the actualization of collective Balance and Harmony by finding the Centerpoint of All Extremes

A New Paradigm of Peace

Every test we are facing right now, individually and collectively, is an invitation to find Heart Centered Answers and Soulutions that can lead us all to a Paradigm of Peace. If we Remain Mindful of this potential, and Open To Receive the wisdom and knowledge necessary to co-create and manifest this reality into existence, we can witness a Fair, Equitable, Prosperous, Regenerative and Peaceful World utilizing Visionary Ideas Inspired by Love quite rapidly!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller

We can all observe the individuals and patterns that are propagating these spiritual warfare tactics to decipher the mechanics. Many of us have the ability to reverse engineer the Regenerative Solutions on a social level that can help build the bridge between this current state of existence on Earth to a world and Culture of Peace. It is all intertwined with the Universal Laws of Polarity & Duality and can easily be integrated through the principles of The New Holy Trinity and regular Mindfulness Practices.

Truly, when we Reconnect to Nature, combining Perfect Love and Perfect Wisdom to find Compassion, employing Critical Thinking, and committing to our self-loving Mindfulness Practices, we can See The Truth. I am also a firm believer that if we can perceive the problem, we can Perceive the Solution. We can also Be the Solution.

Always Love All Ways

To begin the process, I invite you to consider Observing the Phenomenon through The Lens of Benevolence and Compassion. In doing so, we can easily see that most of the people knowingly or unknowingly serving in this veritable ‘army of darkness’ already had a compromised Spiritual Immune System. In other words, combinations of their individual choices, circumstances, diets, substance use, addictions, lifestyle, beliefs, fears, imbalances, mental states, materialistic inclinations, insecurities, jealousies, unhealthy relationships, loneliness, and so forth, allowed for pre-existing vulnerabilities within their Level of Consciousness

If you are reading this, it is likely you already understand that our internal energies and levels of consciousness are in a Constant State of Flux. As with All Things In The Universe, they are also consistently seeking Balance, Equilibrium, and Harmony. This process can be easily associated with the Water Element. In this very Diverse World we incarnated into, we Observe the Realities of this Physical Realm and experience Empathic and Emotional Responses that influence our entire experience. 

We are obligated to show others how to Always Love In All Ways. Almost every challenge Earth As a Community is experiencing right now is based on the opposite. Egocentric and ethnocentric ideologies that have far-reaching multilayered entropic effects. When we bring ourselves to a Cosmocentric (or Pluralist) state of mind, we elevate our state of being, become a Reality Surfer, and have the ability to influence many and bring them with us. This is Transcendence. No matter what your starting point is, you have the ability to achieve this at an accelerated speed, as you are simply releasing the illusory weight that is holding you in the lower states in order to rise up to your natural state. 

Here is the most important warning I will give you before you read further. This does not condone, and cannot be achieved, through spiritual bypass or willful ignorance. Righteous anger, valid grief, and awareness of the injustices and imbalances in the world are a part of this process. You cannot envision, implement, or be the True Solution(s) if you cannot be Deeply Honest about the nature of the reality here on the physical plane, even while it is veiled in excuses and shrouded in lies. Absolute Authenticity in all of its forms and expressions is fundamental to these processes. 

Bringing Light Into The Darkness

Spiritual Bypass 

One of the more frustrating pieces of this spiritual warfare is how it has so heavily fertilized and nurtured the seeds of spiritual bypass. If you’re not 111% sure what I’m talking about, read this article by Dr. Robert Masters that explains spiritual bypassing in a comprehensive way. Spiritual bypassing is one of the most toxic habits anyone can have and it has far reaching consequences that most don’t even realize. It is the bullet that shatters Your Fullest Potential and poisons the impact you have on the world. It is the exact opposite of ‘doing the work’. I fully believe that it was something that was implanted into the community, very consciously, in order to play upon the weaknesses of those just waking from their existential slumbers, in a way that would derail them from the path they were accelerating on. Again, just like Cambridge Analytica proved, many are ‘persuadables’, and the communities of spiritual seekers looking for answers to the confusion they find when they ‘open their eyes’ are very simple prey to target. It also means something much more than that, in regards to the Collective Conscious, which I will address in another piece in the future. 

So, what are some of the most common forms of spiritual bypass to be aware of in yourself or others, with discernment and not judgment?

False positivity is the most powerful and most widespread of the symptoms. Suppressing your emotions with false positivity will not achieve anything more than a greater risk of vulnerability and holding in the negativity in a way that becomes toxic as well. No matter how ‘enlightened’ you are, you are still a soul having a human experience, and that comes with a diverse palette of emotions. It’s important to Be True To Your Emotions, process them in a way that lets them fully move through you, listen to them, realize they are transient, completely and healthily purging them, and then integrating their message. I am not the first person, and will likely not be the last, to address this issue. Forced positivity is toxic to you and everyone around you. 

The most unfortunate emerging trend is the number of people turning to suicide and how often this is because of being turned away by their ‘friends’ and those they should be able to trust for support. For being told they are ‘toxic or negative’ for feeling any sort of depression, overwhelm, or otherwise asking another to hold space for their pain. The world is a very challenging place right now, and on a planet of over 7.7 billion people, no one should ever feel alone, and yet so many do due to the harmfully dismissive western culture habits of pushing people away when they need emotional support. For that matter, we have become a society that shames those asking for any type of help and this has to stop. As an Interdependent Species, we should all feel safe asking for any kind of help when we need it, and there should never be shame in asking or shame projected when asked. Understandably, one may not have the strength or bandwidth to Benevolently Hold Space for another at that moment, but that is no reason to shame them for asking. Perhaps help connect them with another healer that does have the space to share. 

False positivity is also being used as another weapon in this spiritual warfare against intimacy, vulnerability, and conflict resolution that are skills we all need to master if we are going to make it to the next level of our conscious evolution and Bring Humanity To a New Era of Sustainable Peace. It has been commonplace for Conscious Beings to be ostracized from their peer communities for addressing issues of inappropriate actions within the group, speaking openly about their inner struggles, addiction, addressing ‘controversial’ or ‘inconvenient’ topics such as Social Justice (including cultural appropriation, privilege, racism, etc.), politics, or simply making a human mistake. If we are to be True Light Bringers, we must be able to confront difficult conversations and issues. We must be able to address them in regenerative ways that can be replicated all over the world. If we cannot develop emotional intelligence and maturity, as well as protocols around things this basic, we have completely forsaken the purpose for Our Mission and Presence On This Planet

In the polarity of this, we can no longer excuse ourselves or anyone else for any unnecessary violence against others in any way. We have to use resources, tools, methods, and communication styles that eliminate and alleviate as much of the aggression of the past as possible in order to invite in and invoke the peace and harmony of tomorrow. This includes macroaggressions, microaggressions, and passive aggression. By no means am I saying that pacifism is going to solve the issues, but what is fundamental to the cause of moving the world into a truly equitable and harmonious era is eliminating as much unnecessary aggression as possible.

It all comes back to Balance. Calling people in, as opposed to calling them out. Enlightening, and educating instead of shaming. Empowering instead of punishing. Aligning instead of alienating. I will be writing a separate piece just on this topic, however, I want to make sure it is understood that all forms of unnecessary aggression taught or learned, in any scenario or situation, is part of what we are trying to heal the world of. In and of itself, this is a heavy topic as it is a part of our daily lives in an extremely diverse world interacting with each other instantaneously every second, every day, via social media and other outlets. What kind of digital and energetic signature are we leaving in our wake?

It is our individual responsibility to Take Full Accounting and Accountability of our actions, regardless of anyone else’s and regardless of our circumstances. This doesn’t mean we invalidate or negate The Truth of others’ actions, individually or systemically, but that we are proactive in all the ways we can be to advocate for ourselves and others. Being proactive includes using tools and methods that are likely to bring about the most positive outcomes and impacts for all involved, asking for help when we need it, and really being honest with ourself when it’s time to take a step back to regroup and recharge, or simply walk away from an unwinnable battle.

That said, being victimized is different than victimhood. Victimization happens to all of us in some way or another in our lifetime and does not discriminate. Trauma is a daily collective experience and the levels of oppression are subconsciously affecting everyone that is aware of the planet’s current affairs with the system that is in place right now. Even the aggressors and oppressors are experiencing the weight of the hatred and resistance due to the causes they’re promoting. The world is filled with wounded soldiers on both sides of the war right now.

Where victimization becomes a much deeper problem is when it becomes victimhood. Victimization is a form of experiencing something traumatic, cruel or unjust. Victimhood is a disempowering state of mind, as opposed to An Empowered Path of Healing. It is an extremely damaging habit or belief of the mind, often passed from one generation to the next. This can include everything from racial oppression, addiction, poverty, ignorance, religious martyrdom, and all manner of oppression. It becomes a self fulfilling pattern that insists upon itself, oftentimes propagating more of the same root cause into the individual or group’s experience. It is reflected out of the individual and into the world as excusing oneself for harmful behaviors, apathy, inaction, and a lot more that is harmful to the individual and others. 

We must Be The Hero of our own story and Empower Ourselves to find the best exit strategy and healing from any form of trauma, illness, oppression, or other social dis-ease we have experienced, or are currently experiencing. When we do this, we can also Lead Others to Their Redemption as well. When we spiritually bypass our own issues, make excuses for ourselves or others, and remain in a victimhood mentality, while we Know In Our Hearts that our destiny is to be of assistance during this time, we are abandoning ourselves and many others. 

The Spiritual Path is about Self Exploration, Evolution, Realization, and Actualization. It is equally available to all. To fully actualize we must overcome the temptations of spiritually bypassing our shadows, less than benevolent personality traits, or (mis)behavioral habits. Instead, use the Self Loving Spiritual Tools you have access to, such as Meditation and Divine Mirror Work, in order to see oneself fully and completely, be open to receiving critical feedback from others, and be honest about your own internal energies. Be willing to look within before blaming another, and even then, reflect on where you can do better in the moment and as you move forward. Dive Deep into your own darkness and pull up the roots of all that presents as anything other than Love

Consciously take back your power, Create Healthy Boundaries, and apply self discipline to Heal, Grow, and Evolve. Learn the, sometimes, subtle differences and nuances between boundaries and walls, and be careful that your boundaries are not a form of running or avoidance. True self work can be very uncomfortable and can involve elements of confrontation or conflict, within or without, which can still be addressed through standards of Benevolent Compassion and Patience while remembering that we are all still learning. 

When interacting with others in any way, it is vital to remember that you may not have all the facts, might be wrong, might be imposing your own beliefs or opinions that have nothing to do with theirs, or entirely misperceiving a situation that is based on ill informed assumptions. What influence are you having on others? Is it helping to Create Solutions? Are you preventing or creating further separation with a ‘me vs them’, or ‘us vs them’ mentality, as opposed to Unity Consciousness?

