Twin Flame Dictionary

In 2015, after several years of focusing all of my sessions to those in the Twin Flame subsect of the Spiritual Community, my ex-partner and I started piecing this together while laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.  After that, we shared our original version with others in the community and have had additions offered by others.  Feel free to comment and suggest additions, and as always, share away! If you’re not a believer in this Philosophy, you might still enjoy it anyway.  

Twin Flame – your Divine Partner. The other half of your soul from the beginning until the end of all time, the Alpha to Omega expression of your consciousness’ Polarity and Duality. You can read a thorough and in-depth explanation of the term and the ancient history of it in this post

Been Flames – the ones who have completely abandoned all hope and walk away from the entire experience.

Cringe Flames – the really intense couples that make people cringe while reading/hearing/witnessing their stories of dysfunction, abuse, and toxicity.

Dim Flames – clueless couples that have NO idea what’s going on.

Flampires – gothic couples; alternatively, those who are so in love that they suck up all your time wanting to tell you about every little ‘cute’ thing the other did and said and and and…

Flimsy Flames – those who vacillate between Full Faith and no faith in their ability to achieve Twin Flame Union.

Franktwinstein – the couple that has separated and come back together repeatedly.

Friend Flames – when you have been friend zoned by the one you believe to be your other half.

Fringe Flames – couples so weird even other eccentric onlookers find them odd.

Grin Flames – blissed out couples that eye gaze, smile and Make Love All Day.

Kin Flames – couples that are blood-related.  Also, the rest of your flame soul family.

Sin Flames – couples on their honeymoon affair before wrapping up karmic relationships.

Skin Flames – extreme nudist couples.

Spin Flames – the couples that are stuck in a circular pattern around a specific lesson or potential breakthrough. Derp, derp, derp…

Swing Flames – couples exploring sexual polyamory.

Thin Flames – couples deep in the bubble phase who are sooo in love they forget to eat!

Twin Aims – pre-reunion Twin Flame Believers and Seekers.  The ones that know they are out there and just haven’t found them yet.

Twin Babes – drop-dead gorgeous couples.

Twin Blame – The person or construct you blame for every perceivable negative thing in the world.  Everything that you feel is wrong in your life is somehow their fault, even as small as you stubbing your toe somehow is their fault and you are always the victim.

Twin Brain – the Shared Consciousness between a couple that creates Telepathic Communication, knowing, speaking in stereo and identical thoughts.

Twin Chains – the ridiculous expectations some put on each other in co-dependent patterns.

Twin Chase – Stalker level chasing of the person you believe is your one and only.

Twin Claim – When two different people believe a specific individual to be their Twin Flame.

Twin Craze – when you finally figure out what the nature of this intense relationship is and spend copious amounts of time researching, reading and venting about your relationship or lack thereof. Your whole life collapses around you and you begin to Question Your Sanity.

Twin Dames/ Twin Gays – same-sex Twin Flame couples.

Twin Fames – the famous, infamous, and notorious couples.

Twin Fumes – couples past the point of hiding farts from each other.

Twin Games – manipulative power struggle tactics in the form of running, chasing, blaming, spiritual bypassing, gaslighting, and other forms of toxicity.

Twin Grays – couples that are both ET Abductees.

Twin Greys – Older couples.

Twin Names – when both partners have the same name, with or without the same spelling (i.e. Aaron and Erin).

Twin Pregs –  pregnant couples that identify as Twin Flames.

Twin Sames – When both souls find themselves sharing Parallel Synchronicities.

Twin Shades – The really kinky couples.

Twin Shame – the fear and shame some have when trying to explain what they believe is really happening when others feel they are just obsessing over someone.

Twin Space – the Etheric Astral Space that some couples can access together.

Twin Strains – the frustrating Divine Mirror Reflections that cause triggers and upset between a couple.

Twin Strays – couples that separate for a time, and even potentially exploring other relationships.

Twin Vagues – those who are secretive and cryptic about their journey and status as Twin Flames due to Twin Shame.

Twin Waves – the waves of couples believing themselves to be Twin Flame Pairs that publicly come and go in the Twin Flame Community over time.

Twinching – when the Illusion of ‘Time’ gets the best of you and it feels like your Twin Flame Journey is taking too long and you’re just inching forward. All you want to do is quantum leap past all of the less desirable aspects of your Self Evolution and get to ‘the good stuff’.

Twinclusive – The ‘realization’ that Your Twin Flame Is Everything and Everything Is Your Twin Flame.  That there really is nothing other than this and this is what defines everything.  Once in Union With Your Beloved, the two of you are inseparable, having realized you are one soul looking through the eyes of two avatars and ‘separation’ is no longer an option or desire.

