Temple of the One Tribe

‘Pangaia’ by Daniel Mirante

The Temple of the One Tribe was co-founded as a Benevolent non-evangelical Free Church completely separate from ‘The State’ – by Nikki Wall (given spiritual names Nikki Starseed or Jayadini Devi) and John Apt (given spiritual name Jai Amun Bhakti). Nikki became the sole Guardian of the Temple as of September 2017. She continues its legacy as an Omnifaith Ministry of Love with a Mission of Peace. The ministry honors all Human Beings as having a Divine Role in The One Tribe. Additionally, it honors all Sentient Beings as actively Co-Creating World Peace in some way. 

Statement of Faith

We believe Earth is a Conscious Organism that every Sentient Being is a part of. That Nature is our Holiest Temple and Wisest Teacher. And, our planet is a Sacred Space of Individual & Collective Evolution that is meant to be treated with Reverence and Tenderness.

We believe each Sentient Being is a Fractal Individuated Expression of God/Nature experiencing a unique Existential Journey as a part of a greater Interdependent Collective Consciousness. That we Co-Exist on a Physical Plane perceived through the filters of Duality, Polarity, and Time. Thus, each being has a Unique Perception, Understanding, and Relationship of and with Life, and therefore, is Their Own Religion

We believe each being has the ability to achieve the Transcendental States of Consciousness required to achieve all things. This can easily be done through Autodidacticism, Didacticism, Psychonautic Practices, and Reconnection to Nature, and other methods.

We believe Love Is The Highest Law governing all aspects of this Sacred Space. Love is seen as the first measurement of Integrity, Righteousness, and Justice while navigating the Co-Creation of a Greater Future. It is believed that Love Is Benevolent and Present In All Things and that all Sentience has the inherent potential and ability to Experience and Express Love. We believe Love’s most profound expressions come when they are integrated with the totality of the Above & Below, Within & Without, in Body, Mind, and Spirit through Thought, Word, and Deed. We believe that Love honors that All Life Desires to Thrive. Therefore, we Strive to Serve what is The Highest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each

We believe all forms of Spirituality and Religion have Universal Truths within them, and none are Complete Truth. Moreover, All Paths Lead to God, however one perceives God, thereby identifying ourselves as Omnifaith. Thus, we perceive Atheism as a valid Spiritual Path to finding one’s own Individual Truth of Place & Purpose. It is our practice to embrace the Knowledge, Wisdom, Truth, and Light in all beings and in all paths. We choose to intentionally and consistently seek to Remember Who We Are in the truest sense. In this way, we become Light Bearers benevolently carrying our Divine Light into the darkness of the Human Experience. We believe it is our duty to find ways to Liberate Everyone and Everything that is oppressed and/or voiceless. 

Vision Statement

The Temple of the One Tribe envisions a world where all Sentient Beings are Revered as Sacred. Where all Human Beings commit to a Path of Benevolence in its fullest expression. A New Paradigm that provides all the Abundance, Prosperity, and Supportive Systems required to achieve their Full Potential. We envision all beings Co-Existing in a Harmonious World of Peace, Love, Diversity, Authenticity, Equality, Opportunity. In this Near Future World we see the support of all Life On Earth to tangibly Thrive in all ways. 

We Hold The Vision of a world that offers Clean Water For All… Clean Food For All… Clean Air For All… Clean Soil For All… Clean Skies For All… Clean Bodies For All… Clean Hearts For All… Peace and Security For All… Free Education For All… Safe Homes For All… Clean and Renewable Resources For All… Freedom For All… Acceptance and Inclusion For All… Companionship and Community For All… Safe, Healthy Sexual Exploration and Expressions For All… And All Things Joy and Bliss For All! 

Mission Statement

The Temple of the One Tribe and all its future Temple Guardians are committed to their own Personal Evolution into Integrated Benevolent Beings and Lightbearers. Our shared mission actively works to co-create tangible Heart-Centered Regenerative Solutions that assist in the acceleration and greater likelihood of the Peace Vision we Hold Faith in. Our Individual and Collective Mission has far-reaching impacts that help alleviate Food insecurity, Simplify and Streamline Empowered Activism, mitigate climate change, increase Prosperity Consciousness, and Co-Create Healthy Communities. This is done through projects of varying sizes, from Grassroots Movements to Global Platforms and consistent Awareness Raising Messages amplified through social media, public talks, and common conversation. This also includes events and spaces intended to Empower and Elevate the Hearts and Minds of all involved with experiences and information that have the propensity to result in Greater Alignment Within and Without the individual(s) as a result.  

All missions by Temple Guardians are done in ways that Honor Free Will and present opportunities for others to choose their participation level or lack thereof. Each opportunity serves to educate others of circumstances and challenges that the world faces together and simultaneously Illuminating Inspired Action that can Create Positive Change. It is our True Desire and mission to influence Radical Global Transformation by Inspiring and Unifying the World Through Demonstrations of Love In Action in all ways!