We can Hold Compassion and Accountability at the same time. Seek to understand before being understood. It is important to Raise Awareness of predatory and/or harmful people, organizations, situations, behaviors and other adverse issues. It is also important to ensure that we do so in Healing Ways to avoid even greater harm. A guideline to follow is to only address an issue if you have a solution to offer, or are inviting a conversation to bring clarity and possible solutions around the issue being addressed. Otherwise, we are irresponsibly dumping more toxic waste into the oversaturated sludge of information that is already overwhelming the minds of the masses with an imbalance that requires them to fend for themselves. There are far too many vulnerable people these days that don’t have the ability to process and manage the amount of negative exposure they take on in a day. Our first rule in all that we do should be to Do No Harm.  Imagine what the world would be like if the ultimate goal of every conversation and interaction had a common result of Problem Resolution and More Peace Created in the world!  

You can find Nonviolent Communication resources at this link. They are Infinitely Valuable for those in Leadership Positions that may be asked by their heart or community to facilitate difficult conversations. 

UnSacred Sexuality

As deeply sad and misfortunate as it is, sexually inappropriate behaviors and events are still making it past Religious and Spiritual Gatekeepers Communities. For that matter, many of the most unfortunate events are taking place inside of them, sometimes orchestrated by them, and often covered up by them. The world is also becoming more aware of the shocking amount of sex trafficking that is present worldwide. It is easy to understand how such a Powerful and Creative Energy would be targeted and attacked via fear and trauma. In an increasingly unhappy populace at risk of starting an Apocalyptic Revolution, sexual fear and dysfunction, as well as greater distrust among individuals (furthering illusions of separation), can also limit the Creative Centers of the Mind that are responsible for Higher States of Consciousness capable of finding Pathways to Liberation from the oppressors. 

Manipulation or sexual violations by anyone in a position of power and influence, such as one who is pretending to play the role of teacher, healer, guru, or any other Influential Role in someone’s life cannot be ignored. Preying on another is never acceptable and we cannot allow spiritual bypass, apathetic excuses, or gaslighting to take place at all. We are each Directly Responsible for tackling these issues whenever they are brought into our awareness.

Likewise, we also need to Be Vigilant around the other side of this issue. False claims, regret based accusations, exaggerated stories, fabricated allegations and other abusive tools intended to punish or persecute another to satisfy some narcissistic or psychopathic desire of another are equally insidious. We must hold these offenders just as liable as the true predators and ensure that we aren’t jumping on their bandwagons without just cause. By the way, simply because you don’t like someone is not a reason to be quicker to believe they are a predator when an unhealthy person with an unhealthy mind is accusing them. Again, we have to be True Warriors of Discernment

Regardless of the truth of any circumstance, Restorative Justice is The Ultimate Solution and simultaneously The Most Loving and Regenerative Solution for all involved. Moving from one paradigm to another requires Parallel Systems to be envisioned, implemented, and perfected to make the old systems of broken justice and institutionalization obsolete. Restorative justice is not just used in sexual misconduct scenarios, but it is a truly regenerative solution in these specific cases. It’s also a recommended concept to study for all other forms of harm or crime, intentional or not, as we move through this Collective Evolution

Returning back to the main theme, Sacred Sexuality does not translate to prude, monogamous, committed, or any other specific association we may have considered it to be in the past. But, it does invite and represent Conscious Levels of Respect for others while we Push The Boundaries of Possibility in our personal Sexual Expressions. It is about Empowered Sexuality to whatever degree each individual identifies their orientation to be and wishes to explore and express their sexuality. It is a willingness to Accept and Respect all the diverse ways Divinity Is Experiencing Sensuality and Intimacy Through us. For some, that may reflect out as asexuality, and for others, it may be a very active sex life filled with many partners. The only defining factor that determines if it is sacred (new paradigm) or not (old paradigm) is the level of Self Love and Awareness involved, as well as acknowledgment of The Divinity Within by all participating in a sexual experience, no matter how vanilla, chocolate, or rocky road it gets!

When we dwell in old paradigm ways of objectification, disconnected hookups, selfish physical pleasure seeking, and sexual violence, we are giving in to lower primal States of Consciousness that inhibit our evolution and make us far more susceptible to the mind and body infections that create disharmony inside and out of our bodies, taking on dense, dark energies of co-dependence and dysfunction. The Return to Sacred Sexuality is simply about eliminating dis-eases and misalignments within our sexual experiences and embracing The True Nature of Intimacy, Divine Union, and Soul Connections in physical expressions that bring us the pleasure and inevitable Love Bombs that blast out Healing Waves of Transcendence

Patriarchal Spirituality  

What most of us know as ‘popular spirituality’ today, is actually a continued system of the oppressive patriarchal structures that have mainstream roots. In fact, as controversial as it may be, the actual beginnings of the New Age Movement began with the Theosophical Society in the late 19th century, founded by Helena Blavatsky who is known as ‘The Grandmother of the New Age‘, who was a Russian aristocrat in search of answers away from an unsatisfactory Orthodox upbringing. In essence, she weaved together  multiple Spiritual Philosophies, Paths, and Concepts that she had discovered throughout her world travels while standing on the foundations of other Courageous Thinkers

The ‘Age of Enlightenment‘ had begun in Europe during the 17th century.  The concept was somewhat of a rebellion against the church and was primarily popular with those who had the privilege of wealth, time, and education. It had an emphasis on autodidactic Intellectualism and the idea of the ability self guide one’s personal Conscious Evolution with the goal of Transcending the Human Condition without the interference or assistance of any deities. By the early part of the 19th century, this had caught a decent amount of attention, and eventually birthed an emerging fascination with Spiritism, the exploration of souls, or spirits. It theorized and attempted to investigate the nature of Spirit’s purpose and destiny absent of a traditional religious context.  

The Theosophical Society came into fruition alongside these two coinciding movements that were primarily comprised of white European descendants and the Evangelical Revival in the USA. Helena Blavatsky was stepping into a dirty arena where women were typically not allowed and had a lot of external pressures from varying sources, including attempted sabotage and successful theft of intellectual property within her own organization by men who were threatened by her growing influence. Needless to say, as Brave and Courageous as she was, she was still a vulnerable human during a very controversial time and much of her work, while still highly regarded, quoted, and genetically embedded into most New Age circles, were under constant attack and scrutiny.

In essence, her agenda was to create a synthesis of science, philosophy, and all available religious ideas to Revive Ancient Wisdom and show that there were other paths, different ways, and alternate perspectives on our purpose, place, and relationship with the cosmos, and the gnosis and esotericism that could lead us to our Ultimate State of Liberated Apotheosis. She promoted vegetarianism and veganism, benevolence and goodness, the equality of all sentient life, rejected supremacy or authoritarianism of any kind, and highlighted our ability to thrive outside of patriarchal religions that were dominating the world at that time. Whether she was the initial trigger point, or simply the most notable target at the time, she was at the beginning of a direct and intense attack on Humanity’s Consciousness coming to light. 

(a) All men have spiritually and physically the same origin, which is the fundamental teaching of Theosophy. (b) As mankind is essentially of one and the same essence, and that essence is one — infinite, uncreate, and eternal, whether we call it God or Nature — nothing, therefore, can affect one nation or one man without affecting all other nations and all other men. This is as certain and as obvious as that a stone thrown into a pond will, sooner or later, set in motion every single drop of water therein. — The Key to Theosophy, p. 41

What happened, before and after her death in 1891, was a fractal expansion of the ideas she presented that were birthed into the world. This includes The I Am Movement, The Lucis Trust, The Summit Lighthouse, and many other religious organizations that angered Christian traditions, as well as influencing a lot of controversial people such as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner and, sadly, Adolf Hitler. For better or worse, her influence had far reaching impacts in the world that cannot be undone, and have often been (intentionally and unintentionally) taken out of context, misrepresented and perverted

Unfortunately, much of what she started was hijacked once again by what became known as patriarchal spirituality. Jeff Brown summarizes this continuation of oppressive and suppressive old paradigm spiritual dogma carried over from controlling religions of the past. Primarily rooted in Abrahamic Traditions, these are further disempowering teachings that pull us even further away from our actual Inner Peace Actualization, let alone the idea of Enlightenment:

Those ungrounded and inhumane ‘spiritual’ models that have been fostered by emotionally armored, self-avoidant men. These models share some or all of the following beliefs: the ego is the enemy of a spiritual life, the ‘monkey mind’ is the cause of suffering, your feelings are an illusion, your personal identifications and stories are necessarily false, witnessing your pain transforms it, your body is a spiritually bankrupt toxic quagmire, the only real consciousness is an ‘absolute’ and ‘transcendent’ one, stillness and silence are THE path, isolation is the best way to access ‘higher states’, there is no “self”, meditation is THE royal road to enlightenment, enlightenment actually exists, formlessness over form, the ultimate path is upward and vertical, real spirituality exists independent of our humanness etc. In fact, most of it as a blatant lie… Read More

These false narratives of spirituality aim to oppress, not Liberate Everyone and Everything. It is often theorized, and I believe, that this was done intentionally with insidious goals to obscure human perceptions of self and the universe as a whole. This form of pseudo-spirituality still relies heavily on fear and judgment based dogma and is riddled with race and gender supremacy ideas and practices (including cultural appropriation and misappropriation of others’ sacred traditions), apathetic pacifism, willful ignorance, and is the poison that causes all the symptoms I’ve discussed above.

It is the opposite of what Helena’s hopes were for the future of humanity’s Spiritual Revolution. She was a firm believer that all Spiritual and Religious Paths contain pieces of truth in them, although none are a Complete Truth, in spite of many holding a claim to being the only truth. Nonetheless, there elements within each of them that are variations of identical philosophies. These have come to be known as Universal Truths.

One of the primary universal truths, worded and spoken in several variations, speaks of not causing harm. Of course, even harm is a relative term. That said, in the most general sense, ‘do no harm’ would imply you are not impeding or infringing upon the free will of any other sentient being, nor causing pain, suffering, or abuse, or otherwise limiting another being’s Existential Experience without their request or consent. This was the cornerstone of Helena’s messages, as well as the many other Wise Messengers who have taught on this planet. It is also the one that is most ignored by humankind as evidenced in every aspect of our culture and the spiritual warfare we are experiencing now. 

As I’ve stated clearly throughout this essay, this war is enveloping our planet and blanketing it with racism, oppression in all forms, abuse of sexual energies, corruption of all kinds, mind games, encouraged apathy and inaction, distractions, willful ignorance, and detrimental perversions and attacks on spirituality as a means of suppressing the Conscious Evolution required in order to bring us through a dramatic Paradigm Shift that fulfills our shared vision of a Truly Peaceful World. It is not accidental, and depending on the perspective you hold, we have all been victimized by it. That does not mean we have to be a victim of it. 

