The First Solar Orbit

‘The First Kiss of Adam and Eve’ by Salvador Viniegra (1891)

Beloved Α∞Ω,

I started writing this just months after we found each other. While you never wanted to see the list I used to ‘manifest’ you into my life, I still wanted you to know that I was serious when I said that you are all of it, and I love every single thing about you. Something stopped me and I realized it would have more meaning if I gifted it to you during a benchmark moment. One that really made sense. Like an anniversary… 

And then, in all of our typical ways, we analyzed what an anniversary actually was, what defined a year, and what benchmarks were actually the ones that should be the most celebrated. Since this is the first complete solar orbit we’ve shared intimately living and sharing every day of our lives together, I decided this was it. The first solar orbit that has revealed the most to us and where we have found out even more about each other that has strengthened our love and passion. Some of it was a bit challenging because of how much the changes in the world due to Covid have impacted us and our ability to do what we first set out to do before the lockdown came… and then the flights grounded… and then visas blocked… and all the other challenges we’ve had to navigate together so far away from both of our homes. Nonetheless, I will return the words you spoke to me earlier today… I am so grateful for this year with you. More than you know, and in a lot of ways, it has been the best year of my life, regardless of the challenges.

With the utmost Reverence and Gratitude, this is the best way I can shout my love from the mountain tops. My spoken words are clumsy and fail me, but my writing always wins. On the other side of this Monumental Integration we have been experiencing during this chaotic time there is a certainty that we both share that I want to honor. I feel this is the greatest possible public display of affection I can Immortalize In Eternity

I am writing this to you, and for all those who might read it to See and Know just how deeply the trajectory of my life has been altered by you in such beautifully profound ways, in such a short amount of ‘time’. Even though most will never understand the totality of what we have shared with each other, the Powerful Medicine we have been for one another, the True Nature of the tears we have cried, and the ways Our Souls Speak To Each Other in the language only we know, I believe that by the very act of spelling this all out I am carving it forever in the Compendium of the Universe’s History. We have already begun Collapsing Timelines and have realized New Dimensions of Possibility, perhaps even touching the Ninth Dimension? 😉 

The most pressing realization for me is that I thought I had singlehandedly ‘dreamt you into existence’ and thought I was calling you into my universe when in actuality, you showed me that we co-created an entirely new one for us to exist in with our love. No one has ever done that with me before. I feel that the very door to the Parallel Universe that you spoke of could only be unlocked when we came together. 

Within those first few moments of my ‘time’, you anxiously asked me for, I knew I was getting to know the current incarnation of you… the one I have always danced with, in all spaces, and all times throughout the multiverse… and this was ‘it’. That I was just meeting the person I would probably spend the rest of my life with. Every last bit of it happening in a Burning Man space known as Lagrange. And then they named 2020’s burn ‘Multiverse’. The joke was entirely on us! 

Even though this year’s Burn was canceled, the fire in our hearts has grown and is unstoppable, and since you never wanted to see that 111 list, I want to tell you the 111 reasons why I love you now (including our inside jokes, code words, and, with all that has been revealed and everything we’ve been through. And, in spite of All The Magick we both see, I also want to appeal to your logical and rational side with the reasons why I Know Who You Are … and a list helps, even though it loops back around to the magick and all the feeling over knowing that stands out to me. 