Twindications – all the signs throughout your life that you can see were leading up to this one specific Destined Partnership.

Twindiscretion – When you are accidentally – and divinely – outed by someone else as walking the Twin Flame Path to those you have not spoken to about it.

Twinfinity – The amount of ‘time’ you both wish to live in love with each other.

Twingle – an individual on the Twin Flame Journey who is romantically unavailable to anyone else while in the separation phase, as they focus on themselves, their mission and their own Healing Journey.

Twinsanity – when the Divine Mirror with the one you believe is your Twin Flame is driving you fucking crazy!

Twinsexual – The sexual orientation of a person not experiencing Sexual Attraction toward anyone other than the person they believe to be their Twin Flame after meeting them.

Twinspiration – the overwhelming emotion of wanting to Share The Love you have of your Twin Flame with the WHOLE world.  Also known as Unity Consciousness or Oneness.

Twintegration – the phase of a relationship when a couple starts sharing a life, mission, and home.

Twinternity – the profound experience one can have that creates an Awareness of the Singularity that is Eternally One within the Twin Flame Connection, beyond ‘Time and Space’ and interwoven in all lifetimes.  The realization that the two of you are the Alpha and Omega, God and Goddess Incarnate.

Twintuition – When you can hear and/or feel their thoughts, actions, emotions, etc.

Twinvocation – The activation of Cathartic Awakenings that can include Kundalini Rising, Realization of Godself, dissolution of time and space, interdimensional orgasms, Instant Manifestations (for better or worse), deifying downloads, Collective Conscious Transmissions, observing the collapse of duality and other phenomena that can occur on this path.

Twission – The realization and actualization of your Mission on the Earth Plane.

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What Are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames Artwork by Android Jones

The topic of Twin Flames has become one of the most polluted topics within the ‘Spiritual’ communities this day in age. When I say polluted, I mean to say that A Very Precious Type of Relationship has been corrupted time and again by those wishing to mold something and warp it into that which satisfies their own ego, as opposed to rising to the challenge itself. During an Extremely Poignant stage in humanity’s history, where Information Rules, it’s important to understand the nature of the beast we’re dealing with – misinformation seeded into the vulnerable human psyche that literally sabotages one’s growth and development, delaying the Process of Ascension, by creating diversions away from truth through confusion. While we can also use spiritually bypassing justifications that ‘it’s all perfect’, the truth of the matter is that we are all being asked what we want Moving Forward, and truly, none of us desires to waste an entire lifetime wading through lies to Get To the Truth, let alone to allow history to repeat itself through deception that keeps us in the same cycles of ignorance. The Highest Good of All is to be able to deliver as much Crystallized Truth as possible within the shortest amount of time so that we can all ascend in this lifetime. We can make this The New Trend if we all Choose It!

For a long time, I tried to ignore the fact that there are forces that do not wish to see humanity succeed in the current Paradigm Shift we all desire. To Be As Direct As Possible, it can be likened to how religion has corrupted the messages of so Many Wise Messengers that came before us. Look at how badly Jesus’ message was perverted by the Council of Nicea – 2,000 years later we are still trying to recover and actually undo the damage done by Christianity as a whole, exposing and uncovering the lies perpetrated by men seeking power for themselves. Consider how other supposed ‘fundamental groups’ have loudly perverted the very nature of Islam and its Important Values of Feminine Equality and Peace. Many of the modern day foes of the truth have been seeded into the digital realms of Spiritual Learning. This must Be Illuminated and understood so that those who have taken the bait in other Spiritual Ways can look within for their own Inner Wisdom.

If humanity is going to Succeed at Transforming, it is for those of us in the Spiritual Community serving as messengers to Bring All Hearts Back To What Is Sacred. Ask an anthropologist what one of the most, if not the single most, defining factors of a civilization is and they’ll tell you it is language. The very words we use and how we use them shapes a lot within the human mind and creates a clear delineation between those who are Truly Assisting Humanity Forward and those who are attempting to control, manipulate and disempower humanity. This is where it becomes urgent for each of us who acts as teacher to Become Clear and Heart-Centered in what we share.

To use a very real example history has left for humanity: While Helena Blavatsky had the greatest of intentions, spiritual ego was clearly present in a lot of her most popular writings. At heart, she always saw the Equality of All Humans, the value of A Life of Service, spiritual and philosophical seeking… and yet her ego relished in the idea that some were ‘more enlightened’ than others and so forth. Because of this, some of her writings that claimed what the physical traits were of souls that have incarnated Wiser and More Enlightened than others became the foundation of Hitler’s Mystic Learning that gave him the ‘spiritual permission slips’ to create a platform and propaganda that has had a negative impact on billions of lives in just a few short decades. It also gave Mahatma Gandhi, one of her students, cause to pick up guns against Africans because he trusted her words and did not see their lives as valuable or necessary, while still preaching a message of Ahimsa.