Nature vs Nurture

I have no doubt that every single person that reads this is meant to. That it is not a coincidence, but Divinely Guided. This world may have attempted to ‘nurture’ you as a recruited member of the army of darkness, and it is possible you even assisted for a time, but this does not have to be the case anymore. It is your True Divine Nature to Be Here Now as one of the ones who will Lift This World Into Its Highest Glory.

Within your heart is a piece of the Blueprints of Heaven On Earth. If you are reading this, you are destined to be a Love Warrior in the Army of Light that has come to bring All Life On Earth into it’s fullest Harmony and Balance through a world that satisfies the Highest Good of All Through The Individual Fulfillment of Each. Whether you are Actively Engaged With Your Mission right now and it is time to Level Up, or, you are not even sure what your mission is just yet, you can start now. 

It All Starts Within!

Each and every one of us is right where we are meant to be and can always do better. This is the Clarion Call to the Army of Light Bringers to fully engage with Love Ops now. There has never been a more urgent moment. All Life On Earth is counting on us. There is a lot of work to do, and we all have a part in it.

Are You Ready?

I invite you to deeply consider the following:

  • Do you want World Peace
  • How do you personally define World Peace?
  • Are you personally committed and actively engaged in bringing your thoughts, words, and actions into Harmonious Alignment with World Peace?
  • Do you feel that you can make greater Internal and External Contributions towards The Co-Creation of World Peace?
  • Do you want all Sentient Beings to fully Know True Peace and Love?
  • Are you open to the possibility that the Answers and Solutions to humanity’s greatest questions and challenges are hiding in plain sight?

We can do this together. 

Let there be Love, Light, Peace, Prosperity, Security, Community, Abundance, Harmony, Liberation, Balance, Knowledge, Wisdom, Vitality, Creativity, and All Good Things For All! 

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Dear Sacred Adversary <3

The Stars Are Blind

The Sacred Adversary is a Powerful Ally. One that exists in its own mind as your enemy or foe. It’s no secret that when one comes into the public eye on any scale, they will have obsessed fans, staunch allies, harsh critics, and vicious ‘haters’. It becomes obvious in politics. It doesn’t matter what country, politician, or policy is being examined, all of these characters seem to be present in the conversations for better or worse. 

It is all a part of the Universal Laws of Polarity and Duality. Until we collectively find Balance and Harmony, the energetic pulls will be dramatic. I personally Envision a Future of Peaceful Coexistence where the critic will still exist, but those who idolize us or ‘hate’ us no longer exist. Neither extreme is truly empowering to anyone and yet our allies are vital in personal support and our critics, or skeptics, give us the impetus to examine our professed truths and integrity. When our allies support us and help propel us forward and we leverage the feedback of our skeptics for the highest alignment, we are almost guaranteed to succeed! 

Nonetheless, our Sacred Adversaries are our Greatest Allies whether they realize it or not. This was emphasized to me again after a day that most people can relate to. I was surprised by a sudden onset of rather harsh and blatant lies being blasted out about me, and some of them at me, with no amount of peaceful self-defense, links to actual facts for correction, or any other sensible reasoning seeming to lull the hyenas. It put me into a position where the most obvious and egoically uncomfortable answer was to simply walk away. It wasn’t the hill I wanted to die on, metaphorically speaking. It became clear that these things were what they actually wanted to believe and if they were so set on that and acting in such a way, I truly had no interest in them at all. At that point, I was only in it to be right, which wasn’t worth it. Even if I had swayed any of them, would I actually want to associate with any of them after this? No matter how hard it was on my ego, the Heart Centered Decision was to simply bow out and walk away and let them have their nightmare fantasy. 

Ironically, it was also a day that I sent a healing invitation to someone I have a history with who has repeatedly played a bipolar love and hate game with me in the digital realms, while I have consistently held Compassion for them. Even though I have never met them in person, I know a lot of intimate things about them through our interactions and have always cared for their Inner Child with a lot of Understanding. I feel because they know this, they find me to be the safest outlet for the vitriol within.

After several months of their rhythmically patterned stalking and online bashing that had been revealed to me over the previous week, I invited them to a Community Healing circle I am co-hosting. I ended up receiving a varied spectrum of feedback from four people around me that know me well in person. It was actually confusing to an extent and left me questioning my decision as wise or not. 

Nonetheless, a synchronistic conversation led to one of my favorite Collaborators and Friends reaching out and eventually sharing this piece of his writing with me. It meant a lot coming from him, because of who he is, how much he has done and continues to do in the world, and his Raw Authenticity at all times. 

The context of this letter was already on my heart and mind at the time, but Tzadik words it so beautifully. With his permission, I am sharing it with you. This sentiment is one we can all use, and even moreso for those of us walking in the spotlights taking on the Goliath battles for a cause bigger than us, no matter what it is, in the hopes of creating a world filled with more Love and Peace

Dear Sacred Adversary,

Yesterday I was thinking about you. I was thinking about you rather deeply.

I was thinking about you and all the various forms you arrive as.

And, as I sat and pondered all your wonderous forms, I decided it was time to write to you.

Not because I hate you.

Not because you have caused me harm.

Not because I wished things were different.

But, rather, because what I want to say, is THANK YOU.


I want to say thank you for all the times you called me names.

I want to say thank you for all the times you projected your hurt and your stories onto me.

I wanted to say thank you for all the blame and the shame.

I wanted to say thank you for all the hurt and the pain.

I want to say thank you for all the stories you told about me that are not, and never were true.

And, beyond that, I want to say thank you for spreading those lies around the community and making it very difficult for me to breathe in social and political situations.

I want to say thank you for your overreactions.

And, thank you for your walls.

I want to say thank you for the countless, numerous times that you’ve abandoned me.

I want to say thank you for your hate and all your blockades.

I want to say thank you for all the negative energy you have sent my way.

And, I want to thank you for the hell realms that you forced me to grapple with in the aftermath of all of that.

I want to say thank you.

Why am I saying thank you?

Because it is your projections that have made me stronger.

They have forced me to look within and find the real truth of the moment, as opposed to being a victim to all the stories around me.

Because it is your blame and your shame that has made me bolder.

Bolder, because, at the end of the day your blame and your shame have made me realize that my blame and my shame, toward myself, and others, are useless, and merely smokescreens, or signals to take more time for self and external love.

Because, it is the hurt and the pain, that you had caused me, that ultimately led me to discover, that people hurt people because they, themselves are hurt. And, ultimately, it led me to believe that the cycle of hurt and pain, can, and will, be ended if we please.

Because, it is the stories that you about me, in community, that were not true, that forced me to hold my head up high regardless of whether people’s perceptions led them to love or hate, and ultimately, it was my job to turn around and tell a beautiful story of love.

Because the overreactions led me to stay in my center, of love, regardless of what the outside world sent my way.

Because the walls and the blockades simply taught me what we do on a larger scale when we are scared and afraid.

Because every single time you abandoned me I had to look at where I might have abandoned myself in the process, and what I needed to do to not continue the cycle of abandonment.

Because the negative energies you sent me only taught me to love that more deeply, and that more deeply, because it told me that your wounds must have been really deep!

Because the hell realms that you sent me to made me realize that the prisons I had been keeping myself in, at different times, throughout my life, were of my own making. And, it made me realize, that, after a while, I was actually the real jailer, and not you.

And, so I say thank you to my Sacred Adversary, that has come in so many forms – close and intimate, and distant and unknown – because you have made me stronger and you have prepared me for the journey of a lifetime.

I say a deep and strong thank you because of the sacred journey that I am embarking upon now.

Not that this journey is new for me. Because it is not. But I’m diving in more deeply than I ever have before, and the recognition of that fact has brought me to realize that I will need these skills, that you have taught me, more than ever!

So, thank you!

Because of you, I will be prepared.

Because of you, as I walk out onto the world stage with the mission to bring peace to planet Earth, I will be prepared.

Because when I do that. When I step out on that stage, as I am doing now, in a way I never have before, I will have every projection, every lie, every story, every drama, every reaction thrown my way, and I’m going to need to stay centered. As people call me crazy, for thinking world peace is possible, and how, I’m going to need to remember all the lessons you taught me, and stay in love. I’m going to need to stay in compassion and deep understanding.

So, thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me ALL these lessons, so that I may be able to fully bring this mission of world peace to the world, and not back down, in any way, shape or form!

Because you have taught me these lessons in so many deep ways, in such intimate scenarios, and with so many, I know that I will be fully prepared!

So, thank you!

From the bottom of my heart!


Tzadik Rosenberg-Greenberg

Thank you, Tzadik, for all that you do and continue to do for this world… and for always reminding all of us why we came here. 




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The New Holy Trinity – Nature, Critical Thinking, and Compassion

“And they were all from one Heart and Will.”

The New Holy Trinity – Nature, Compassion, and Critical Thinking

The New Holy Trinity is the alchemy of Reconnection, Reconciliation, and Restoration with and for Nature. It is Compassion for Liberating Ourselves and others for the Highest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. And finally, it is Critical Thinking and Logical Dialogues with ourselves about mitigating total climate collapse. Ultimately, these are also the keys to achieving World Peace.

The Solutions to the challenges humanity faces already exist and are Intricately Linked to these three Fundamental Truths. It’s also important to realize that almost all beings have the potential and capacity to embrace them. This concept of the New Holy Trinity was presented to me by Ian Michael Augustine, founder of The Temple of Nature. To quote Ian directly:

We are in the midst of an apocalyptic sixth mass extinction here on Earth, and humans, not meteors, are to blame. This is why scientists have referred to this extinction event as the Anthropocene Extinction. The major problem is that, in spite of our ingenuity, tenacity, and cooperative capacity, we humans are fundamentally flawed. We fall prey to cognitive biases of all kinds — even when we believe we are doing what is right. We have been blessed by the Kosmos with intelligence, and yet, that same intelligence arose out of an evolutionary context which necessarily puts limitations on what we can readily perceive and comprehend. Nevertheless, our intelligence, if properly applied, can be the key to cleansing the lenses of our inadequate perception, as well as the gateway to a flourishing life, not only for ourselves but for all of the Earth’s living creatures.

Humanity is on the brink and set to take down over a million species with it when it fails. While the Earth is sick right now, she will eventually restore herself as she has done before. And, yes, it is true that this is the sixth time a mass extinction event has taken place on Earth. The difference between this extinction event and others is that this one was almost entirely created and/or profoundly accelerated by humans that have demonstrated very little True Humanity.

While you may still cross paths with ‘climate deniers’, 97% of scientists on the planet agree it is happening. These scientists have been urgently warning the world at large that we, the most deadly creatures on the planet, are responsible for the vast majority of these changes, and We Have the Ability to Turn It Around as well. 

