Cosmic Kinetics

Yes, there is a LOT happening right now. Cosmic Kinetics. The Astrological Alignments along with the solstice, and upcoming Full Moon, are creating Chaos… this chaos creates friction… that friction is creating sparks that are Illuminating EVERYTHING! The illumination of everything is Creating an Apocalypse like Awareness around the world that is resulting in an Awakening Into Realization.

That awakening results in more questions, which are The Keys to Expanding Consciousness. That expanding consciousness creates an even Greater Connection to the collective which can feel very dense and heavy for Empaths that aren’t Fully Aware of how to navigate or work within that channel yet.

While it may feel like their is more human suffering in the world now more than ever before, it’s actually the least amount of suffering it’s been in all of our history, and that which has been hiding in the shadows is Being Illuminated in a way that all can see. People’s Illusions Are Shattering and, as we are wildly Skipping Across Timelines we are spontaneously in Brand New Paradigms one moment after the next where More Compassion Exists Than Ever Before, each in greater volumes than the other. While those in ‘power’ are scrambling for the social bandaids, the Cosmic Kinetics are creating Tsunamis of Information that are giving us beyond the basic will to survive and showing us how much we CRAVE LIFE and our innate Desire To Thrive. This will eventually slow down and True Solutions will be Birthed From Our Hearts with those just Snapping Out of the Cultural Hypnosis.

As the homeostasis comes back, the next waves of Compassionate Awareness will be around the Animal Kingdom and Mother Nature. Once we have a greater weight of Compassion Ratios for humanity in the collective, this will be an organic side effects. Have patience and trust that we are Heading In The Right Direction Together and Exponential Progress Is Happening on microcosmic and macrocosmic scales.

It’s natural to feel empathically overwhelmed at times, since you can feel the chaos of those around you. That’s why it’s so important now, more than ever before (which will only continue to grow in urgency), to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and Stand Strong in that Knowing!

Lightbearers, Lightbringers, Lightworkers, Shadow Workers, Gray Workers, 144,000, Empaths, Healers, Messengers, Heyokas, Twin Flames, Dragons, Phoenixes, Earth Angels, Rainbow Warriors, Shamans, Story Tellers, and all others…. if you aren’t Surfing The Top of the Waves, and find yourself swept up in them instead, look for what is showing up in your experience that is within your Authentic Power to Transfigure and Crystallize (starting on the inside).

We Are the Event. All of this, including you, are Prophecy Being Fulfilled. Our voices, missions, authentic expressions, creations, and LOVE are Disclosure! Find Your Greatness, Archive Your Smallness, and Integrate the Truth that your entire experience has had a Divine Purpose.

May we all Be Blessed with an Abundance of Love, Peace, and all Good Things so we may Joyfully Thrive In Bliss Together!

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