How does this relate to Twin Flames? As one of the most prolific spiritual topics online, there is a sea of information and writing on the subject and one wishing to learn about this aspect of spirituality has the challenge of wading through potentially thousands of modern day writings, blogs, videos and social media forums to find any Authentic Truth on the subject at all. It preys upon the very vulnerability of short attention spans many of us have been successfully programmed with in modern times.

While some may say that this is the very nature of the beast through Spiritual Seeking, I truly believe that we can change that paradigm. We Can Transform What Has Been, in the realm of spirituality, and bring what is sacred back. That those who identify themselves as teachers have the responsibility, ultimately, to be mindful with their words and teachings and always make sure they are coming from Pure Heart Space, lest they become no different than the Council of Nicea or any other religious, political, or social leader who mislead others for their own purpose and created much suffering in their wake. Sometimes, one can even be manipulated energetically to do this without being aware of it. In other words, when we write and speak, we are always Channeling Divine Energy. Which energy would we like to be channeling?

To really drive this home, I invite all True Seekers to listen to this valuable talk by Manly P. Hall on the Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Words once finished reading this article:

What Are Twin Flames?

Disclaimer: I wholeheartedly support and believe in the viability of LGBTQ couples! 

So, what are Twin Flames? The very term was created by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, the co-founders of The Summit Lighthouse, in the 1970s to create one singular term for a ‘Universal Truth’ that was found repeatedly in many spiritual and esoteric texts. The Wisdom that was coming through many Ancient Teachers was carrying a pattern of some truths that showed up in all of them. This is what is known as a ‘Universal Truth’ because it is something that the Divine has clearly wanted to emphasize beyond any dogma and legalisms found within the myriads of potential Spiritual and Religious Paths. The term ‘Twin Flames’ highlighted a specific type of relationship that was spoken about over and over again, even during historical times when polyamory and polygamy were the popular practices.

How do Mark and Elizabeth describe Twin Flames?

Twin flames were Created Together in the beginning and Share a Unique Destiny. Created in a Single Fiery Ovoid, they were separated into Two Spheres of Being—one in a Masculine Polarity and the other in a Feminine Polarity—but each with the same pattern of Divine Identity. “

You can read more about what they have to say on the subject of Twin Flames and Soul Mates on their website by clicking here.

The Gnosis of Ancient Minds is one of the most valuable resources we have. While it is not necessarily recommended that any Spiritual Being focus on the teachings of one specific teacher, there was once a time when humanity could receive true gnosis without the distraction of all the radio, electric and electromagnetic frequencies in their field of consciousness, as well as far fewer numbers of mind viruses plaguing their egos and pulling them from their hearts, or inseminating them with personal agendas. It becomes even more valuable when we see the places that there was true Consilience in spite of their inability to connect with each other or have access to each other’s teachings. Like science, spirituality can find its Greatest Truths and Values in repetitive findings. For that reason, let’s take a look at some of the great minds we already value in the spiritual community and what they had to say on the matter.


In the plain English translation of The Sophia of Christ, one of the gospels archived in the Nag Hammadi, The Saga of Sophia and Christ says:

“This is what I desire to show you,” replied the Redeemer. “The Man of Holiness is the Great Androgynous Progenitor. He is Father and Mother. In him is no division. In him is no lack. He encompasses the whole. He begot me, his Only Begotten Son, but I am not whole without my sister. She is Sophia, my sister, my consort, my feminine half. When we are united in one, then we are whole like our Parents, but when we are separated, we are incomplete, like the Aadamah who became separated into male and female to produce mortal children. That which has been divided must be united into a perfect unity for the realm of the Eloheim (Gods and goddesses on Earth) to be established.”


Genesis 1: 26-27
26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,”… 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Matthew 19: 4 – 6
4 He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6 So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Note: In Abrahamic traditions, God is often times referred to as ‘He’ when referenced as one being, although there is the delineation of the feminine and masculine polarities that come out time and again as Yahweh and Shekinah. When they dwell as one in ‘Divine Union’, ‘He’ is still used as the singular pronoun. Additionally, every archangel has a feminine counterpart, even though the Masculine Archangels are highlighted most commonly in the stories.