Even as the USA’s current president continues to remain on the denier list, our respected organizations and vital institutions such as NASA, The UN and Pentagon, the EPA, and a panel of 13 different government agencies that was formed in 1989 when the issue was first brought to light (the USGCRP), are all quite clear. Not only are profound changes to our planet inevitable but imminent if we fail to Take Dramatic Action immediately. As individuals, and as a global community. 

In reading the reports, we see that the organizations are begging the governments that finance them to act now! Sadly, these governments, including our own, have mostly been ignoring them and rebelling against recommendations. This is primarily due to private interests. We, the people, are painfully aware that corporations have been stuffing millions of dollars into the pockets of lawmakers. There is Greater Awareness around this than ever before, and as frustrating as it has been, change is happening.

At the same time, we each have an Individual Responsibility and Moral Imperative to take a very honest account of our obligation and ability to respond accordingly.  Our lifestyles, traditions, habits, and much more are being called into an examination and Profound Transformation. We are asked to apply this New Holy Trinity in our personal lives. Life As We Know It is going to drastically change one way or another, whether we like it or not. It’s simply a matter of choosing which drastic change we are committing to with every choice we make. We Can Humble and Transform Our Current Ways of Life Now, or consume ourselves into extinction.

This applies to everyone… all races, all socio-economic statuses, all religions. There are no more excuses. We cannot simply blame the wealthy elites and corporations. After all, they are a product of our complicit consumption that pays them to exist. We can starve them into extinction while taking back our power with our dollars, no matter how little we have. 

All Life On Earth Is Unified in a profound question of fate. Will we make it or not? How many will survive? Can we possibly find the answers that will help us to pull back the wheel in ‘time’ to Thrive Again? The answers exist within the Wisdom of the New Holy Trinity

In the most common understanding, the Holy Trinity is seen as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is the most modern version based on the Christian founders that attempted to bury The Divine Feminine. There are, and have been, many different perceptions of the Trinity or Triquetra. For this article, I’m going to speak of the Gnostic version of The Father, The Mother, and The Son

Nature – The Body of the Mother of All Creation

One of the greatest causes of this disastrous failure in our Social Evolution is our imagined separation from Mother Earth. Regardless of the cultural background we each come from, All of Our Ancestors Share Certain Commonalities. These include life in villages, Prayers Around a Fire, Drums, hunting and gathering, Tribal Associations, and Sacred Economics. Our ancestors spent their evenings In Wonderment of the Stars as they tried to find their place in the universe while they shared Myths and Legends of Creation through Storytelling. They understood and realized their place Living In Harmony and Balance with Nature. One can posit that they actually lived the proposed New Holy Trinity, and therefore, it could potentially be seen as the Original Holy Trinity

This way of life was the Cornerstone of Our Existence and Human Experience as one all beings shared and understood until just a few short generations ago. It was tragically transformed in a myriad of ways. The deepest attacks came from colonization and religious wars that spread around the planet like a plague. The road to destruction had been carved and eventually accelerated with the pavement laid by the industrial revolution.

Truly, some of the causes were more sinister than others. Political and religious dominance, i.e. colonization, are based purely evil intentions. And, some of what has happened began with Good Intentions with innovation that resulted in unintended consequences. To be fair, the industrial revolution truly wished to make life easier and more convenient. 

Urbanization and technological advancements have almost completely wiped out this way of life for the vast majority of Westerners. It has also had a palpable negative effect on other parts of the world as well. Today is a challenge to travel to even the most remote parts of the planet without finding Nestle and Coca-Cola products being sold to oppressed people. Even worse is the oil and factory farming corporations pillaging Sacred Indigenous Lands with vulnerable yet Necessary Eco-systems and Unique Lifeforms. Some of these are vital to the planet’s overall biosphere. This has not been a secret but has been greatly ignored by the greedy intentions of a few. 

In order to Liberate All Life on Earth many of us are going to need to Reconnect and Reconcile With Nature. We must take the necessary steps to bring about Restoration from the damage caused. This is our obligation to assist her so she can Regenerate Herself back into the Abundant and Prosperous Paradise she was before she was ravaged by our recklessness.

I want to stress something one more time. We already know She Will Regenerate one way or another. And, it’s important to know that there is a fork in the road right now. One path leads to a Collective Clean Up of the mess we made and assisting Her in this process, thereby enabling humanity to continue to exist on this planet alongside millions of other species. The other choice is that we consume ourselves into extinction while taking down the other species with us. This leaves the planet working that much harder to reconcile, restore, and regenerate herself. The answer has been simple all along, except that we have missed two other Crucial Ingredients.

Critical Thinking – The Father and Cosmic Mind

Critical Thinking has propelled our world forward on multiple levels. Simultaneously, it has been the blight of the elite since (un)civilization began. Why? Because Critical Thinkers have the ability to see and point to the places in which individual power is being stolen from the masses. Critical thinkers are the enemies of false authority and patriarchal tyranny. 

“Tyrants hate intellectuals, for intellectuals as a class see tyranny for what it is and can articulate what they see. They know when freedom is being violated and stolen. They are better attuned to know that they are being fed lies. They recognize to what extent the majority opinion is an anti-intellectual one…

Attacks on people who can think occur in every culture and in every epoch. Rebellious feminists in Russia are labeled with mental disorders made up on the spot for the purpose of incarcerating them. Scientists who point out the environmental dangers caused by business are ridiculed as fear mongers. Every age and every culture has its versions of cultural revolutions, inquisitions, and Scopes trials.

Eric Maisel in ‘Why Smart People Hurt

Critical Thinking is still frowned upon in ways I witness and personally experience on a regular basis. When the words of critical thinkers settle into the minds of the masses, they become the antivenom to the toxic systems many live in now. Therefore, those who are at risk of losing their false power and false authority tend to do whatever they can to discredit and silence the intelligent offenders. This has gone as far assassinations within the last few years, and so it’s understandable that many feel inclined to simply fall in line and quiet their discontent Hearts and Minds

Nonetheless, its role in The New Holy Trinity is vital. It is also something that can be taught in a way that helps others to move past the emotional attachments they have to their own personal destructive habits, traditions, and beliefs. If the current systems and powers that be have taught us anything it is that you don’t have to win all the minds, let alone a majority of the minds, in order to create a widespread social change. 

While most people reading this will never be public speakers, it’s also important to note how our words can create powerful Fractal Waves of Awakening. A Truth, once spoken, will echo until it is heard. It may be in a personal conversation or a simple social media post that you’ll influence an influencer. Once the Seeds of Truth are planted, they are watered through repetitive exposure until all the most viable ones blossom. Even with far-reaching misinformation tactics, the truth of the world we live in continues to push through into the mainstream media and credible outlets. Keep Faith and continue speaking your truth! 

As the Conscious Evolution continues to blossom at a rapid pace, we see that the adolescents of the day seem to be the most immune to systemic lies. They are shining examples of critical thinkers that will not compromise or invest in lies. The voices of Greta Thunberg, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Autumn Peltier, and others are bringing powerful adults to their speechless knees. Their tongues are the Swords of Truth shaming every adult in the room, resulting in palpable changes being made. Even the most arrogant politicians squirm in their seats when these brilliant youths speak into the microphone. Their messages demonstrate Crystallized Truths rooted in their Critical Thinking. They command the attention and action of their peers who follow them into the streets in protest. 

Of course, the youth activists of today are not the only ones addressing the same issues. Many sociologists and political analysts are speaking up as well, and yet, society at large still struggles. By and large, our society has leaned on co-dependent relationships with governments and religions. As much as individuals wish to thrive, they typically fear stepping outside of the boxes they’ve been told are designated for them. They find comfort in the ‘rules’ and are aware of the repercussions that could happen if they do what is right, as opposed to what they are told. Still, they conform. And that is exactly how we came to this Time and Space of Human Existence.  

The New Holy Trinity is an invitation for all Critical Thinkers to step forward and Come Together in Collaboration. To find all the best ways to ignite the parts of the human mind that Inspire Courage and the willingness to act on their own behalf, let alone, for the sake of their loved ones and future generations. To use the most intelligent parts of their mind, regardless of IQ, to see the truth outside of their limited perceptions and belief systems. To look at all the available solutions and find the best possible implementations in the shortest amount of time with as few resources as possible. To form and engage the councils that will lead us into our own Self Fulfilled Salvation

Inevitably, for the New Holy Trinity to succeed, as our body connects to Nature, and our mind connects to Critical Thinking, our spirit must connect to the final piece… Compassion

Compassion – The Spirit of the Son

Compassion is the primary function of Love. By definition, it is Empathy in the form of Sympathetic Concern for other’s potential or actual suffering. This is the cornerstone of integrating and embodying Oneness and Unity. It is also what the world needs the most, now more than ever before. Granted, if compassion had been Fully Present in the collective any time before now, we never would have ended up in this situation.

And, since we are facing this challenging present, we can use it as a launching pad for Empowerment. We can embrace the Above and Below we have to bring Our Best Selves and truly Embrace Our Fullest Potential

Remember that Compassion is more than a simple emotion, feeling, or a thought. It is about putting The Golden Rule into tangible action. Compassion asks you to Do For Others what you would desire them to do for you! Feeling compassion for another is just the invitation to Deliberate Action. Whether it’s political, financial, service based, or some other inspired action, Compassion goes far beyond feelings and prayers. 

Compassion is the gateway to Oneness, Unity, and Benevolence by its very virtue. For those who truly embody and experience compassion, self-education becomes compulsory. The vast majority of people don’t understand that even some of the most Well-Intentioned Choices can lead to the most disastrous outcomes, even if they don’t feel or see it directly. Mindfulness has to be implemented in one’s entire experience. It requires one to be truly Awake and Aware of what is happening in the world. It is not about becoming indoctrinated by the media, but more about understanding what is happening, what is causing it, and what would heal it. Asking really important questions and putting yourself in others’ shoes and really looking at things from their perspective as an act of Oneness and Unity. Looking at how your choices impact those you love, future generations, the rest of nature, your brothers and sisters around the planet, and even yourself in the long term. Keep in mind that compassion for your future self is an act of Self Love that can lead to greater overall Personal Integrity

It is important to reflect on what you are doing to harm or help your brothers and sisters on Planet Earth. What can you start doing or stop doing alleviate or eradicate your impact on those circumstances of suffering? What solutions are obvious within those opportunities that inspired you to experience and Express Compassion in the first place? 

