Healing Racism In Spirituality to Create True Unity

To all my brothers and sisters of faith, morals, or ethics of any kind… those who believe in the vision of Unity Consciousness. Whether you consider yourself religious, spiritual, or simply a moralistic atheist… we need to have a talk. Especially those of us who are spiritual – specifically the leaders, coaches, and teachers – who believe they are here to assist during this time to Bring This World to the Glory of its Fullest Potential. Even more so, those who are white. 

A lot is happening right now. A lot. It can be overwhelming and to say that 2020 is an extremely emotionally charged year is the understatement of all understatements. We are all tired… exhausted, really. We are being asked to look at and see so many things at once, and to dig deep in dark and dirty places that are hard for the Empathic Heart to go to.

I do not believe it is a coincidence that we have incarnated at this exact time. We have already remembered what we are here to do and we know that Love Is The Answer that will ultimately lead us all into the state of Unity Consciousness. We have been training for this and we have many looking up to us for the examples and light they are seeking. We have people learning from us, living vicariously through us, and Receiving Healing just through our presence.

And, we each need to acknowledge that we are fallible beings. We need to acknowledge, as we have already, that as long as We Are Breathing, we are learning. So long as we are in this avatar, We Are Awakening. So long as we are progressing, We Are Evolving. We are perfectly imperfect, and that’s ok. 

We also need to admit when we have weaknesses… as individuals and sometimes as a Community. The Truth is, for all the Enlightenment we wish to believe we hold we still don’t know everything, and we have limited bandwidth for how much we can absorb at any moment in time. Sometimes, there is also resistance to addressing painful truths. This often results in bypassing reality and putting on lenses of denial that allow sources of harm to continue and sabotage the entirety of Our Mission Here.

We came here to address the very real wounding that is the source of the suffering we want to heal. In Unity, when one of us hurts, suffers, or experiences any manner of injustice, it wounds all of us and there is no way out of that Butterfly Effect. And the longer we resist the Compassionate Presence of heart and mind to look at what’s happening now and act as healers by going back to the source of the wound in order to understand the extent of the healing needed to be holistic, the longer we resist being the greatest possible amount of healing available. For all of us. The longer we resist, the longer it will take to get us into the collective state of True Unity Consciousness.

We have deeply empathic hearts that have the Fullest Desire To Love and heal ourselves and others. We have the desire to right what feels wrong, find the balance where imbalance exists, to Find the Most Regenerative Solutions Available to every problem, Create Justice where injustice has lived, and to ensure that the needs of all people are met. And we do this so that our consciousness can explode into its fullest potential. That all of humanity can access the highest states of heart and mind, fully realizing itself and actualizing its Co-creative Superpowers. Sending cosmic waves of paradise across the entire planet. So that we can witness the true nature of Creation’s Fractal Diversity in everything and everyone. To achieve planetary wide Authenticity where all of nature thrives in divinity that awes us to the extent of seeing ‘The Face of ‘God‘. 

Now, I am going to ask you to take a moment away from this post to sit with your hand on your heart, your mind and body relaxed, and Just Breathe in the love of your ancestors and exhale gratitude for the intensity of their experiences over Thousands of Years and Hundreds of Generations. Think of all the hard work, intelligence, blood, sweat, and tears it has taken from those behind us that had to survive famines, natural disasters, plagues, wars, freezing winters, scorching summers, genocides, and all manner of pain, struggle, and Determination it has taken to get us to this moment in time.

I’ll Wait.

Now that you’re back and you can feel that… I want to remind you that not all of us have had it as hard as others to get here. In fact, it is likely that those who will organically see this through knowing me and being connected via social media are more likely to be white because you come from the spheres of privilege I have walked through in my life. Let that sink in and think about the sphere you’ve been in with me and think back to the disproportionate lack of diversity that was present with or without noticing it at the time. We were programmed not to notice. Think of how many of those events, productions, meetings, gatherings, heart storming calls, and strategy sessions were disproportionately white and the nature of our ability to Gather Together for Fellowship and Creative Efforts was mostly based on privileges that others don’t have.

