Liberation Circles

Launching February 18, 2020!


This introduction is intended to help you choose whether or not these fellowship circles feel aligned with your personal r-evolution journey. Please take the time to really dive into this information and make your decision based on the level of inspiration and resonance you feel from the what you read and intuit.

To begin with, we would like to share with you who we are. We are a fellowship of diverse beings co-creating an inclusive new paradigm in a variety of ways through the faith and belief that our world can achieve planetary equality, prosperity, peace, and security for All Life on Earth within our lifetime. Every one of us has a powerful calling within, leading us along a path that co-creates new regenerative environmental & social justice solutions and parallel systems for a liberated and interdependent world. Each step brings our global family closer to a harmonious and balanced relationship with the sacred planet we share. We hold the vision of a society that thrives through a shared agreement to act with reverence, protection, and preservation of Life in all of its expressions without discrimination, oppression, or prejudice of any kind.

We are visionaries and architects of the individual and collective efforts that envision, design, and raise up a new world that works for all. We are Cultural Creatives bringing our light into the darkness of the current world with the true ancestral wisdom encoded within us, tapping the blueprints that exist in our hearts and minds.

These fellowships have been created to support the growth and empowerment of each participant in a shared and unified conscious evolution. These are private circles with like hearted beings, typically 18 years of age or older. Each circle participates in focused, intentional, self-reflective weekly calls facilitated by beings that have experience in the processes we use. The circles request full presence by each participant as a means to embody and demonstrate personal accountability, community, and integrity.

These fellowship circles have ancient roots. They have appeared in many cultures, through many ages, in many expressions. There are many varieties of circles in existence now with many different formats. We see all of them as valuable and having their place in today’s world. These include gifting circles, wisdom circles, fireside ceremonies, prayer groups, women’s circles, 12 step programs and other therapeutic groups. Circles are a powerful practice that assist in accessing spiritual, emotional and reflective insights in intentionally structured environments and offer the opportunity to engage in and develop personal empowerment while recognizing how our empowerment affects the lives of those around us, and expands out into the world at large, and expressing through our missions.


So, what sets us apart from others? First, our circles are for a specific type of person, with a specific type of calling, who is currently and actively engaging as a conscious change agent or leader, or feels drawn to step into that role in the near future. Additionally, each circle offers a co-ed environment that strives for diversity with an emphasis on inclusivity, inviting people from all over the world to participate. Liberation Circles also require a level of commitment and active participation for its participants in order to foster lifelong connections, mindfulness, intimacy, gratitude, personal accountability, authentic communication, intentional action and dedication to the shared vision we are working toward.

We ask that each member commit to no less than a 6 month engagement, except for unexpected and extreme circumstances or life changes. This commitment means dedicating between 4 and 5 hours of your time per week for all associated activities which include weekly calls, digital participation in groups and/or forums, and your own time doing inner reflection work or assigned exercises associated with the weekly theme. We also require $111.11 a month to ensure the sustainability and evolution of this movement, its associated platforms, as well as honoring the facilitators and co-facilitators. Our facilitators and co-facilitators bring a great deal to their circles, and put in a lot of hours behind the scenes to ensure the best possible experiences and outcomes for everyone, as well as offering supplemental guidance when it’s needed.

*Some qualified participants can receive a discount or scholarship if the fee is beyond their present capabilities. Preference will be given to those who come from historically and/or currently oppressed countries, cultures, and circumstances.*

Our weekly calls are approximately 2 hours long and serve as the primary space in which we gather in fellowship to share our thoughts, wisdom, and revelations that come through the thought experiments and mirror work exercises offered each week. This gives us an opportunity to further learn from each other and consider alternative perspectives as we continue to expand and evolve our individual and collective awareness and consciousness. It creates a way for us to intentionally celebrate successes and breakthroughs, give and receive unconditional love, challenge our unexamined assumptions, biases, prejudices, limited beliefs, and judgments while we support one another and form a bond of solidarity. While the mood and energy of these calls may vary dramatically depending on the facilitators and members, each circle will be focused on the same topics and exercises in a uniformed fashion to amplify the focus and tap into a greater collective consciousness. Each call will also include opening practices that will help us to center ourselves and bring us to presence with each other and a closing practice of expressing gratitude and positive feedback for each other.

All those who participate in these circles have the added option of becoming a facilitator of their own circle(s) and becoming a larger part of the Womb of Liberation network once they demonstrate their commitment and mastery of the processes under the discretion of the creators and other facilitators, after a period of support for calls with other facilitators. This opens up a potential conduit of meaningful service and prosperity of their own. Typically, this is attainable within a few months, but varies on a case by case basis at the unanimous discretion of leadership.


Our most fundamental intention is to activate and liberate the hearts and minds of the New Paradigm leaders living service based missions or preparing themselves for this role. Liberation Circles are dynamic, living, breathing, active, and inspirational spaces intended to invoke greater awareness of self and the world at large. Oftentimes we can unintentionally become habitual and myopic in our ways of thinking and can hold a variety unexamined assumptions, biases, and limiting beliefs. Liberation Circles give us the ability to see deeper into our own individual consciousness and into the collective consciousness, find points of true commonality, learn how to serve a diverse world without unintentionally carrying forward old forms of harm, and increasing our ability to exist as visionaries architecting a future that tends to the greatest good of all through the individual fulfillment of each. These circles and external offerings available through the Womb of Liberation network exist to empower each of us to be true servants that seek to regenerate and revitalize All Life On Earth.

Each circle is a unique sacred space with a culture and eco-system defined by the participants within it where we choose to engage in levels of transformation that allow us to shed the old and reveal the new. We actively engage in removing any perceived barriers and coming together in a healthy interdependence that exponentially increases our ability to accomplish truly great things, individually and collectively, while remaining humble and forever curious in our learning and evolution. We work to break through old programming and patterns of competition and embrace collaboration, to shatter illusions of separateness and experience oneness and unity in a tangible way. And, where each of us is invited to foster our own personal visions through balanced giving and receiving as we accelerate the process of manifesting the shared dream into reality at with acceleration only possible with one another.

Our shared intentions are pivotal in manifesting our individual and collective dreams and goals in fellowship and in life. The format gives us each the opportunity to gain the clarity needed to align our life intentions and our actions with that which is authentic to our hearts and demonstrates true Love and Integrity. We know that those who truly embrace and integrate the intentions and share the collective vision will find themselves quickly transcending into an even higher state of consciousness and conviction that will benefit the whole in greater ways than they might even imagine, revealing new missions and birthing new solutions that the world is hungry for.


When you feel inspired and resonate with all that you’ve read, and you know you are ready to begin, please fill out the form below, which also subscribes you to the Womb of Liberation network newsletter (launching soon!). You will then be taken to a page where you will be asked to review and agree to our guidelines and boundaries, set up your monthly offering of $222.22 (currently $111.11 per month for those joining the first three circles!). If none of the times work for you, and you’re still interested, please fill in this survey so a time can be arranged that meets your needs. If you have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact Nikki Starseed with your questions or concerns.

Once all of this is complete, you will be sent the information on the facilitator(s) you will be joining and other information necessary to begin this exciting new journey!

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