Womb of Liberation

Transcendental Intensives by Nikki Starseed

‘Sacred Divine Feminine’ by Andrew Gonzalez

The Womb of Liberation is an intimate transcendental group intensive facilitated by Nikki Starseed for those who believe their Life has Order, Meaning, and Purpose, have been experiencing Personal Transformation, have met their shadows and are Ready to Integrate with Harmony & Balance, and prepared to Quantum Leap to the next level of their life’s Internal and External Experiences. Each intensive is a fully immersive ten week Accelerated Transcendental Facilitation. This is A Totally Unique Experience, unlike any other!

If you are interested in one on one sessions instead, feel free to reach out and we can discuss that option.

Each session offers exercises and calls designed to facilitate Very Deep Mirror Work which creates Clear Self Reflections that birth Self-Realization, thereby allowing you to integrate your new awareness into breakthroughs of to reveal the path of greatest ease and effortless toward Your Ultimate Life of Thriving Joy and Bliss! The process gives you the ability to find the Singularity Point for yourself … above and below … within and without … in body, mind, and spirit … through your thoughts, words, and deeds … in all aspects of your life.  The group exploration offers you the ability to Seek Within while receiving knowledge, wisdom, and alternative perspectives to consider as outside reflections from those you are on this adventure with.

In other words, through the work that will be done individually, and collectively, you will be able to see more of who you are underneath it all – any imposed or chosen masks, disempowering beliefs, cultural or social programming, deep-seeded limiting beliefs, or negative self-talk. The Divine Design of this Restorative Gift gives you, the individual, the ability to tap into your own Internal Knowing of The Potential Within You that is just waiting to emerge For The Highest Good of All, Through Your Own Individual Fulfillment. You begin to Remember Who You Are with a Greater Understanding and Clarity. This gives you a Strong Foundation of Awareness that allows you to Step Into Your Greatness with Love, Courage, Trust, and Faith and a better understanding of the Nature of Reality, as well as how much Spiritual Power you have in the co-creation of your Earthly Experience.

Disclaimers and Guidelines

Each group will have a secure private space to digitally converse with each other and with Nikki, three-hour group sessions (by voice or video) each week, a total of 30 Hours Per Intensive, and will have exercises required for each session to ensure you are gaining the most out of the experience.

As with anything in life, you Get Out What You Put In during this experience. It is your responsibility to Show Up In All Ways. Showing up prepared on all calls (unless there is an absolute emergency) and being present for those on this journey with you that deserve to be heard. Follow through with assigned exercises. Keep an open mind and be willing to move through your own triggers into greater self-awareness for your own and everyone else’s Empowerment, Learning, and Evolution. It is important to Keep An Open Mind when listening to others’ Perspectives and Beliefs, especially when different from yours, because they may hold clues, codes, and/or hacks for your own Breakthroughs and Realizations.

It is also important for you to understand that while this is designed as a container of safe space for your R-evolutionary Healing and Growth through Transcendental and Psychonautic Methods, this should not be seen as a replacement for any mainstream mental health treatments or modalities you are currently utilizing. It is also important to acknowledge and truly understand that I am facilitating a process that still relies on your willingness and commitment to Self-Love In Action.

Additionally, this work can be deeply triggering for some, and therefore you are asked to be honest with yourself if you have a propensity to run when you experience intense emotions, or if you are truly willing to lean in and work through it with the Love and Support of the group. Triggers are valuable tools that can be utilized to identify the inner sore spots that are asking for love, attention, and restoration. Your facilitator will do all she can to provide a safe container for exploration and resolution of what comes up, and if anything is beyond her area of expertise or comfort zone, she will refer you to an appropriate healer or teacher who is capable and inspired to help you moving forward.

As an Omnifaith Offering, you will experience a diverse range of beliefs, ideas, cultural traditions and backgrounds, religious paths, and life experiences. It is important that you already acknowledge the Oneness of Everything and Everyone so that you can Be a Beneficial Ally for yourself and others within this container that is intended for Authentic and Vulnerable Exploration for all parties involved. Simply put, this is our space to practice World Peace Ambassadorship, remembering that World Peace is achieved when we all Embrace Co-Existence as we Actively Honor, Protect, and Preserve Diversity and the Many Paths to God. Each group is a Benevolent Zone and there will be no ‘recruiting’ or ‘convincing’ allowed by anyone, however, Respect and Acceptance Are Mandatory in this space of Radical Inclusion for Radical Self Expression.

What Now?

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Nikki to decide if this is right for you. Space is limited and therefore she wishes to keep the opportunity for those most aligned. If you feel confident that you are ready to reserve your space in the next intensive, simply send your financial offering of $2,222.22 using the portal at the bottom of the page and be sure to follow up with a message introducing yourself. It is important that you are fully informed and confident before proceeding. Once you have sent your financial offering, there are no refunds, except in rare extenuating circumstances. Should anything change for you prior to your start date, you can request to be scheduled in at a later date, or to take advantage of other spiritual offerings.

*Each session will have one reserved seat for one who is emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready and does not have the financial means. Feel free to contact Nikki Starseed if this describes you to discussing details. In some cases, trades can be considered, however, please know that Nikki does not currently require any spiritual services other than the ones she already receives from trusted providers.*

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of PeaceIf you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
to experience the Divine Gifts she brings into this realm. 

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