To go down a quick rabbit hole with you, keep in mind that for those of us in the so-called ‘spiritual community’ that come from European roots (specifically white people) and that our Sacred Lineages and Practices were destroyed by our own through religious wars and inquisitions. We lost the connection to our own history and experienced our own cultural destruction. But, by the time colonization and imperialism were pillaging and violently ravaging and destroying populations and cultures all over the planet, many of our ancestors were comfortable in Europe diving into the Age of Enlightenment and dwelling on Transcendentalism

The grandmothers of the New Age Movement were the daughters and wives of aristocratic men. While they were fighting the patriarchal aristocracy in their own ways, they also had great privilege and resources in order to do so. It is with this privilege that they had the ability to be able to Learn and Practice Freely, as well as sharing their wisdom with others without needing to monetize the Spiritual Philosophies they were sharing. It kept it Pure in an Idyllic and Sacred Way

And yet, the last 15 years of a primarily white community has been systematically destroying what is sacred to the teachings of the new age ideologies as well culturally appropriating from other spiritual cultures as part of an insidious ancestral pattern. We have capitalized Sacred Ceremonies and Traditions that belonged to our ancestors and others as a birthright. By no means am I saying that we should take a vow of poverty to combat this, but I will sternly say that we are doing it wrong on all accounts. While it is understandable that we all require some element of financial resources, we have to really take a microscopic look at what type of energy we are carrying into our intentions when we monetize Sacred Practices, whether they ‘belong’ to us or not. All we are currently doing is reflecting the broken systems we wish to defeat by replicating their detritus structures of oppression. 

We have to talk about this and acknowledge it. We don’t need to feel guilty about that if we are willing to change it, but we absolutely must start making changes immediately. I don’t mean that by suggesting we start inviting that one black or brown person to show up and get involved, thereby resulting in even more insult added to the injury through tokenism. I mean to say that we must Start Taking the Necessary Actions to root out all racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, and general discrimination or prejudice and adjust our models to reflect greater ease of access and safety in our spaces to Actualize True Inclusivity. We have to break our patterns of elitist and classist exclusivity in our offerings, events, teachings, and practices. Full stop. 

While there are many reasons people of color may not be interested in what we have to offer like any other demographic, in regards to those who do I have personally seen and heard more times than I can count that our spaces are not safe for them, are not easily accessible, do not attempt to include them, and often incorporate patronizing displays of cultural appropriation that evokes a perception of mockery and a sense of disrespect from us. We can do better, but, We have to Do Our Due Diligence and avoid the continual perpetuation of another subculture that disenfranchises those who our entire movement was meant to bring unity with!

We have to make sure that we are in Integrity in all of our thoughts, words, and deeds. That they align with the role we have taken on. That we truly Create Sacred Spaces of Opportunity for everyone involved. To Do This With Full Integrity means that we have to be willing to acknowledge and understand what has been happening up until now. It means to understand it fully in a way that actually empowers us with greater knowledge that we can use to cut all the cords of oppression and suffering that exist. That is the only way we will ever be able to truly Empower Others into their Individual and Collective Liberation. Once we can do that for our human family, then perhaps we’ll have an actual fighting chance to do it for the rest of Life on Earth as we evolve into the understanding that All Life Is Sacred.

I innerstand the desire to resist. The impulse to avoid those places that could potentially hurt to see or admit inside of us and in the ways that we’ve been. Yet, if we have been truly Walking The Path, then we have been prepared for this all along. We know how to address Deeper Levels of Healing. Right now, millions of people on the planet are screaming for us to hear them and acknowledge their pain and suffering so it can be healed in every corner of society. It needs to be addressed within the individual and beyond. We are being given an opportunity to go deeper into our own psyche to examine biases we may have been holding onto unconsciously and examine the ways we have each been holding up the system that is oppressing so many in a multitude of ways. 

There is no conspiracy or bad guy manipulating things to blame right now. This is an internal and systemic issue in our community and the world at large, which means that it’s running through each of us in some way. It’s an issue that has been begging to be addressed for hundreds of years and now getting the consideration it has been asking for.

The best news is that no matter what it is you specialize in, focus on, or what modality you use in your practices, you would only be enriched and better able to serve in your best capacity by hearing the voices. Acknowledging them. Taking the steps to put an end to ways we have been harming them, whether we did so unknowingly or not. Transcending into your next level of awareness and consciousness. Taking a time out and a step back to examine the truth of our own Ancestral Roots and finding a compromise that works for everyone. A Collective Agreement on the rules of engagement and which boundaries are too sacred to be crossed. And then, we must honor them if we are ever going to truly reach the point of respecting and revering the Diversity of Creation

No ‘what abouts’ or ‘what ifs’, or excuses. No bypass. No willful ignorance. No dismissal. No denial. No attempts to justify. No more time ignoring and denying the Millions of Voices of Color pleading with us. No ‘colorblindness’ that fails to acknowledge the diversity in another, as well as the challenges they experience in their lives due to the evils in this world. None of the ‘we are all one’ rhetoric when you have not acknowledged a part of your suffering within and without so that It Can Be Healed. And while we’re at it, let’s be honest about the whitewashed religious programming that has also seeped into our beliefs, our tools, our marketing, our art, memes, and our practices that we have co-opted from others. If we are going to blend Christianity with Transcendental Forms of Spirituality, let’s end the charade of Jesus and all angels being white men, often with blond hair and blue eyes. 