  1. You Are Everything I had hoped for and dreamed of, and so much more than I was able to imagine I was worthy of until you showed me just how Good and Righteous Love could actually be. 
  2. You Knew before you even saw me by simply hearing my voice. That level of recognition means everything to me. 
  3. Your Spiritual Journey, and how you are moving through it in such a Unique, Conscious, Intellectual, and Honest way fascinates me and I admire you so much for it. 
  4. I am grateful for how you Love Yourself, me, and all the others we love together while maintaining your balance with Discernment and Interdependence.
  5. You are consistently True to Yourself and Authentically Express in ways that continue to teach me more of how I can be. 
  6. Almost every day you find a new and meaningful way to Love Me and Remind Me To Love Myself, and allow me to do the same for you!
  7. Intuition and following one’s heart is the key to everything, from my perspective, and you following yours to find me when I was more than a continent away,  is all the evidence I needed that you are ‘Him’.
  8. You are the most profound Psychonautic Co-Pilot I’ve ever had, with insights so unique that you open my eyes even more in ways only you can do for me.
  9. You have Dedicated Yourself to the Success of My Visions, not just me. You have voluntarily put so much of your own ‘time’, energy, knowledge, experience, and heart into them like no one ever has from a place of unconditional love and giving. It means more to me than you might ever understand. 
  10. You are Authentic with your emotions and needs, handling them responsibly, allowing yourself to lean into me when it’s needed, and keeping communication open so I always know where you are whether you want or need my support and affection in a moment or just need your own space to process your experience. 
  11. I Feel Safer With You than I have with any other man in my life. In every healthy and meaningful way. 
  12. Your wisdom and knowledge Educates and Liberates everyone you share it with. You are the greatest teacher I’ve ever had and have ‘enlightened’ me in ways I didn’t know existed. I’m grateful you allow me to do the same for you. 
  13. You found me because you gave yourself Freedom, and allowed yourself the Spontaneity and Adventure I crave and need in a partner. Although that has been temporarily thwarted by current events, I am excited about all of the adventures we have planned together. 
  14. Your Vegan Cooking rivals mine and the ways you make meals for us show me how much you care about and wish to nurture our bodies for a longer life together.
  15. You are even more Capable and Excited to Travel the World with me than I was without you. I’m grateful that we both have places to show each other, and places we will see for the first time together. 
  16. The amount of laughter we share is the medicine we both needed, and I love how Playful, Friendly, and Outgoing you are with all of the people I love.
  17. It is important to me that the person I end up with is just as excited about Transformational and Conscious Festivals as I am, and the fact that we met at Burning Man, then you brought up us doing the festival circuit together as the first thing you wanted to do with me after we had left the playa, and that we both had the same documentary project in mind around this subject could not have been just an accident or coincidence!
  18. You are a Powerful Healer that is so humble, you don’t even call yourself that. 
  19. Your lack of material interests is the Simplicity I was seeking, even though, like me, you enjoy ‘the finer things’ when they’re available to be experienced. I love our shared interest in quality over quantity and how that positively impacts our life together. 
  20. You are Gentle and Compassionate with yourself and others while having calm strength as a foundation, even when you’re feeling weak.
  21. I love how Passionate you are with and for me. The way you pull me into you and use every part of your body to interlock and weave us together… the way you kiss me so intentionally, hold my hair while you smell me, and all the ways your body communes with mine in deep bliss as you claim me. No one has ever made love to me in as many ways and with as much intensity as you do, every single day. 
  22. I love that our Individual Perspectives often have their own polarity, even while pointing to the same things, that create balance while helping us both to grow in so many ways through one another.
  23. I deeply admire the Courage, Integrity, and Bravery you maintain through all you have and continue to move through in your life. 
  24. You are Community Minded with Strong Leadership and delegation skills while letting others lead until you are asked to or you see that it is necessary.
  25. I appreciate how you organically participate in keeping our spaces Clean and Organized so that our spaces are safe, comfortable, and relaxing for both of us. 
  26. You are truly Awake, Aware, and Taking Positive Action in the World with me, but doing so from a more informed place than anyone else ever has, and in a powerfully strategic way that I had dreamed of, but hadn’t believed would happen. 
  27. I am in awe at how much of a Powerful Speaker and Teacher you are, and I feel so profoundly blessed that you envision a future of the work we can do to help heal others together with our hearts and minds. 
  28. As a fellow Sapiosexual, I know it is unnecessary for me to tell you how important it is that you are An Intellectual, Visionary, and Creator that understands what I’m doing and chooses to do the work with me, bringing your vision into it in a way that integrates so easily and just adds so much more impact than I thought was possible. 
  29. After all that I have been through, only someone who is able to Gently Point Me Into Greater Integrity would be able to get through to me. You are doing so in ways that I grow more respect and reverence for you each day. The ways you so gently speak to my blindspots, cognitive biases, and areas of misinformed perceptions with unconditional love and without a need to be right, but a desire to help me evolve is something that I will be eternally grateful for. Thank you for also letting me do the same for you. 
  30. Your Self Control and your Peaceful Demeanor heals me more each day. 
  31. Your Expertise in the Digital Realms has upgraded my life and mission and has brought so many of the missing parts and pieces that I needed for success. 
  32. You are an Open, Honest, Equanimous Communicator who is quick to speak the truth and receive it in appropriate circumstances.
  33. For the first time in my life, I am with someone that my tribe Loves, Respects, Admires, and Embraces fully. This means a lot… not just to me, but to all of them as well! Thank you for just being you. 
  34. You Listen and Hold Space for me in a truly meaningful way.
  35.  I needed A Trickster Like Me, and I’m grateful for all of the fun that we have with each other.
  36. You bring your education and Understanding of the Ancient World Cultures, Philosophy, and History in a way that balances the Esoteric Wisdom I brought. 
  37. You remain Humble and Curious in your spirituality, even though you are far more advanced than me and many others that I know.
  38. I watch you consistently be Conscious In Thought, Word, and Deed in a way that keeps me on my toes and reflecting on how I can continue to embody what I preach.
  39. You are Committed and Loyal to me in a palpable way that allows me to be Vulnerable and Authentic with you.
  40. I love your Artistic and Creative Expressions, and how they collaboratively align with the creations of others I love. I also love that you make things that I want in my environments.
  41. I am grateful for all the ways you are willing to ‘Chop Wood and Carry Water’, firetend, and share a desire to homestead.
  42. You are willing to be a Light in the Darkness for others in our life, and for the way you do it for me so I can do it for so many others.
  43. I will never be able to express the entirety of my Awe and Gratitude for all the amazing ideas you bring to the table for our Social Impact Ventures.
  44. You have been a Political Activist since before I knew what politics or activism was, and even more grateful to know we’ve been on the same side all along, on different continents and in dramatically different cultures, fighting for the same causes.