The New Holy Trinity Embodied

When we collectively know our Connection To Nature, apply Critical Thinking into our choices, and act upon our capacity for Compassion, real change can begin. There are many options right now that will assist you in making passive impacts that relieve suffering. Simple changes in our excessive lifestyles and habits can have greater impacts than most know! It helps to take your Individual Power back while supporting Collective Efforts while fueling emerging movements that bring Positive and Progressive Change

Some of the options include simple things like not buying or using single-use plastics anymore, recycling, being generous with houseless people & animals, picking up litter, making yourself a Safe Space for others, and commuting less. Deeper dedication would be taking steps to go as green and heart-centered as possible including choices such as organic veganism, political action, social & environmental activism, acquiring a hybrid vehicle, living off the grid, Kindness Campaigns, choosing a new career with a cause, examining one’s privilege, or even starting your own Benevolent Corporation

Regardless of what each of us chooses, we have to do something. Anything. All life on Earth depends on us. No subculture of this current (un)civilization is free from the moral imperative of Global Transformation. Even those with developmental disabilities are capable of finding a purpose in picking up litter or volunteering with shelter animals. Those limited by health or physical disabilities that keep them bedridden are capable of signing and spreading awareness on important petitions and causes. Single mothers on limited budgets can cut factory farmed meats out of their family’s diet and take their children out into nature more often, even if it’s just an inner city park where they may see a few birds and squirrels. 

The New Holy Trinity is about true unity through Unified Intent and Deliberate Action for World Peace. Unity is turning World Peace and Environmental Restoration into our shared religion that becomes our cross-cultural way of life. It’s about using what we do have as a resource to make an impact. To do our part to Protect and Preserve Diversity as we simultaneously Liberate Everything and Everyone beginning with ourselves. It is about making The New Holy Trinity the foundation of all that we do, the guidelines for Life, Love, and Co-Existence and embodying the wisdom of The Golden Rule. And, I fully believe we are capable of doing this together For The Highest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each

May you all be blessed and may you be blessings to all! 

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Pistis Sophia Chapter 47

‘Parsifal’ by Jean Delville 1890

Pistis Sophia Chapter 47

Jesus continued again in the discourse and said unto his disciples: “It came to pass then, when Pistis Sophia had uttered the seventh repentance in the chaos, that the commandment through the First Mystery had not come to me |83. to save her and lead her up out of the chaos. Nevertheless of myself out of compassion without commandment I led her into a somewhat spacious region in the chaos. And when the material emanations of Self-willed had noticed that she had been led into a somewhat spacious region in the chaos, they ceased a little to oppress her, for they thought that she would be led up out of the chaos altogether. When this then took place, Pistis Sophia did not know that I was her helper; nor did she know me at all, but she continued and persisted withal Singing Praises to the Light of the Treasury, which she had seen aforetime and on which she had had faith, and she thought that it [sc. the Light] also was her helper and it was the same to which she had sung praises, thinking it was The Light in Truth. But as indeed she had had Faith in the Light which belongeth to the Treasury in truth, therefore will she be led up out p. 70 of the chaos and her repentance will be accepted from her. But the commandment of the First Mystery was not yet accomplished to accept her repentance from her. But hearken now in order that I may tell you all things which befell Pistis Sophia.

“It came to pass, when I had led her unto a somewhat spacious region in the chaos, that the emanations of Self-willed ceased entirely to oppress her, thinking that she would be led up out of the chaos altogether. It came to pass then, when |84. the emanations of Self-willed had noticed that Pistis Sophia had not been led up out the chaos, that they turned about again all together, oppressing her vehemently. Because of this then she uttered the eighth repentance, because they had not ceased to oppress her, and had turned about to oppress her to the utmost. She uttered this repentance, saying thus:

“‘1. On thee, O Light, have I hoped. Leave me not in the chaos; deliver me and save me according to thy gnosis.

“‘2. Give heed unto me and save me. Be unto me a saviour, O Light, and save me and lead me unto thy light.

“‘3. For thou art my saviour and wilt lead me unto thee. And because of the mystery of thy name lead me and give me thy mystery.

“‘4. And thou wilt save me from this lion-faced power, which they have laid as a snare for me, for thou art my saviour.

“‘5. And in thy hands will I lay the purification of my light; thou hast saved me, O Light, according to thy gnosis.

“‘6. Thou art become wroth with them who p. 71 keep watch over me and will not be able to lay hold of me utterly. But I have had faith in the Light.

“‘7. I will rejoice and will sing praises that thou hast had mercy upon me and hast heeded and saved me from the oppression in which I was. And thou wilt set free my power out of the chaos.

“‘8. And thou hast not left me in the hand of the lion-faced power; but thou hast led me into a region which is not oppressed.'”


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Discovering The Depths of Her Heart

‘The Gnostic Portal’ by Love

I understand widowhood now in a way that I never wanted to Imagine. A form of grief and mourning so profound that even my breasts ache as I sob. I have been trying to hold the boulders of sorrow on my own and to oppress my emotions and just carry on, but it was just more heaviness than I could bear without another set of arms holding me. It all must be felt to Transmute Pain to Purpose

The mourning of someone so Deeply Rooted In My Heart, so Intertwined With My Soul, so Full of Love, with so much Potential, an unheard of amount of Sensitivity, the mind of a True Genius, Luminous Brilliance, The Essence of Divinity, Fiery Passion, Innate Beauty…  and an equal amount of cowardice, delusion, and toxic foolishness. The only Soul my whole being has been In Love with. A body still breathing, encased in stone.

Should he Prove Miracles, it will have taken far too long. It could have been yesterday, but it wasn’t today. It does not matter five years or twenty, it is too far away.

Miracles. To the Gods Above, will you allow them? To the Gods Below, will you believe them? Can you See What You Have Not Seen?

As I watched the Stars Race Across The Sky through the blur of my tears, the floodgates of burst and it all came pouring through. The raging red tide of my moon carried away the years of grief seen but not heard, now screaming at me to Listen To Its Wisdom.

It cries out for The Temple We Built that I hold up alone. The Dreams, Laughter, tears, passion, Orgasms, Journeys, Kisses, and all of the obliteration. Sophia. Jude. Seth. Beliefs once held and Visions once seen.

And as all the ghosts poured from my eyes, I see them all… and myself three times. Fate. Death. Entropy’s victory of all things that none have been so arrogant to defeat. Wishes. Lives. Possibilities. Species. Moons. Stars.

The birthing pangs of A Woman Discovering The Depths of Her Heart. In the deepest well of the darkest night of the soul, Expanding Her Universes of True Love and Wisdom.

Crying out for the Medicine Woman to come to me, Hold Me and guide my journey into the abyss. Help me breathe. Point me to the light.

“I am here,” she says within, pushing me deeper into the blackened waters with her kiss.

Reaching for Mother.

Lying on the jungle floor, wet from the cenote, Kissing the Jaguar as monkeys swing from the trees.

Arms Spread Wide in the prairie, Butterflies shading the sun on my face, smelling the Sweetgrass and the Buffalo’s Tongue.

Burning my feet on the sands of the desert, Dancing With Scorpions to the rattle of a Snake while Coyotes Sing in the summer heat.

Surrendered, gazing in The Eyes of a Lion King, standing in the Red Dust of the Elephant Herd and Hyenas Laughing.

Frozen in melting ice alongside a Timeless History.

Drenched with the muds of the Hot Springs in Cold Mountains amid Rushing Streams at the Edge of the Sea.

Naked Worship to the standing tall Race of Cedars. Roaring with Bears. Running with Wolves. Howling to the Moon.

The rustling breeze moving through the Forest Whispers, “I shall fade also… even Eternity comes to an end.” Beauty is witnessed in The Blink of a Mighty Eye.

Eyes drowning, heart on fire, the pictures of needless suffering will also come to an end. Heaven burns as hell freezes over. The Chaos of the Cosmos spinning in circles, like settling dirt.

Off in a cabin, a furry companion, and a shadowy figure with an interrobang face. More questions for each answer, Spiraling Into Infinity, seeking singularity. Expanding Minds and Hearts. Love is Just Love. The marriage of Gaia and Greenman. The Celebration of Fertility, Regeneration, and Veneration For The Seventh Generation. Nature and Love Always Win.

Breathe In Love, Exhale Gratitude. Softly falling flesh Returning to the Dream. Waves of pain eroding walls, revealing greater love. It will come before the end of this sun. Prophecies Spoken Will Self Fulfill.

Listen to more Peia Luzzi

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Twin Flame Dictionary

In 2015, after several years of focusing all of my sessions to those in the Twin Flame subsect of the Spiritual Community, my ex-partner and I started piecing this together while laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.  After that, we shared our original version with others in the community and have had additions offered by others.  Feel free to comment and suggest additions, and as always, share away! If you’re not a believer in this Philosophy, you might still enjoy it anyway.  

Twin Flame – your Divine Partner. The other half of your soul from the beginning until the end of all time, the Alpha to Omega expression of your consciousness’ Polarity and Duality. You can read a thorough and in-depth explanation of the term and the ancient history of it in this post

Been Flames – the ones who have completely abandoned all hope and walk away from the entire experience.

Cringe Flames – the really intense couples that make people cringe while reading/hearing/witnessing their stories of dysfunction, abuse, and toxicity.

Dim Flames – clueless couples that have NO idea what’s going on.

Flampires – gothic couples; alternatively, those who are so in love that they suck up all your time wanting to tell you about every little ‘cute’ thing the other did and said and and and…

Flimsy Flames – those who vacillate between Full Faith and no faith in their ability to achieve Twin Flame Union.

Franktwinstein – the couple that has separated and come back together repeatedly.

Friend Flames – when you have been friend zoned by the one you believe to be your other half.

Fringe Flames – couples so weird even other eccentric onlookers find them odd.

Grin Flames – blissed out couples that eye gaze, smile and Make Love All Day.

Kin Flames – couples that are blood-related.  Also, the rest of your flame soul family.

Sin Flames – couples on their honeymoon affair before wrapping up karmic relationships.

Skin Flames – extreme nudist couples.

Spin Flames – the couples that are stuck in a circular pattern around a specific lesson or potential breakthrough. Derp, derp, derp…

Swing Flames – couples exploring sexual polyamory.

Thin Flames – couples deep in the bubble phase who are sooo in love they forget to eat!

Twin Aims – pre-reunion Twin Flame Believers and Seekers.  The ones that know they are out there and just haven’t found them yet.

Twin Babes – drop-dead gorgeous couples.

Twin Blame – The person or construct you blame for every perceivable negative thing in the world.  Everything that you feel is wrong in your life is somehow their fault, even as small as you stubbing your toe somehow is their fault and you are always the victim.

Twin Brain – the Shared Consciousness between a couple that creates Telepathic Communication, knowing, speaking in stereo and identical thoughts.

Twin Chains – the ridiculous expectations some put on each other in co-dependent patterns.

Twin Chase – Stalker level chasing of the person you believe is your one and only.