We need the fullest presence possible to face the current moment and what it is loudly begging for our attention… not as a matter of manipulation, but a matter of crisis. A crisis rooted in a form of darkness that is also crying out for our Truest Expressions of Love and Light. A crisis that we can resolve. Full Regeneration of Your Internal System so that you can embody an entirely new and cleaner frequency and allow that to expand out as the actualization of full regeneration of the systems that impact our global family. This is about the Ancestral Lineage Healing we have been speaking of for years. 

I also want to point out that right now there are many grasping onto baseless claims, narratives, and blame on others for the current events. It’s this billionaire’s fault for this, or that evil entity for that, and a multitude of conspiracies bypassing the messages of the Collective Apotheosis that is waiting for us on the other side. We asked for this, and now we’re running from it. Ultimately, you can blame all you want, but if you’re not looking at the places you personally have to, and can, change the dynamics, whether or not there is an external villain that could be blamed, you are simply wasting your time victimizing and disempowering yourself and others. It is a particularly troublesome and willful blindspot during a moment when the elephant in the room is so big right now. 

My personal perspective on this phenomenon is that we are witnessing a mass hijacking of consciousness. A spiritual warfare (as I recently discussed) that leverages psyop tactics to create a false Sense of Unity for those willing to invest themselves into the narrative, and baits them with a means to bypass internal fears and feelings of a lack of control.  It offers ideas that alleviate our responsibility on the matters at hand with a false sense of security, while also giving us ghosts to project our judgment onto. I deeply resonate with Charles Eisenstein’s latest essay on ‘The Conspiracy of Myth’.where he shares his wisdom on this. I would also add that there is an urgency to break the hypnotic spell that is polarizing our community and diverting us away from The True Nature of Our Shared Mission

I personally know it stings when we realize we have been hurting others unintentionally when we thought we had the best intentions. I know all of your hearts truly want Joy, Bliss, Peace, Prosperity, Purpose, Passion, Unity, and Vitality for All Life On Earth. I know that the very concepts of poverty, famine, or oppression are so foreign to us because they go against everything our body, mind, and soul know to be possible. And I feel deep compassion for the Sensitive Souls that can hardly bear the thought of them. But we can’t ignore them or any opportunity to Become Stronger In Our Ministries of Love and Our Missions of Peace.

For those who are white, or have been raised in environments shrouded in whiteness, I can tell you directly how systemic racism has harmed you and what wounds need to Be Healed from the programming most of us don’t realize we have inside of us. It’s big and it’s deep, but it is hidden in such a dark place that it has been hard for a lot of us to be willing to go there. One of the first symptoms is an observable and behavioral pattern witnessed in white people known as White Fragility. This is actually another bit of good news because Our Awareness of it Empowers Us to have the ability to quickly heal it within ourselves and show others how to do it as well.

We can do so much better and we need to. The first step is to Educate Ourselves through any number of existing resources. Be Courageous enough to enter into spaces where we are invited to remain quiet and Listen to the Voices of Our Brothers and Sisters that have been unheard for Generations Upon Generations. Become Aware of how they are still suffering, and the ways we can help. Look at what is causing them harm that we have an ability to transform or eliminate. Then, it is our job as leaders to admit where we have been wrong, and share what we’ve learned so that we stop harming some people, and misleading others, even though it was not intentional.  Then, Focus On Inclusivity in all the ways you lead moving forward. 

We can do this with Unconditional Self-Love and Forgiveness, knowing that we are still learning and this is the Loving Response that ensures we can be Truly Safe and Loving Leaders. It is how we will be able to help Co-create the Balance this world needs so We Can All Thrive. Our Shared Success relies on it, as a community and as a species.

So, with that, I am including resources to help you. I will also remind you that I am available for Compassionate Support for those going through this learning process. As long as you are truly willing to do the work necessary to Come Into Alignment With True Unity Consciousness, I am willing to hold space for you. No judgment, no chastisement. Just Love, Acceptance, and Support while facilitating your breakthrough.

Additionally, I invite you to join me and Tanya Rodriguez, founder of the Global Decolonisation Initiative,  for our 4 week series on Deprogramming Racism.  When you’re ready to start digging, here are some resources I recommend that will help you begin to see how rigged the system is so you can find ways to hack it:

  • This is the 13th Amendment in the US Constitution ‘abolishes’ slavery, unless it is used as a punishment for a crime (which incentivizes criminalizing the people you are trying to oppress). You can also watch a full-length documentary on this for free on YouTube. 

Groups on Facebook to learn from as well as finding ways to bring about actual social justice:

I love you all and I’m truly here to support you. If you need help from me to guide you through the process of ‘the work’ or want to ask for help as a person of color that needs an ally or accomplice, I’m here and all you need to do is reach out. Truly.


🦋 May you all be blessed and may you be a blessing to all. 🦋

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