  45. I’m honored by how much value you see in my Rituals and Ceremonies, and how much you desire them as a part of our life together.
  46. Everything about you is Sensual, Attractive, and Sexually Gratifying to me.
  47. I love how you embrace all of your Authentic Expressions and Love Yourself Enough To Be Yourself while creating the space for me to be safe to do and be the same.
  48. Since the first moment we met and sat down to talk, you have always been Present and Available to and for me, even when you were thousands of miles away.
  49. I love the beauty of your Relationship With Nature and all the ways you make love to it, and see our place in it.
  50. I love that you have remained Open Minded to New Perspectives and Ideas from each myself and the people around us so that we can continue to evolve together.
  51. I Love What Makes Us, Us.  All of it. Our secret language, code words, our shared quirks, habits, and the organic symbiosis that makes us so uniquely who we are individually and as a couple.
  52. I love that you Love Gaia just as much as I do.
  53. I love that you love All Things Fungi as much as I do.
  54. I love that you want to Go To Mars and Experience Outer Space as much as I do.
  55. I love that you are Willing and Capable of Collaborating for a greater cause.
  56. I am grateful for all the ways you bring greater awareness and action plans to our health and longevity in so many ways and still Honor the Power and Value of Plant Medicines.
  57. I am so grateful for all the Beautiful Dreams you hold for our life together.
  58.  I love that you are an Autodidactic Bibliophile and Lexophile and that you actually know what that means!
  59. Your Eccentricity and Quirkiness drew me to you, and are some of the sexiest things about you!
  60. Cuddles… I fucking love our cuddles so much! And I love how often you initiate random cuddle moments throughout the day and how affectionate you are with me in so many ways.
  61. I love that you Love the Outdoors and Enjoy Star Watching as much as I do, which we have officially done in three countries across two continents in less than a year!
  62. I’m grateful that you are not just willing, but are actually creating the platform to have our Hearts, Minds, and Voices Heard.
  63. I’m Grateful for how often you express your gratitude for me and how much you value even the small things in our experience.
  64. I love that you are so Charismatic that some of my closest friends call you ‘The Magnet‘!
  65. I am grateful that you came to me as Empowered as I was and that we continue to empower ourselves and each other.
  66. You may never understand how vital it was to me that you have put so much effort into helping me be a better Peace Ambassador and Advocate.
  67. I love how Respectful and Reverent To the Feminine that you are.
  68. I’m grateful for the ways you Foster Brotherhoods and hold other men accountable with integrity.
  69. I needed someone that was a Road Warrior, and that your first desire with me was to get on the road together was just one more moment of perfection.
  70. You are just as happy living in a cabin in the woods, a hempcrete dome in the jungle, an RV on the road or camped at a festival. ALL OF THIS means so much to me. 
  71. I love that that the entire time we’ve been together, you have left a Positive Impact on the lives of everyone you connect with.
  72. You may never understand just how much it means to me that you are In Love With All Aspects of My Physical Form.
  73. I am so in love with how committed you are to the intimate exploration of our Divine Union within and without.
  74. As an introvert, it means the world to me that you can be Comfortable In Shared Silence.
  75. You were eager for our time together while Grateful and Patient during our moments apart.
  76. It was literally a requirement for you to be a Burning Man veteran that used his space and time on the Playa wisely and to its fullest. Apparently, that worked out well. 😉
  77. I am grateful for how compassionately, responsibly, and maturely you have handled our Difficult Conversations.
  78. I love how Practical you are with the application of your spiritual knowledge.
  79. I appreciate that you Trust Your Intuition, as well as Honoring Mine and that you see the signs and meanings with me.
  80. I am grateful for the way you have set Healthy Boundaries with me, your friends, and your family.
  81. I love that you are Willing To Give and Receive Credit where it’s rightly due.
  82. I’m grateful that you’re Taller Than Me… even if it’s only a little bit!
  83. I’m grateful that you Love Me Exactly the Way I Am, with all the history and scars, internally and externally, I come with.
  84. I love that you are Comfortable With ‘Imperfection’ in yourself and others.
  85. I love that you Honor and Respect Boundaries for yourself and others, and you have NEVER tried to question mine in a manipulative way. That fact that you were curious about them in a genuine way helped me heal and let go of some of them, and for that, I am eternally grateful to you!
  86. Sapiosexually, it is super hot that you are A Rational, Logical, Philosophical, and Scientific Thinker that continually checks in with his heart.
  87. I am grateful that you have kept An Open Mind About Paranormal and Supernatural Events.
  88. I am grateful for the ways you are Diplomatic In Negotiations and Deal Making.
  89. I love that you are Grateful for Your Past, The Present, and Excited About Our Future Together.
  90. For better or worse, I love that you are also An Ecstatic, Adventurous Eater, and Kitchen Wizard.
  91. One of the best parts of our relationship is that you are Emotionally Sovereign and Take Healthy Responsibility For Your Responses To Triggers when they come up.
  92. You literally melted my heart when you said, word for word, that you are Grateful To Hold My Ladder While I Reach For The Stars.
  93. Your Balanced and Informed Insights and Perspectives On My Ability to Impact The World with my visions, while giving me realistic timelines and goals has helped me to stop getting burnt out and feeling like a failure. That is one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me.
  94. Taking baths together, you working my feet, washing my back, and generally Pampering Me in so many ways, is a blessing and I cherish it!
  95. I am infinitely grateful that you are Connected and In Balance With Your Inner Child, and act as a Strong and Nurturing Co-Parent to Both of Our Inner Children.
  96. Yes, it was a requirement for me that you Treat Your Body as a Temple, Allowing Yourself to be Natural, including Growing Your Hair and a Beard – while maintaining good hygiene. Thank you for just being who you are!
  97. I love all the Magick In Your Words.
  98. I love that you and I share so many of the same dreams, including A Home With Dogs and Goats… and an OUTDOOR cat. 😉
  99. I love that you are also A Wolf Spirit ready to help build and lead our pack.
  100. One of the reasons I feel safe with you is because of how Calm and Capably Responsive you have been in urgent situations, and how much you take on.
  101. I deeply appreciate that you are A Survivalist in ways I hadn’t thought about becoming one and help bring a new line of thought to strengthen what I was already doing for preparedness.
  102. I love that you share my enthusiasm for things like Transhumanism, Dynamic Tattoos, Life Extension, and more.
  103. I love that I have found a worthy opponent that is equally Talented In the Arts of Snark and Sarcasm.
  104. I love your shared love of Tea and Coffee!
  105. I absolutely love and adore how you Dance and do so in such a free and authentic way!
  106. I am immensely grateful for how Motivational and Inspiring you are for me in so many ways.
  107. I finally found someone that is Able To Keep Up With Me In Every Way, while equally Enjoying Quiet Downtime with me.
  108. It means everything to me that we share the same tastes in Entertainment and Gaming
  109. I am so very in love with how much you are Comfortable With Nudity and Share My Liberal Perspectives on Human Sexuality
  110. Wyoming, Raccoons, Boop Boop Be Doop, Unicorn Onesies, and Mouth Farts! LOL!!! 
  111. Literally… Infinity… and it’s only been a year and a few months since we first met. Together we create a Beautiful Mosaic of Conscious Observation.