Twin Claim – When two different people believe a specific individual to be their Twin Flame.

Twin Craze – when you finally figure out what the nature of this intense relationship is and spend copious amounts of time researching, reading and venting about your relationship or lack thereof. Your whole life collapses around you and you begin to Question Your Sanity.

Twin Dames/ Twin Gays – same-sex Twin Flame couples.

Twin Fames – the famous, infamous, and notorious couples.

Twin Fumes – couples past the point of hiding farts from each other.

Twin Games – manipulative power struggle tactics in the form of running, chasing, blaming, spiritual bypassing, gaslighting, and other forms of toxicity.

Twin Grays – couples that are both ET Abductees.

Twin Greys – Older couples.

Twin Names – when both partners have the same name, with or without the same spelling (i.e. Aaron and Erin).

Twin Pregs –  pregnant couples that identify as Twin Flames.

Twin Sames – When both souls find themselves sharing Parallel Synchronicities.

Twin Shades – The really kinky couples.

Twin Shame – the fear and shame some have when trying to explain what they believe is really happening when others feel they are just obsessing over someone.

Twin Space – the Etheric Astral Space that some couples can access together.

Twin Strains – the frustrating Divine Mirror Reflections that cause triggers and upset between a couple.

Twin Strays – couples that separate for a time, and even potentially exploring other relationships.

Twin Vagues – those who are secretive and cryptic about their journey and status as Twin Flames due to Twin Shame.

Twin Waves – the waves of couples believing themselves to be Twin Flame Pairs that publicly come and go in the Twin Flame Community over time.

Twinching – when the Illusion of ‘Time’ gets the best of you and it feels like your Twin Flame Journey is taking too long and you’re just inching forward. All you want to do is quantum leap past all of the less desirable aspects of your Self Evolution and get to ‘the good stuff’.

Twinclusive – The ‘realization’ that Your Twin Flame Is Everything and Everything Is Your Twin Flame.  That there really is nothing other than this and this is what defines everything.  Once in Union With Your Beloved, the two of you are inseparable, having realized you are one soul looking through the eyes of two avatars and ‘separation’ is no longer an option or desire.

Twindications – all the signs throughout your life that you can see were leading up to this one specific Destined Partnership.

Twindiscretion – When you are accidentally – and divinely – outed by someone else as walking the Twin Flame Path to those you have not spoken to about it.

Twinfinity – The amount of ‘time’ you both wish to live in love with each other.

Twingle – an individual on the Twin Flame Journey who is romantically unavailable to anyone else while in the separation phase, as they focus on themselves, their mission and their own Healing Journey.

Twinsanity – when the Divine Mirror with the one you believe is your Twin Flame is driving you fucking crazy!

Twinsexual – The sexual orientation of a person not experiencing Sexual Attraction toward anyone other than the person they believe to be their Twin Flame after meeting them.

Twinspiration – the overwhelming emotion of wanting to Share The Love you have of your Twin Flame with the WHOLE world.  Also known as Unity Consciousness or Oneness.

Twintegration – the phase of a relationship when a couple starts sharing a life, mission, and home.

Twinternity – the profound experience one can have that creates an Awareness of the Singularity that is Eternally One within the Twin Flame Connection, beyond ‘Time and Space’ and interwoven in all lifetimes.  The realization that the two of you are the Alpha and Omega, God and Goddess Incarnate.

Twintuition – When you can hear and/or feel their thoughts, actions, emotions, etc.

Twinvocation – The activation of Cathartic Awakenings that can include Kundalini Rising, Realization of Godself, dissolution of time and space, interdimensional orgasms, Instant Manifestations (for better or worse), deifying downloads, Collective Conscious Transmissions, observing the collapse of duality and other phenomena that can occur on this path.

Twission – The realization and actualization of your Mission on the Earth Plane.

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Cosmic Kinetics

Yes, there is a LOT happening right now. Cosmic Kinetics. The Astrological Alignments along with the solstice, and upcoming Full Moon, are creating Chaos… this chaos creates friction… that friction is creating sparks that are Illuminating EVERYTHING! The illumination of everything is Creating an Apocalypse like Awareness around the world that is resulting in an Awakening Into Realization.

That awakening results in more questions, which are The Keys to Expanding Consciousness. That expanding consciousness creates an even Greater Connection to the collective which can feel very dense and heavy for Empaths that aren’t Fully Aware of how to navigate or work within that channel yet.

While it may feel like their is more human suffering in the world now more than ever before, it’s actually the least amount of suffering it’s been in all of our history, and that which has been hiding in the shadows is Being Illuminated in a way that all can see. People’s Illusions Are Shattering and, as we are wildly Skipping Across Timelines we are spontaneously in Brand New Paradigms one moment after the next where More Compassion Exists Than Ever Before, each in greater volumes than the other. While those in ‘power’ are scrambling for the social bandaids, the Cosmic Kinetics are creating Tsunamis of Information that are giving us beyond the basic will to survive and showing us how much we CRAVE LIFE and our innate Desire To Thrive. This will eventually slow down and True Solutions will be Birthed From Our Hearts with those just Snapping Out of the Cultural Hypnosis.

As the homeostasis comes back, the next waves of Compassionate Awareness will be around the Animal Kingdom and Mother Nature. Once we have a greater weight of Compassion Ratios for humanity in the collective, this will be an organic side effects. Have patience and trust that we are Heading In The Right Direction Together and Exponential Progress Is Happening on microcosmic and macrocosmic scales.

It’s natural to feel empathically overwhelmed at times, since you can feel the chaos of those around you. That’s why it’s so important now, more than ever before (which will only continue to grow in urgency), to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and Stand Strong in that Knowing!

Lightbearers, Lightbringers, Lightworkers, Shadow Workers, Gray Workers, 144,000, Empaths, Healers, Messengers, Heyokas, Twin Flames, Dragons, Phoenixes, Earth Angels, Rainbow Warriors, Shamans, Story Tellers, and all others…. if you aren’t Surfing The Top of the Waves, and find yourself swept up in them instead, look for what is showing up in your experience that is within your Authentic Power to Transfigure and Crystallize (starting on the inside).

We Are the Event. All of this, including you, are Prophecy Being Fulfilled. Our voices, missions, authentic expressions, creations, and LOVE are Disclosure! Find Your Greatness, Archive Your Smallness, and Integrate the Truth that your entire experience has had a Divine Purpose.

May we all Be Blessed with an Abundance of Love, Peace, and all Good Things so we may Joyfully Thrive In Bliss Together!

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace
If you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
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Divine Downloads

Artwork by Cameron Gray

By now you’ve probably Seen and Heard some or all of this elsewhere. I don’t consider this Stream of Consciousness to be anything original, however, it may be the Gentle Spiritual Reminders that are much needed in the moment for all of us that have come to me through Divine Downloads. Truth Just IS. It shines a light and works magically. Once spoken, it continues to echo through the Great Mystery until it is heard. Take resonates with you and simply leave the rest. 

Choose Faith over fear. Many are still running false programs designed to invite submission to old world patriarchal system(s). Identifying these programs, rewriting  and Stepping Forth in Faith moves you into alignment with the Collective Empowerment of all beings present in this Physical Reality.

The Human Mind has no means at this ‘Time’ of comprehending The Magnitude of Consciousness present in The Universe, let alone anything beyond that.

Choose Love in every moment. Love defines the collective’s Source Energy and the Oneness of All.

Union with your Highest Love and all those in your experience is inevitable and necessary for us to accomplish manifestation of the Collective Desire for Love and Unity of all. Whether it’s a Soulmate or your Twin Flame, your Divine Union grounds in and projects Love and Unity into this Holographic 3D Reality. Being Committed to Union expands out as Commitment to Unity. This is a call to community Beyond Union.

Examine each aspect of your expression. Are you choosing with Love and Faith to serve The Greater Good? Is your job serving the greater good? Is your home open to Share With Others for the greater good? Are you sharing your Abundance (money, food, material possessions, wisdom, joy, talent, etc.) for the greater good? Are you speaking and acting for the greater good? Do you Receive What is Offered in Joy and Love for the greater good? Are you Seeking Wisdom for the greater good? Are you Planning and Dreaming for the greater good? Do you remember to Pray with Gratitude? Do you Genuinely Pray For Others?

Intuition Precedes Logic now more than ever before, following the guidelines above. Go where your Heart Desires. Go Where Your Mind Keeps Wandering To because There is a Plan outside of what you think you are able to control now. If you are called to Speak With Strangers, do so even if you unsure what to say at first. All Will Be Revealed. Follow the Clues of where your attention and curiosity are drawn. Those willing to Step Forward In Faith will be greatly rewarded.

Stay aware of Synchronicities in your experience. They are Guideposts and Signs offering you clues, and important messages leading you to Divine Assignments and Blessings On Your Path.

Solidarity is Powerful. Open Your Doors to those in need, and those in service. Encourage Unity within the duality. Walk each day with your Heart Wide Open. Ready your Heart and Mind to Receive New People into your experience beyond digital connections and your immediate Community. Seek out those you have previously discriminate against or feared to Shatter Illusions of Separateness. Reach out to those who seem different than you to Seek Commonality. Go wherever the people are and where you are called, whether it makes sense or not. Events, gatherings, busy places, churches, temples, and Anywhere Three or More Gather serves as an Invitation to Fellowship and an opportunity to Share Your Love and Light.

Search Your Heart for Clarity when receiving information, teachings and guidance from others. Authenticity, resonance, walking their talk, integrated understanding, and wisdom should all be present, and still the lessons may not be yours, now or later. Challenge all existing notions and Transmute Everything with Love and the Highest Possible Empowerment.

We all desire change, therefore, We Must All Change.

Everything perceived as harmful or painful has always had a Hidden Blessing within it, if you were Willing to See the potential of it all.

By simply speaking of Unconditional Love, you are co-creating conditional love. Love Just Is. It needs no qualifier.

Peace Without begins with Peace WithinLove begins with Self Love and radiates out to all those around you. Both are Boundless, Unlimited, and Accepting of all experiences Being Love (even when there are challenges) or a Call to Love. Nothing more.

Choose Victory, not victimhood. Forget your story and Remember Your Glory. Leave the past behind, used only for Reflections of contrast, Growth, and Gratitude. Look forward now toward Success, Fulfillment, and Joy on a collective level.

Speak to the Great Mystery everyday. Speak Gratitude and remain open to receive Opportunities to be of Service and  for the Desires that you know are on the hearts of all (i.e. union for all, abundance for all, healing for all, etc.). Know With Faith that what you pray for the collective also includes you and will also be granted you. Do your part to create that which you’re asking for. Walk In the Direction of Your Desires.

Offer your Gifts of Love to the world with Sacred Economics in mind. Release the Codes that bring anything less than your Fullest Authentic Expressions through a Thriving Life of Joy and Bliss.