Almost all of the Deities in Hinduism include a Twin Flame in the form of a Divine Counterpart that completes their divine nature, except in the rare exceptions of the Brahmans which are considered to be the most enlightened and complete beings that are actually masculine and feminine souls in one body in full balance. A good example is in Radha’s Prem, which makes it clear that Radha and Krishna are the masculine and feminine counterparts of God as a whole. They represent Divine Love in their Knowing that they are one and everyone else is just an emanation or copy of them for the remaining joy and pleasure to be sought in the illusion of this experience. Shiva and Shakti (who actually represent the Ultimate Expressions of Masculine and Feminine Energy In Duality), Ganesh and Lakshmi, as well as Ram and Sita (part of their Love Story is the foundation of Diwali) are other great examples. These Divine Counterparts would be comparable to what most speak of as Twin Flames.


In Boris Mouravieff’s Book, Gnosis I, there is a full commentary on esotericism and eastern orthodoxy. He focuses a lot of his discussion and commentary on the term ‘Polar Beings’. One of the most crystallized quotes I can use as an example would be:

“This work, done by man and woman working together, can develop with extraordinary power and give rapid results… on condition that from 132 W the esoteric point of view the two beings entirely suit each other, and also on condition that they are a perfect couple, that is, that their combination— with reservations concerning the peculiarities of their human type — reflects the relation between the absolute ‘I’ and the ‘You’ before the Creation of the Universe. This is the case of those beings known in esoteric science as Polar Beings. We shall return further on to this important question, which becomes a real question with the beginning of the new Era. In centres of culture in the cycle of the Holy Spirit, the love-romance—a feature of the previous Cycle —will give place to the unique love-romance of Polar Beings, those who will be called upon to shape the society of tomorrow.”


The Sikh path sees the partnership as somewhat of a Spiritual Initiation to champion growth. The most poignant text in regards to this phenomenon is as follows:

“Bride and groom are not they who pose as one whole; bride and groom are they who are two bodies with one soul.” – SGGS 788


“As they set out from their place above, each soul is male and female as one. Only as they descend to this world do they part, each to its own side. And then it is the One Above who unites them again. This is His exclusive domain, for He alone knows which soul belongs to which and how they must reunite.” – Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (2nd century CE)

“The person to whom our Torah speaks is neither a man nor a woman, but both combined. For this is how Adam was first created and this is how we are in essence: Two half-bodies that are truly one. The minds are two, but the bodies, the souls and the very core of these two people are one and the same.” – Rabbi Isaac Luria, (“The Holy Ari,” 1534-1572)


“O people, keep your duty to your Lord, Who created you from a single being and created its mate of the same kind.” – Al-Nissa 4:1

“It is He who created you from a single soul, and made its mate of like nature in order that you might dwell with her in love….” Qur’an 7:189

As you can see from the examples of Esoteric Wisdom from many paths and teachers, there is a repeated theme that we all have One Perfect Partner, which Mark and Elizabeth Prophet gave the specific name of ‘Twin Flames‘. This does not mean that all are going to resonate with the term or its fundamental meaning as their Individual Path or truth, however, to preach anything other than the Definitive Values, intentions, and roots of the term while claiming it to be something other than what it is, is to foolishly and intentionally defile something Sacred In Nature – not to mention choosing through Free Will to be deceptive. It is to make yourself ‘untrustable’ to those who Resonates With Truth. To continually do so in an intentionally misleading or adversarial manner is misalignment with the Benevolence of your own heart. Our hearts desire Truth and Love. Your Authentic Self is empathetic in nature and understands that dishonoring something in this way is not loving or truthful, which means you are falling into the ego traps that find ways to further separate you from your own power and truth by choosing anything other than Full Authentic Expression and Strong Integrity.

For seekers on the Twin Flame Journey, always be sure to Follow Your Heart when you come across any potential teacher, healer or leader. Always reflect on anything you hear that doesn’t light you up in response to Truth and ask yourself if it is you simply resisting it because of its implications in your own personal scenario, or if there is actually something misaligned with the Highest Universal Vibrations of Love and Truth. Remember you are under no obligation to any one teacher, either. You are free to Gain Wisdom and Knowledge from wherever you wish, and it is advisable to follow that which empowers you and gives you the most Sustainable Love, Faith, and Healing. Remember that this is a journey within yourself, first and foremost, so that which offers you the opportunity to Learn, Grow, Heal, Evolve and move forward and a progressive direction is of the highest good for your Body, Mind, and Soul.

To all who read this, may we all find The Most Inclusive Truths that allow for The Highest Good of All, as well as the Individual Fulfillment of Each Heart. May we all Align with Loving Truth and Universal Divine Truths that open up the paths of greatest ease and effortlessness towards the deepest fulfillments of all of our hearts as One.  May all Twin Flames achieve Divine Union.

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