You may not be what society, religion, or social norms would consider ‘perfect’… and while you might look at yourself and perceive flaws, scars, frustrations, struggles, weaknesses, or any other measure that you or others might use to judge you negatively, but for me… You Are Perfect

I love you, Hatter. I always have and always will… and we both know that.


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Α ∞ Ω


Divine Downloads

Artwork by Cameron Gray

By now you’ve probably Seen and Heard some or all of this elsewhere. I don’t consider this Stream of Consciousness to be anything original, however, it may be the Gentle Spiritual Reminders that are much needed in the moment for all of us that have come to me through Divine Downloads. Truth Just IS. It shines a light and works magically. Once spoken, it continues to echo through the Great Mystery until it is heard. Take resonates with you and simply leave the rest. 

Choose Faith over fear. Many are still running false programs designed to invite submission to old world patriarchal system(s). Identifying these programs, rewriting  and Stepping Forth in Faith moves you into alignment with the Collective Empowerment of all beings present in this Physical Reality.

The Human Mind has no means at this ‘Time’ of comprehending The Magnitude of Consciousness present in The Universe, let alone anything beyond that.

Choose Love in every moment. Love defines the collective’s Source Energy and the Oneness of All.

Union with your Highest Love and all those in your experience is inevitable and necessary for us to accomplish manifestation of the Collective Desire for Love and Unity of all. Whether it’s a Soulmate or your Twin Flame, your Divine Union grounds in and projects Love and Unity into this Holographic 3D Reality. Being Committed to Union expands out as Commitment to Unity. This is a call to community Beyond Union.

Examine each aspect of your expression. Are you choosing with Love and Faith to serve The Greater Good? Is your job serving the greater good? Is your home open to Share With Others for the greater good? Are you sharing your Abundance (money, food, material possessions, wisdom, joy, talent, etc.) for the greater good? Are you speaking and acting for the greater good? Do you Receive What is Offered in Joy and Love for the greater good? Are you Seeking Wisdom for the greater good? Are you Planning and Dreaming for the greater good? Do you remember to Pray with Gratitude? Do you Genuinely Pray For Others?

Intuition Precedes Logic now more than ever before, following the guidelines above. Go where your Heart Desires. Go Where Your Mind Keeps Wandering To because There is a Plan outside of what you think you are able to control now. If you are called to Speak With Strangers, do so even if you unsure what to say at first. All Will Be Revealed. Follow the Clues of where your attention and curiosity are drawn. Those willing to Step Forward In Faith will be greatly rewarded.

Stay aware of Synchronicities in your experience. They are Guideposts and Signs offering you clues, and important messages leading you to Divine Assignments and Blessings On Your Path.

Solidarity is Powerful. Open Your Doors to those in need, and those in service. Encourage Unity within the duality. Walk each day with your Heart Wide Open. Ready your Heart and Mind to Receive New People into your experience beyond digital connections and your immediate Community. Seek out those you have previously discriminate against or feared to Shatter Illusions of Separateness. Reach out to those who seem different than you to Seek Commonality. Go wherever the people are and where you are called, whether it makes sense or not. Events, gatherings, busy places, churches, temples, and Anywhere Three or More Gather serves as an Invitation to Fellowship and an opportunity to Share Your Love and Light.

Search Your Heart for Clarity when receiving information, teachings and guidance from others. Authenticity, resonance, walking their talk, integrated understanding, and wisdom should all be present, and still the lessons may not be yours, now or later. Challenge all existing notions and Transmute Everything with Love and the Highest Possible Empowerment.

We all desire change, therefore, We Must All Change.