If we are to create the New Earth, we must Liberate Ourselves of the old patriarchal paradigm. We must Be Mindful to Integrate all the Knowledge we have gained over these times of Awakening and Ascension into Wisdom, which is one of the highest aspects of The Divine Feminine.

Find all the most Useful Ways to Be of Service through your talents, skills, trades, arts, crafts. It no longer matters if you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, healer, entertainer, farmer, line cook, customer service agent, or any other role, We Can Choose to see Equal Value and Equal Opportunity to Serve all regardless of any perceived lack of worth. Your Kindness Can Save Lives in ways you may never know in this incarnation. You have chosen this lifetime here, in this pivotal moment of Humanity’s Historical Paradigm Shift to Serve the Greatest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. That means that all Sentient Beings must Feel Seen, Heard, Acknowledged, and Loved for this Mission to succeed. What you have acquired in abundance, knowledge and skill are Gifts and Blessings that have been bestowed upon you In Trust through our Divine Mother and Father Creator. Through the Gift of Free Will, each of You Can Choose to Share Freely in Gratitude and Love with our Earthly Brothers and Sisters who have taken on more difficult experiences to Catalyze the Blossoming of Humanity’s Individual and Collective Hearts. We have the ability to Restore the Conduit of Abundance in all forms and Activate Prosperity Consciousness as a manifested 3D Experience for all beings, and it doesn’t even have to involve currency.

Be Mindful to remember how Inspirations and Visions come to you from, and belong to the Collective Consciousness. Anything we Attract in the form of ideas come from the One Source we all have access to – and arrive in the form of Answers to Questions – we have all asked in some way or another. Understanding this can help us all avoid ego traps and ideas of ownership or competition. The Best Ideas are entrusted to Those Who Resonate with them, simply as an opportunity to Make the Answer Manifest. Sometimes, we receive these Divine Downloads to simply share what comes to us as Echoing Reminders to another, and therefore, it’s important we are Open to Receive them without the notion of ownership or obligation to implement. Know that all the Greatest Solutions that are Of Service to the Collective will be implemented by the Souls Chosen to do so. Your Divine Inspirations are not necessarily your Divine Assignments if a clear path is not revealed. Remain Grateful, yet Unattached To The Outcome. Openly and lovingly share solutions, ideas, philosophies, Positive words and Visions with those whom your Intuition Guides You to.

For those being drawn to New Places, go. For those of you who have been without and struggling to obtain traditional employment, Rejoice in the Graduation of that stage of your experience. Meditate to ask what your Divine Assignment is now.

For those who have lost your children, are having challenging relationships with them, or are finding yourself incapable of doing what you think you are meant to for them, Surrender and Trust the Divine Plan. This may simply be for each of you to Hold Space for the other’s Growth and Lessons, and Healing. Our souls are much wiser than our egos and perceptions.

For those who have found themselves without a home, Keep Moving and Serving wherever you can until your new Community and Home reveal themself with Ease and Effortlessness. In addition to being mobile Points of Light as we expand the New Planetary Grid, those who can Quickly Adapt and Stay Surrendered and In The Flow with Love and Gratitude in their hearts are able to take on Divine Assignments with people and in places where there is an urgent need.

For those of you experiencing death of loved ones, celebrate their life and Ascension Into the Collective Consciousness. This form of Graduation beyond their Physical Avatars is the result of their Divine Purpose having been completed, and now (regardless of their egoic identities, beliefs, energies, etc. prior to their death) they are better Able To Serve in spiritual and energetic ways as a Greater Support to the Missions of World Peace and Planetary Restoration.

For those ‘feeling stuck’ regardless of how hard you try to move in the direction you want to, Become Still and Present. Listen to your Inner Voice. It will Guide You In the Right Direction to show you the point of resistance. It may be that you are attempting to move in the wrong direction due to attachment, that you are being Divinely Protected through the delays, subconscious fears that are sabotaging your manifestation, or any other number of ‘blocks’ that you will need to clear. Follow Your Intuition to the answer and you will quickly be Moving In The Right Direction again.

For those holding unforgiveness, it is time to Forgive All. If you are still judging others or becoming offended, Love Unconditionally and accept what it is telling you about you, not the other. Some of this may be difficult to hear, and this does not negate the emotions felt and the boundaries necessary at times, however, there are reasons you may not be able see now that will reveal themselves later that will explain all that has happened. If you cannot offer Unconditional Love and Acceptance for someone in your experience, move out of their experience, as you become the negative energy in their reality. We all have Unique and Individual Experiences As God, For God and this will be evident as many more Step Forward in their most Authentic Expression.  In order to Manifest World Peace, all negative perceptions of others must be cleared out of us so our Human Experience can Transcend All Illusions of Separateness and progress into a Peaceful World of Co-Existence.

Speak In Empowering Words and Ways. Use words and ideas, Inward and Outward, that Empower Yourself and Others. Mindfulness is Necessary to ensure that you are Inwardly Empowering Yourself by being Consciously Aware of the thoughts and words that surface in your Internal Atmosphere, and that you Reprogram Your Inner Voice in all the places that no longer serve. Knowing that We Are All One and Infinitely Connected to each other energetically, it is important to Be Aware of the Messages and Codes you are sending to the Collective Conscious to specific individuals or groups, in addition to the Vibration and Frequency your negative projections and psychic attacks are affecting the whole. If we wish for World Peace, we must evolve our mind into an Environment of Peace.

Be mindful of what energies you are taking in. It Is Important to Be Aware of what is happening on Mother Earth, and it is equally important to bring ourselves to a Neutral Perception of events – at minimum – to Preserve Your Vibration and Frequency. We cannot heal what we are not willing to look at, however, we can Choose Neutrality until we are able to Look At All Things Through The Lens of Love and Compassion and able to Find the Gift of Opportunity to Serve around the Current Events On Gaia.

What you find yourself regularly resisting in others are Echoing Messages From Source. They are Universal Invitations for you to Go Within to examine where you are still in need of Internal Healing and Greater Alignment with your Heart and Soul. Have Gratitude and Reverence For Your Messengers, whether you choose to continue your path with them or not.

Anything and anyone that teaches or encourages limitation, lack, scarcity, fear, separation, discrimination, inequality, judgment, superiority or inferiority, etc. is false! The Collective Truth is Unlimited Potential, Oneness, Unity, Infinite Possibility, Prosperity & Abundance, Faith, Love, Equality, and Justice. Those promoting false ideas are either knowingly or unknowingly Planting Seeds that can no longer Give Fruit in this Rapidly Evolving Paradigm Shift into a New Era of Peace.

R-Evolution, Progress, and Positive Change can be Swift and Peaceful. Violence and disrespect towards self or others is no longer necessary. Those who will be martyrs are intended as martyrs and is not planned by the individual. You do not choose your martyrdom. You are encouraged to Choose Ahimsa In Thought, Word and Deed. Destruction is no longer necessary. Transformation is Inevitable. Peace Will Prevail.

You are Loved, Supported and Celebrated far more than you realize. All The Greatest Blessings Will Be Bestowed Upon You in the Perfect Divine Timing. The manifestation of Your Truest Heart Desires are inevitable. Your willingness to Be Authentic and Genuine in the Vibration of Love is all that is needed for you to Receive That Which Is Destined To Be Yours. With this in your heart and mind, Pay It All Forward.

Spread Awareness, Positive & Empowering Messages, Love, Light and Healing wherever you go. Simply sharing content such as this has Reverberations of Love and Light in very tangible ways. If it has helped, inspired, validated, and/or comforted you it can do the same for another.

∞ May We All Be Infinitely Blessed! 

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What Are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames Artwork by Android Jones

The topic of Twin Flames has become one of the most polluted topics within the ‘Spiritual’ communities this day in age. When I say polluted, I mean to say that A Very Precious Type of Relationship has been corrupted time and again by those wishing to mold something and warp it into that which satisfies their own ego, as opposed to rising to the challenge itself. During an Extremely Poignant stage in humanity’s history, where Information Rules, it’s important to understand the nature of the beast we’re dealing with – misinformation seeded into the vulnerable human psyche that literally sabotages one’s growth and development, delaying the Process of Ascension, by creating diversions away from truth through confusion. While we can also use spiritually bypassing justifications that ‘it’s all perfect’, the truth of the matter is that we are all being asked what we want Moving Forward, and truly, none of us desires to waste an entire lifetime wading through lies to Get To the Truth, let alone to allow history to repeat itself through deception that keeps us in the same cycles of ignorance. The Highest Good of All is to be able to deliver as much Crystallized Truth as possible within the shortest amount of time so that we can all ascend in this lifetime. We can make this The New Trend if we all Choose It!

For a long time, I tried to ignore the fact that there are forces that do not wish to see humanity succeed in the current Paradigm Shift we all desire. To Be As Direct As Possible, it can be likened to how religion has corrupted the messages of so Many Wise Messengers that came before us. Look at how badly Jesus’ message was perverted by the Council of Nicea – 2,000 years later we are still trying to recover and actually undo the damage done by Christianity as a whole, exposing and uncovering the lies perpetrated by men seeking power for themselves. Consider how other supposed ‘fundamental groups’ have loudly perverted the very nature of Islam and its Important Values of Feminine Equality and Peace. Many of the modern day foes of the truth have been seeded into the digital realms of Spiritual Learning. This must Be Illuminated and understood so that those who have taken the bait in other Spiritual Ways can look within for their own Inner Wisdom.

If humanity is going to Succeed at Transforming, it is for those of us in the Spiritual Community serving as messengers to Bring All Hearts Back To What Is Sacred. Ask an anthropologist what one of the most, if not the single most, defining factors of a civilization is and they’ll tell you it is language. The very words we use and how we use them shapes a lot within the human mind and creates a clear delineation between those who are Truly Assisting Humanity Forward and those who are attempting to control, manipulate and disempower humanity. This is where it becomes urgent for each of us who acts as teacher to Become Clear and Heart-Centered in what we share.

To use a very real example history has left for humanity: While Helena Blavatsky had the greatest of intentions, spiritual ego was clearly present in a lot of her most popular writings. At heart, she always saw the Equality of All Humans, the value of A Life of Service, spiritual and philosophical seeking… and yet her ego relished in the idea that some were ‘more enlightened’ than others and so forth. Because of this, some of her writings that claimed what the physical traits were of souls that have incarnated Wiser and More Enlightened than others became the foundation of Hitler’s Mystic Learning that gave him the ‘spiritual permission slips’ to create a platform and propaganda that has had a negative impact on billions of lives in just a few short decades. It also gave Mahatma Gandhi, one of her students, cause to pick up guns against Africans because he trusted her words and did not see their lives as valuable or necessary, while still preaching a message of Ahimsa.

