Vows Of Service

‘Celestial Shore’ by Adam Scott Miller

The original DNA of these vows still exists within the words themselves. However, these are the most recent vows of service that Nikki Starseed recommitted to in 2019. They shine brighter with more empowered and wise verbiage and directed goals and intentions that continue to guide her each day. 

Every individual that feels resonance with these vows, or feel inspired by them, is encouraged to take their own vow of service using them as a template to create your own. 

Vows of Service and Humility

  • I vow to love and honor my inner divinity and the divinity in everything and everyone on this journey unconditionally, with benevolence in my thoughts, words, and deeds to the best of my ability in any given moment.
  • I vow to be as authentic as possible with myself and others, while continually aspiring to find deeper wisdom and understanding from every person, experience, and all manner of knowledge gained while remembering to remain a curious and humble student.
  • I vow ahimsa (non-violence in thought, word, and deed) to all life on Earth.
  • I vow to protect, preserve, respect, and revere the diversity of all Creation as fractal individuated expressions of nature’s potential.
  • I vow to live in service to others and to good causes as intuition, synchronicity, and inspiration guides me and to take care of myself to the best of my ability in order to provide the best of myself to all those I serve.
  • I vow to be a conduit for the flow of abundance by continually inviting in and openly receiving abundance and prosperity, using only what I need and sharing excess with others.
  • I vow to be humble in my personal effects and lifestyle, to value the utility and usefulness of items in my care while serving my mission, and to place the greater good of all through the individual fulfillment of each ahead of my own unnecessary material desires.
  • I vow to continue to seek the value, meaning, and implementation of Divine Union in all relationships, individually and globally.
  • I vow to continually face my fears directly, healing any false programming or limiting beliefs that still exist within me as I continue to evolve and transform into the actualization of my unlimited potential to serve my divine purpose to the best of my ability in any given moment.
  • I vow to honor the spirituality, beliefs, practices, and truths in all paths and religions. I will continue to seek guidance and teachings from Elders and Wisdom Keepers, always building on my own spiritual practices, integrating and sharing what resonates with me, and is in alignment with my divine connection to Source.
  • I vow to practice what I preach and preach what I practice consciously, and diligently identifying places where I can continue to improve myself. I forgive myself for any perceived moments of failure, weaknesses, or mistakes and to see them as opportunities for more learning and growth.
  • I vow to be, and to encourage others to be, the change we wish to see in the world. 
  • I vow to use my abilities, knowledge, gifts, voice, hands, and all other resources I have to share to empower others to their own greatness and truth.
  • I vow to see all others as equals, deserving of love, forgiveness, guidance, and healing if they request it.
  • I vow to uphold these promises to my last breath in this avatar. 
  • I vow to read my promises here, and to marry myself to my Mission each day, with gratitude and joy in my heart, enriching and adding to my commitments as I learn and grow.
  • These are my marriage vows to myself and All Creation above and below, within and without, in body, mind, and spirit, and in through, word, and deed.

🦋 May you all be blessed and may you be a blessing to all. 🦋

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