Everything perceived as harmful or painful has always had a Hidden Blessing within it, if you were Willing to See the potential of it all.

By simply speaking of Unconditional Love, you are co-creating conditional love. Love Just Is. It needs no qualifier.

Peace Without begins with Peace WithinLove begins with Self Love and radiates out to all those around you. Both are Boundless, Unlimited, and Accepting of all experiences Being Love (even when there are challenges) or a Call to Love. Nothing more.

Choose Victory, not victimhood. Forget your story and Remember Your Glory. Leave the past behind, used only for Reflections of contrast, Growth, and Gratitude. Look forward now toward Success, Fulfillment, and Joy on a collective level.

Speak to the Great Mystery everyday. Speak Gratitude and remain open to receive Opportunities to be of Service and  for the Desires that you know are on the hearts of all (i.e. union for all, abundance for all, healing for all, etc.). Know With Faith that what you pray for the collective also includes you and will also be granted you. Do your part to create that which you’re asking for. Walk In the Direction of Your Desires.

Offer your Gifts of Love to the world with Sacred Economics in mind. Release the Codes that bring anything less than your Fullest Authentic Expressions through a Thriving Life of Joy and Bliss.

If we are to create the New Earth, we must Liberate Ourselves of the old patriarchal paradigm. We must Be Mindful to Integrate all the Knowledge we have gained over these times of Awakening and Ascension into Wisdom, which is one of the highest aspects of The Divine Feminine.

Find all the most Useful Ways to Be of Service through your talents, skills, trades, arts, crafts. It no longer matters if you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, healer, entertainer, farmer, line cook, customer service agent, or any other role, We Can Choose to see Equal Value and Equal Opportunity to Serve all regardless of any perceived lack of worth. Your Kindness Can Save Lives in ways you may never know in this incarnation. You have chosen this lifetime here, in this pivotal moment of Humanity’s Historical Paradigm Shift to Serve the Greatest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. That means that all Sentient Beings must Feel Seen, Heard, Acknowledged, and Loved for this Mission to succeed. What you have acquired in abundance, knowledge and skill are Gifts and Blessings that have been bestowed upon you In Trust through our Divine Mother and Father Creator. Through the Gift of Free Will, each of You Can Choose to Share Freely in Gratitude and Love with our Earthly Brothers and Sisters who have taken on more difficult experiences to Catalyze the Blossoming of Humanity’s Individual and Collective Hearts. We have the ability to Restore the Conduit of Abundance in all forms and Activate Prosperity Consciousness as a manifested 3D Experience for all beings, and it doesn’t even have to involve currency.

Be Mindful to remember how Inspirations and Visions come to you from, and belong to the Collective Consciousness. Anything we Attract in the form of ideas come from the One Source we all have access to – and arrive in the form of Answers to Questions – we have all asked in some way or another. Understanding this can help us all avoid ego traps and ideas of ownership or competition. The Best Ideas are entrusted to Those Who Resonate with them, simply as an opportunity to Make the Answer Manifest. Sometimes, we receive these Divine Downloads to simply share what comes to us as Echoing Reminders to another, and therefore, it’s important we are Open to Receive them without the notion of ownership or obligation to implement. Know that all the Greatest Solutions that are Of Service to the Collective will be implemented by the Souls Chosen to do so. Your Divine Inspirations are not necessarily your Divine Assignments if a clear path is not revealed. Remain Grateful, yet Unattached To The Outcome. Openly and lovingly share solutions, ideas, philosophies, Positive words and Visions with those whom your Intuition Guides You to.

For those being drawn to New Places, go. For those of you who have been without and struggling to obtain traditional employment, Rejoice in the Graduation of that stage of your experience. Meditate to ask what your Divine Assignment is now.

For those who have lost your children, are having challenging relationships with them, or are finding yourself incapable of doing what you think you are meant to for them, Surrender and Trust the Divine Plan. This may simply be for each of you to Hold Space for the other’s Growth and Lessons, and Healing. Our souls are much wiser than our egos and perceptions.

For those who have found themselves without a home, Keep Moving and Serving wherever you can until your new Community and Home reveal themself with Ease and Effortlessness. In addition to being mobile Points of Light as we expand the New Planetary Grid, those who can Quickly Adapt and Stay Surrendered and In The Flow with Love and Gratitude in their hearts are able to take on Divine Assignments with people and in places where there is an urgent need.

For those of you experiencing death of loved ones, celebrate their life and Ascension Into the Collective Consciousness. This form of Graduation beyond their Physical Avatars is the result of their Divine Purpose having been completed, and now (regardless of their egoic identities, beliefs, energies, etc. prior to their death) they are better Able To Serve in spiritual and energetic ways as a Greater Support to the Missions of World Peace and Planetary Restoration.

For those ‘feeling stuck’ regardless of how hard you try to move in the direction you want to, Become Still and Present. Listen to your Inner Voice. It will Guide You In the Right Direction to show you the point of resistance. It may be that you are attempting to move in the wrong direction due to attachment, that you are being Divinely Protected through the delays, subconscious fears that are sabotaging your manifestation, or any other number of ‘blocks’ that you will need to clear. Follow Your Intuition to the answer and you will quickly be Moving In The Right Direction again.