How does this relate to Twin Flames? As one of the most prolific spiritual topics online, there is a sea of information and writing on the subject and one wishing to learn about this aspect of spirituality has the challenge of wading through potentially thousands of modern day writings, blogs, videos and social media forums to find any Authentic Truth on the subject at all. It preys upon the very vulnerability of short attention spans many of us have been successfully programmed with in modern times.

While some may say that this is the very nature of the beast through Spiritual Seeking, I truly believe that we can change that paradigm. We Can Transform What Has Been, in the realm of spirituality, and bring what is sacred back. That those who identify themselves as teachers have the responsibility, ultimately, to be mindful with their words and teachings and always make sure they are coming from Pure Heart Space, lest they become no different than the Council of Nicea or any other religious, political, or social leader who mislead others for their own purpose and created much suffering in their wake. Sometimes, one can even be manipulated energetically to do this without being aware of it. In other words, when we write and speak, we are always Channeling Divine Energy. Which energy would we like to be channeling?

To really drive this home, I invite all True Seekers to listen to this valuable talk by Manly P. Hall on the Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Words once finished reading this article:

What Are Twin Flames?

Disclaimer: I wholeheartedly support and believe in the viability of LGBTQ couples! 

So, what are Twin Flames? The very term was created by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, the co-founders of The Summit Lighthouse, in the 1970s to create one singular term for a ‘Universal Truth’ that was found repeatedly in many spiritual and esoteric texts. The Wisdom that was coming through many Ancient Teachers was carrying a pattern of some truths that showed up in all of them. This is what is known as a ‘Universal Truth’ because it is something that the Divine has clearly wanted to emphasize beyond any dogma and legalisms found within the myriads of potential Spiritual and Religious Paths. The term ‘Twin Flames’ highlighted a specific type of relationship that was spoken about over and over again, even during historical times when polyamory and polygamy were the popular practices.

How do Mark and Elizabeth describe Twin Flames?

Twin flames were Created Together in the beginning and Share a Unique Destiny. Created in a Single Fiery Ovoid, they were separated into Two Spheres of Being—one in a Masculine Polarity and the other in a Feminine Polarity—but each with the same pattern of Divine Identity. “

You can read more about what they have to say on the subject of Twin Flames and Soul Mates on their website by clicking here.

The Gnosis of Ancient Minds is one of the most valuable resources we have. While it is not necessarily recommended that any Spiritual Being focus on the teachings of one specific teacher, there was once a time when humanity could receive true gnosis without the distraction of all the radio, electric and electromagnetic frequencies in their field of consciousness, as well as far fewer numbers of mind viruses plaguing their egos and pulling them from their hearts, or inseminating them with personal agendas. It becomes even more valuable when we see the places that there was true Consilience in spite of their inability to connect with each other or have access to each other’s teachings. Like science, spirituality can find its Greatest Truths and Values in repetitive findings. For that reason, let’s take a look at some of the great minds we already value in the spiritual community and what they had to say on the matter.


In the plain English translation of The Sophia of Christ, one of the gospels archived in the Nag Hammadi, The Saga of Sophia and Christ says:

“This is what I desire to show you,” replied the Redeemer. “The Man of Holiness is the Great Androgynous Progenitor. He is Father and Mother. In him is no division. In him is no lack. He encompasses the whole. He begot me, his Only Begotten Son, but I am not whole without my sister. She is Sophia, my sister, my consort, my feminine half. When we are united in one, then we are whole like our Parents, but when we are separated, we are incomplete, like the Aadamah who became separated into male and female to produce mortal children. That which has been divided must be united into a perfect unity for the realm of the Eloheim (Gods and goddesses on Earth) to be established.”


Genesis 1: 26-27
26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,”… 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Matthew 19: 4 – 6
4 He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6 So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Note: In Abrahamic traditions, God is often times referred to as ‘He’ when referenced as one being, although there is the delineation of the feminine and masculine polarities that come out time and again as Yahweh and Shekinah. When they dwell as one in ‘Divine Union’, ‘He’ is still used as the singular pronoun. Additionally, every archangel has a feminine counterpart, even though the Masculine Archangels are highlighted most commonly in the stories.


Almost all of the Deities in Hinduism include a Twin Flame in the form of a Divine Counterpart that completes their divine nature, except in the rare exceptions of the Brahmans which are considered to be the most enlightened and complete beings that are actually masculine and feminine souls in one body in full balance. A good example is in Radha’s Prem, which makes it clear that Radha and Krishna are the masculine and feminine counterparts of God as a whole. They represent Divine Love in their Knowing that they are one and everyone else is just an emanation or copy of them for the remaining joy and pleasure to be sought in the illusion of this experience. Shiva and Shakti (who actually represent the Ultimate Expressions of Masculine and Feminine Energy In Duality), Ganesh and Lakshmi, as well as Ram and Sita (part of their Love Story is the foundation of Diwali) are other great examples. These Divine Counterparts would be comparable to what most speak of as Twin Flames.


In Boris Mouravieff’s Book, Gnosis I, there is a full commentary on esotericism and eastern orthodoxy. He focuses a lot of his discussion and commentary on the term ‘Polar Beings’. One of the most crystallized quotes I can use as an example would be:

“This work, done by man and woman working together, can develop with extraordinary power and give rapid results… on condition that from 132 W the esoteric point of view the two beings entirely suit each other, and also on condition that they are a perfect couple, that is, that their combination— with reservations concerning the peculiarities of their human type — reflects the relation between the absolute ‘I’ and the ‘You’ before the Creation of the Universe. This is the case of those beings known in esoteric science as Polar Beings. We shall return further on to this important question, which becomes a real question with the beginning of the new Era. In centres of culture in the cycle of the Holy Spirit, the love-romance—a feature of the previous Cycle —will give place to the unique love-romance of Polar Beings, those who will be called upon to shape the society of tomorrow.”


The Sikh path sees the partnership as somewhat of a Spiritual Initiation to champion growth. The most poignant text in regards to this phenomenon is as follows:

“Bride and groom are not they who pose as one whole; bride and groom are they who are two bodies with one soul.” – SGGS 788


“As they set out from their place above, each soul is male and female as one. Only as they descend to this world do they part, each to its own side. And then it is the One Above who unites them again. This is His exclusive domain, for He alone knows which soul belongs to which and how they must reunite.” – Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (2nd century CE)

“The person to whom our Torah speaks is neither a man nor a woman, but both combined. For this is how Adam was first created and this is how we are in essence: Two half-bodies that are truly one. The minds are two, but the bodies, the souls and the very core of these two people are one and the same.” – Rabbi Isaac Luria, (“The Holy Ari,” 1534-1572)


“O people, keep your duty to your Lord, Who created you from a single being and created its mate of the same kind.” – Al-Nissa 4:1

“It is He who created you from a single soul, and made its mate of like nature in order that you might dwell with her in love….” Qur’an 7:189

As you can see from the examples of Esoteric Wisdom from many paths and teachers, there is a repeated theme that we all have One Perfect Partner, which Mark and Elizabeth Prophet gave the specific name of ‘Twin Flames‘. This does not mean that all are going to resonate with the term or its fundamental meaning as their Individual Path or truth, however, to preach anything other than the Definitive Values, intentions, and roots of the term while claiming it to be something other than what it is, is to foolishly and intentionally defile something Sacred In Nature – not to mention choosing through Free Will to be deceptive. It is to make yourself ‘untrustable’ to those who Resonates With Truth. To continually do so in an intentionally misleading or adversarial manner is misalignment with the Benevolence of your own heart. Our hearts desire Truth and Love. Your Authentic Self is empathetic in nature and understands that dishonoring something in this way is not loving or truthful, which means you are falling into the ego traps that find ways to further separate you from your own power and truth by choosing anything other than Full Authentic Expression and Strong Integrity.

For seekers on the Twin Flame Journey, always be sure to Follow Your Heart when you come across any potential teacher, healer or leader. Always reflect on anything you hear that doesn’t light you up in response to Truth and ask yourself if it is you simply resisting it because of its implications in your own personal scenario, or if there is actually something misaligned with the Highest Universal Vibrations of Love and Truth. Remember you are under no obligation to any one teacher, either. You are free to Gain Wisdom and Knowledge from wherever you wish, and it is advisable to follow that which empowers you and gives you the most Sustainable Love, Faith, and Healing. Remember that this is a journey within yourself, first and foremost, so that which offers you the opportunity to Learn, Grow, Heal, Evolve and move forward and a progressive direction is of the highest good for your Body, Mind, and Soul.

To all who read this, may we all find The Most Inclusive Truths that allow for The Highest Good of All, as well as the Individual Fulfillment of Each Heart. May we all Align with Loving Truth and Universal Divine Truths that open up the paths of greatest ease and effortlessness towards the deepest fulfillments of all of our hearts as One.  May all Twin Flames achieve Divine Union.

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369 words on Heyoka Medicine

The Heyoka exists to test each and everyone of your judgments, blind beliefs, notions, perceptions, fears, imbalances, illusions, misaligned choices, and ‘bad habits’. Without a word, their very presence triggers all things inauthentic to rise to the surface for YOU to see. And yet, there’s always the almost irresistible intuition and empathic drive to mirror you to you in the most authentic way they can.
For the one receiving Heyoka medicine, if mindful they are able to reflect and see themselves and offer gratitude for the heyoka manifesting into their experience… and the unconscious ones are quickly and inexplicably pushed to explode into the purge of that which is being challenged in the being receiving the medicine. Each individual will be given the opportunity to see themselves deeper as the thunder from the Heyoka’s lightning bolts of TRUTH rumble through their body, mind, and soul.
Heyoka Medicine is even more present on this planet than ever before, and yet, heyokas are rarely seen for what they are immediately, and sometimes are never acknowledged as such. Yet, they truly are ‘divine mirrors’ magnified and they come at the most crucial moments in your experience for the purpose of allowing you the opportunity to initiate your own breakthrough that will allow you to make quantum leaps in your self realization and actualization. We also must not forget that the medicine works from one heyoka to another as well.
Inevitably, the choice will be to blame the heyoka or become more empowered and evolved by the heyoka, leading to gratitude. Only you can make the choice. It must be understood, however, that to blame the heyoka for your trigger begins and/or accelerates cycles of victimhood, which then opens the doors that invite more heyokas into your experience that can authentically demonstrate your patterns of self victimization until you choose to empower yourself…. in this lifetime or another. 
Most of us have heard the adage that says, ‘you never know when you’re hosting an angel’. You can simply replace angel with Heyoka. We come in all shapes, sizes, colors, ages, paths, and genders (or lack thereof). And now that you know, you have the ability to choose how you will see your triggers.

Please consider offering a Financial Gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 
If you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
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