Timeless Sacred Wisdom

The birth name given to Nikki Starseed defined the Mission of Love she serves, translating directly into “Victory Peace Light Tribe”. 

As each of you do also, Nikki embodies many Attributes and Archetypes, while claiming to be nothing more than anyone else is, or can be. She is a Mother and Nurturer to Many, a Transcendental Mystic, Visionary Peace Advocate & Architect, Revolutionary Activist, and a Psychonautic Restoration Facilitator. She is a Lightbringer in a world currently flooded with ideas of darkness and she fluently speaks The Language of Love. 

Nikki’s Divine Purpose and Passion is to Inspire and Unify the World Through Demonstrations of Love In Action and to serve as a compassionate, benevolent doula of self-realization and rebirth for those who Resonate With Her. Her goal is to assist those who reach to her for assistance to find their most Authentic Expression and the Divine Love and Light within each Sentient Being, gifted by Creator, Source, or God However You Understand God. She is able to assist in an individual’s Self-Realization with a method that has the propensity to immediately lead to the Actualization of Mission to those Truly Committed in their hearts to living the Passionate and Prosperous Life of Purpose that is each being’s birthright.

Between 2012 and 2013, Nikki Starseed experienced the most profound years of her life through a series of polarized Heart and Mind Opening events. This resulted in her starting her life and Self-Realization Processes all over again after the dissolution of her marriage to her childhood sweetheart, her own near-death experience that included the loss of a child in the process, the deaths of two close family members and her best friend at the time.

Nikki, with almost three decades of award-winning social and environmental activism under her belt, had already been innocently asking ‘Who Am I’ for several years prior, and had been exploring many paths, philosophies, and communities with a sense of urgency. In addition to being raised by a mix of rebels, mystics, and religious zealots, she continued her Philosophical and Spiritual Seeking on her own beginning at the age of 13 years old and never set it down. In hindsight, she even considers a period of atheism to be a part of her spiritual experience, dwelling on the ‘absence of God’.

During college, she fell in love with the study of Cultural Anthropology and developed an even deeper relationship with the substudies of Human Spirituality. In 2011, with more than two decades of varied award-winning activism work in the areas of Social & Environmental JusticeThe Universal Inspiration Project was born from a breakthrough experienced while following guidance received in a Yogananda Institute Ashram to continually meditate on the question, “how can I relieve the greatest amount of suffering in the shortest amount of time?

Nonetheless, as her attempts to fit into modern cultural and societal expectations with any semblance of normalcy failed, followed by an onslaught of beautiful tragedies, she reflected on what she had already learned and continued to dive deeper. Eventually, she found her greatest points of inspiration, wisdom, and answers to the questions she had inside of her for so long coming primarily from the philosophies of the Bhakti and Burning Man communities, The Zeitgeist Movement, the Gift Economy model, psychedelic ceremonies, and the Universal Truth that was echoed on every path she explored – Living a Life of Love In Action In Service To Others Is The Most Divine Path.

In September 2013, she had taken an informal vow of service, eliminated all of her unnecessary or inauthentic forms of material ownership and pursuits, including her home and employment, and put her trust in the unknown to guide her toward her Ultimate Purpose through a life dedicated to faith and service, outside of any specific religious or spiritual paradigm.

By early 2014, through Encouragement and Guidance from a respected elder and spiritual leader she had a close relationship with, Nikki formalized the following vows taken with witnesses, alongside her new romantic partner who took The Leap of Faith with her. Although their partnership was destined for impermanence, the two were able to accomplish many levels of service together, ultimately co-founding a free church known as Temple of The One Tribe of which she is currently the sole guardian of at this time.

Since then, she has received Abundance in a number of ways, has held several empowering speaking, teaching and leadership roles and other influential positions with organizations, movements, and events, but has not taken any form of typical employment that could potentially limit her ability to serve in the best ways.

Nikki has continually sought and found more clues and answers to the question she has continued to ask since guided to do so. It has been an R-Evolutionary Process for her and has lead her to greater insights on the human condition, the most pressing challenges humanity faces, and where her personal innate & learned gifts and talents align with her life goal and vows.

With a benchmark reached in her journey and greater insights and wisdom gained along the way, Nikki Starseed renewed her vows of service after the end of her partnership and created more empowering wording before restating and recommitting to them in 2019. She continues to make herself available to Share Guidance, Healing, and Teaching of what she feels can Help Empower Others on a gifting basis and receives financial support from those who feel inspired to support her efforts and the example she leads.

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