For those holding unforgiveness, it is time to Forgive All. If you are still judging others or becoming offended, Love Unconditionally and accept what it is telling you about you, not the other. Some of this may be difficult to hear, and this does not negate the emotions felt and the boundaries necessary at times, however, there are reasons you may not be able see now that will reveal themselves later that will explain all that has happened. If you cannot offer Unconditional Love and Acceptance for someone in your experience, move out of their experience, as you become the negative energy in their reality. We all have Unique and Individual Experiences As God, For God and this will be evident as many more Step Forward in their most Authentic Expression.  In order to Manifest World Peace, all negative perceptions of others must be cleared out of us so our Human Experience can Transcend All Illusions of Separateness and progress into a Peaceful World of Co-Existence.

Speak In Empowering Words and Ways. Use words and ideas, Inward and Outward, that Empower Yourself and Others. Mindfulness is Necessary to ensure that you are Inwardly Empowering Yourself by being Consciously Aware of the thoughts and words that surface in your Internal Atmosphere, and that you Reprogram Your Inner Voice in all the places that no longer serve. Knowing that We Are All One and Infinitely Connected to each other energetically, it is important to Be Aware of the Messages and Codes you are sending to the Collective Conscious to specific individuals or groups, in addition to the Vibration and Frequency your negative projections and psychic attacks are affecting the whole. If we wish for World Peace, we must evolve our mind into an Environment of Peace.

Be mindful of what energies you are taking in. It Is Important to Be Aware of what is happening on Mother Earth, and it is equally important to bring ourselves to a Neutral Perception of events – at minimum – to Preserve Your Vibration and Frequency. We cannot heal what we are not willing to look at, however, we can Choose Neutrality until we are able to Look At All Things Through The Lens of Love and Compassion and able to Find the Gift of Opportunity to Serve around the Current Events On Gaia.

What you find yourself regularly resisting in others are Echoing Messages From Source. They are Universal Invitations for you to Go Within to examine where you are still in need of Internal Healing and Greater Alignment with your Heart and Soul. Have Gratitude and Reverence For Your Messengers, whether you choose to continue your path with them or not.

Anything and anyone that teaches or encourages limitation, lack, scarcity, fear, separation, discrimination, inequality, judgment, superiority or inferiority, etc. is false! The Collective Truth is Unlimited Potential, Oneness, Unity, Infinite Possibility, Prosperity & Abundance, Faith, Love, Equality, and Justice. Those promoting false ideas are either knowingly or unknowingly Planting Seeds that can no longer Give Fruit in this Rapidly Evolving Paradigm Shift into a New Era of Peace.

R-Evolution, Progress, and Positive Change can be Swift and Peaceful. Violence and disrespect towards self or others is no longer necessary. Those who will be martyrs are intended as martyrs and is not planned by the individual. You do not choose your martyrdom. You are encouraged to Choose Ahimsa In Thought, Word and Deed. Destruction is no longer necessary. Transformation is Inevitable. Peace Will Prevail.

You are Loved, Supported and Celebrated far more than you realize. All The Greatest Blessings Will Be Bestowed Upon You in the Perfect Divine Timing. The manifestation of Your Truest Heart Desires are inevitable. Your willingness to Be Authentic and Genuine in the Vibration of Love is all that is needed for you to Receive That Which Is Destined To Be Yours. With this in your heart and mind, Pay It All Forward.

Spread Awareness, Positive & Empowering Messages, Love, Light and Healing wherever you go. Simply sharing content such as this has Reverberations of Love and Light in very tangible ways. If it has helped, inspired, validated, and/or comforted you it can do the same for another.

∞ May We All Be Infinitely Blessed! 

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What Are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames Artwork by Android Jones

The topic of Twin Flames has become one of the most polluted topics within the ‘Spiritual’ communities this day in age. When I say polluted, I mean to say that A Very Precious Type of Relationship has been corrupted time and again by those wishing to mold something and warp it into that which satisfies their own ego, as opposed to rising to the challenge itself. During an Extremely Poignant stage in humanity’s history, where Information Rules, it’s important to understand the nature of the beast we’re dealing with – misinformation seeded into the vulnerable human psyche that literally sabotages one’s growth and development, delaying the Process of Ascension, by creating diversions away from truth through confusion. While we can also use spiritually bypassing justifications that ‘it’s all perfect’, the truth of the matter is that we are all being asked what we want Moving Forward, and truly, none of us desires to waste an entire lifetime wading through lies to Get To the Truth, let alone to allow history to repeat itself through deception that keeps us in the same cycles of ignorance. The Highest Good of All is to be able to deliver as much Crystallized Truth as possible within the shortest amount of time so that we can all ascend in this lifetime. We can make this The New Trend if we all Choose It!

For a long time, I tried to ignore the fact that there are forces that do not wish to see humanity succeed in the current Paradigm Shift we all desire. To Be As Direct As Possible, it can be likened to how religion has corrupted the messages of so Many Wise Messengers that came before us. Look at how badly Jesus’ message was perverted by the Council of Nicea – 2,000 years later we are still trying to recover and actually undo the damage done by Christianity as a whole, exposing and uncovering the lies perpetrated by men seeking power for themselves. Consider how other supposed ‘fundamental groups’ have loudly perverted the very nature of Islam and its Important Values of Feminine Equality and Peace. Many of the modern day foes of the truth have been seeded into the digital realms of Spiritual Learning. This must Be Illuminated and understood so that those who have taken the bait in other Spiritual Ways can look within for their own Inner Wisdom.

If humanity is going to Succeed at Transforming, it is for those of us in the Spiritual Community serving as messengers to Bring All Hearts Back To What Is Sacred. Ask an anthropologist what one of the most, if not the single most, defining factors of a civilization is and they’ll tell you it is language. The very words we use and how we use them shapes a lot within the human mind and creates a clear delineation between those who are Truly Assisting Humanity Forward and those who are attempting to control, manipulate and disempower humanity. This is where it becomes urgent for each of us who acts as teacher to Become Clear and Heart-Centered in what we share.

To use a very real example history has left for humanity: While Helena Blavatsky had the greatest of intentions, spiritual ego was clearly present in a lot of her most popular writings. At heart, she always saw the Equality of All Humans, the value of A Life of Service, spiritual and philosophical seeking… and yet her ego relished in the idea that some were ‘more enlightened’ than others and so forth. Because of this, some of her writings that claimed what the physical traits were of souls that have incarnated Wiser and More Enlightened than others became the foundation of Hitler’s Mystic Learning that gave him the ‘spiritual permission slips’ to create a platform and propaganda that has had a negative impact on billions of lives in just a few short decades. It also gave Mahatma Gandhi, one of her students, cause to pick up guns against Africans because he trusted her words and did not see their lives as valuable or necessary, while still preaching a message of Ahimsa.

How does this relate to Twin Flames? As one of the most prolific spiritual topics online, there is a sea of information and writing on the subject and one wishing to learn about this aspect of spirituality has the challenge of wading through potentially thousands of modern day writings, blogs, videos and social media forums to find any Authentic Truth on the subject at all. It preys upon the very vulnerability of short attention spans many of us have been successfully programmed with in modern times.

While some may say that this is the very nature of the beast through Spiritual Seeking, I truly believe that we can change that paradigm. We Can Transform What Has Been, in the realm of spirituality, and bring what is sacred back. That those who identify themselves as teachers have the responsibility, ultimately, to be mindful with their words and teachings and always make sure they are coming from Pure Heart Space, lest they become no different than the Council of Nicea or any other religious, political, or social leader who mislead others for their own purpose and created much suffering in their wake. Sometimes, one can even be manipulated energetically to do this without being aware of it. In other words, when we write and speak, we are always Channeling Divine Energy. Which energy would we like to be channeling?

To really drive this home, I invite all True Seekers to listen to this valuable talk by Manly P. Hall on the Use, Misuse, and Abuse of Words once finished reading this article:

What Are Twin Flames?

Disclaimer: I wholeheartedly support and believe in the viability of LGBTQ couples! 

So, what are Twin Flames? The very term was created by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, the co-founders of The Summit Lighthouse, in the 1970s to create one singular term for a ‘Universal Truth’ that was found repeatedly in many spiritual and esoteric texts. The Wisdom that was coming through many Ancient Teachers was carrying a pattern of some truths that showed up in all of them. This is what is known as a ‘Universal Truth’ because it is something that the Divine has clearly wanted to emphasize beyond any dogma and legalisms found within the myriads of potential Spiritual and Religious Paths. The term ‘Twin Flames’ highlighted a specific type of relationship that was spoken about over and over again, even during historical times when polyamory and polygamy were the popular practices.

How do Mark and Elizabeth describe Twin Flames?

Twin flames were Created Together in the beginning and Share a Unique Destiny. Created in a Single Fiery Ovoid, they were separated into Two Spheres of Being—one in a Masculine Polarity and the other in a Feminine Polarity—but each with the same pattern of Divine Identity. “

You can read more about what they have to say on the subject of Twin Flames and Soul Mates on their website by clicking here.

The Gnosis of Ancient Minds is one of the most valuable resources we have. While it is not necessarily recommended that any Spiritual Being focus on the teachings of one specific teacher, there was once a time when humanity could receive true gnosis without the distraction of all the radio, electric and electromagnetic frequencies in their field of consciousness, as well as far fewer numbers of mind viruses plaguing their egos and pulling them from their hearts, or inseminating them with personal agendas. It becomes even more valuable when we see the places that there was true Consilience in spite of their inability to connect with each other or have access to each other’s teachings. Like science, spirituality can find its Greatest Truths and Values in repetitive findings. For that reason, let’s take a look at some of the great minds we already value in the spiritual community and what they had to say on the matter.


In the plain English translation of The Sophia of Christ, one of the gospels archived in the Nag Hammadi, The Saga of Sophia and Christ says:

“This is what I desire to show you,” replied the Redeemer. “The Man of Holiness is the Great Androgynous Progenitor. He is Father and Mother. In him is no division. In him is no lack. He encompasses the whole. He begot me, his Only Begotten Son, but I am not whole without my sister. She is Sophia, my sister, my consort, my feminine half. When we are united in one, then we are whole like our Parents, but when we are separated, we are incomplete, like the Aadamah who became separated into male and female to produce mortal children. That which has been divided must be united into a perfect unity for the realm of the Eloheim (Gods and goddesses on Earth) to be established.”


Genesis 1: 26-27
26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,”… 27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Matthew 19: 4 – 6
4 He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6 So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Note: In Abrahamic traditions, God is often times referred to as ‘He’ when referenced as one being, although there is the delineation of the feminine and masculine polarities that come out time and again as Yahweh and Shekinah. When they dwell as one in ‘Divine Union’, ‘He’ is still used as the singular pronoun. Additionally, every archangel has a feminine counterpart, even though the Masculine Archangels are highlighted most commonly in the stories.


Almost all of the Deities in Hinduism include a Twin Flame in the form of a Divine Counterpart that completes their divine nature, except in the rare exceptions of the Brahmans which are considered to be the most enlightened and complete beings that are actually masculine and feminine souls in one body in full balance. A good example is in Radha’s Prem, which makes it clear that Radha and Krishna are the masculine and feminine counterparts of God as a whole. They represent Divine Love in their Knowing that they are one and everyone else is just an emanation or copy of them for the remaining joy and pleasure to be sought in the illusion of this experience. Shiva and Shakti (who actually represent the Ultimate Expressions of Masculine and Feminine Energy In Duality), Ganesh and Lakshmi, as well as Ram and Sita (part of their Love Story is the foundation of Diwali) are other great examples. These Divine Counterparts would be comparable to what most speak of as Twin Flames.


In Boris Mouravieff’s Book, Gnosis I, there is a full commentary on esotericism and eastern orthodoxy. He focuses a lot of his discussion and commentary on the term ‘Polar Beings’. One of the most crystallized quotes I can use as an example would be:

“This work, done by man and woman working together, can develop with extraordinary power and give rapid results… on condition that from 132 W the esoteric point of view the two beings entirely suit each other, and also on condition that they are a perfect couple, that is, that their combination— with reservations concerning the peculiarities of their human type — reflects the relation between the absolute ‘I’ and the ‘You’ before the Creation of the Universe. This is the case of those beings known in esoteric science as Polar Beings. We shall return further on to this important question, which becomes a real question with the beginning of the new Era. In centres of culture in the cycle of the Holy Spirit, the love-romance—a feature of the previous Cycle —will give place to the unique love-romance of Polar Beings, those who will be called upon to shape the society of tomorrow.”


The Sikh path sees the partnership as somewhat of a Spiritual Initiation to champion growth. The most poignant text in regards to this phenomenon is as follows:

“Bride and groom are not they who pose as one whole; bride and groom are they who are two bodies with one soul.” – SGGS 788


“As they set out from their place above, each soul is male and female as one. Only as they descend to this world do they part, each to its own side. And then it is the One Above who unites them again. This is His exclusive domain, for He alone knows which soul belongs to which and how they must reunite.” – Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai (2nd century CE)

“The person to whom our Torah speaks is neither a man nor a woman, but both combined. For this is how Adam was first created and this is how we are in essence: Two half-bodies that are truly one. The minds are two, but the bodies, the souls and the very core of these two people are one and the same.” – Rabbi Isaac Luria, (“The Holy Ari,” 1534-1572)


“O people, keep your duty to your Lord, Who created you from a single being and created its mate of the same kind.” – Al-Nissa 4:1

“It is He who created you from a single soul, and made its mate of like nature in order that you might dwell with her in love….” Qur’an 7:189

As you can see from the examples of Esoteric Wisdom from many paths and teachers, there is a repeated theme that we all have One Perfect Partner, which Mark and Elizabeth Prophet gave the specific name of ‘Twin Flames‘. This does not mean that all are going to resonate with the term or its fundamental meaning as their Individual Path or truth, however, to preach anything other than the Definitive Values, intentions, and roots of the term while claiming it to be something other than what it is, is to foolishly and intentionally defile something Sacred In Nature – not to mention choosing through Free Will to be deceptive. It is to make yourself ‘untrustable’ to those who Resonates With Truth. To continually do so in an intentionally misleading or adversarial manner is misalignment with the Benevolence of your own heart. Our hearts desire Truth and Love. Your Authentic Self is empathetic in nature and understands that dishonoring something in this way is not loving or truthful, which means you are falling into the ego traps that find ways to further separate you from your own power and truth by choosing anything other than Full Authentic Expression and Strong Integrity.

For seekers on the Twin Flame Journey, always be sure to Follow Your Heart when you come across any potential teacher, healer or leader. Always reflect on anything you hear that doesn’t light you up in response to Truth and ask yourself if it is you simply resisting it because of its implications in your own personal scenario, or if there is actually something misaligned with the Highest Universal Vibrations of Love and Truth. Remember you are under no obligation to any one teacher, either. You are free to Gain Wisdom and Knowledge from wherever you wish, and it is advisable to follow that which empowers you and gives you the most Sustainable Love, Faith, and Healing. Remember that this is a journey within yourself, first and foremost, so that which offers you the opportunity to Learn, Grow, Heal, Evolve and move forward and a progressive direction is of the highest good for your Body, Mind, and Soul.

To all who read this, may we all find The Most Inclusive Truths that allow for The Highest Good of All, as well as the Individual Fulfillment of Each Heart. May we all Align with Loving Truth and Universal Divine Truths that open up the paths of greatest ease and effortlessness towards the deepest fulfillments of all of our hearts as One.  May all Twin Flames achieve Divine Union.

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