Dear Sacred Adversary <3

The Stars Are Blind

The Sacred Adversary is a Powerful Ally. One that exists in its own mind as your enemy or foe. It’s no secret that when one comes into the public eye on any scale, they will have obsessed fans, staunch allies, harsh critics, and vicious ‘haters’. It becomes obvious in politics. It doesn’t matter what country, politician, or policy is being examined, all of these characters seem to be present in the conversations for better or worse. 

It is all a part of the Universal Laws of Polarity and Duality. Until we collectively find Balance and Harmony, the energetic pulls will be dramatic. I personally Envision a Future of Peaceful Coexistence where the critic will still exist, but those who idolize us or ‘hate’ us no longer exist. Neither extreme is truly empowering to anyone and yet our allies are vital in personal support and our critics, or skeptics, give us the impetus to examine our professed truths and integrity. When our allies support us and help propel us forward and we leverage the feedback of our skeptics for the highest alignment, we are almost guaranteed to succeed! 

Nonetheless, our Sacred Adversaries are our Greatest Allies whether they realize it or not. This was emphasized to me again after a day that most people can relate to. I was surprised by a sudden onset of rather harsh and blatant lies being blasted out about me, and some of them at me, with no amount of peaceful self-defense, links to actual facts for correction, or any other sensible reasoning seeming to lull the hyenas. It put me into a position where the most obvious and egoically uncomfortable answer was to simply walk away. It wasn’t the hill I wanted to die on, metaphorically speaking. It became clear that these things were what they actually wanted to believe and if they were so set on that and acting in such a way, I truly had no interest in them at all. At that point, I was only in it to be right, which wasn’t worth it. Even if I had swayed any of them, would I actually want to associate with any of them after this? No matter how hard it was on my ego, the Heart Centered Decision was to simply bow out and walk away and let them have their nightmare fantasy. 

Ironically, it was also a day that I sent a healing invitation to someone I have a history with who has repeatedly played a bipolar love and hate game with me in the digital realms, while I have consistently held Compassion for them. Even though I have never met them in person, I know a lot of intimate things about them through our interactions and have always cared for their Inner Child with a lot of Understanding. I feel because they know this, they find me to be the safest outlet for the vitriol within.

After several months of their rhythmically patterned stalking and online bashing that had been revealed to me over the previous week, I invited them to a Community Healing circle I am co-hosting. I ended up receiving a varied spectrum of feedback from four people around me that know me well in person. It was actually confusing to an extent and left me questioning my decision as wise or not. 

Nonetheless, a synchronistic conversation led to one of my favorite Collaborators and Friends reaching out and eventually sharing this piece of his writing with me. It meant a lot coming from him, because of who he is, how much he has done and continues to do in the world, and his Raw Authenticity at all times. 

The context of this letter was already on my heart and mind at the time, but Tzadik words it so beautifully. With his permission, I am sharing it with you. This sentiment is one we can all use, and even moreso for those of us walking in the spotlights taking on the Goliath battles for a cause bigger than us, no matter what it is, in the hopes of creating a world filled with more Love and Peace

Dear Sacred Adversary,

Yesterday I was thinking about you. I was thinking about you rather deeply.

I was thinking about you and all the various forms you arrive as.

And, as I sat and pondered all your wonderous forms, I decided it was time to write to you.

Not because I hate you.

Not because you have caused me harm.

Not because I wished things were different.

But, rather, because what I want to say, is THANK YOU.


I want to say thank you for all the times you called me names.

I want to say thank you for all the times you projected your hurt and your stories onto me.

I wanted to say thank you for all the blame and the shame.

I wanted to say thank you for all the hurt and the pain.

I want to say thank you for all the stories you told about me that are not, and never were true.

And, beyond that, I want to say thank you for spreading those lies around the community and making it very difficult for me to breathe in social and political situations.

I want to say thank you for your overreactions.

And, thank you for your walls.

I want to say thank you for the countless, numerous times that you’ve abandoned me.

I want to say thank you for your hate and all your blockades.

I want to say thank you for all the negative energy you have sent my way.

And, I want to thank you for the hell realms that you forced me to grapple with in the aftermath of all of that.

I want to say thank you.

Why am I saying thank you?

Because it is your projections that have made me stronger.

They have forced me to look within and find the real truth of the moment, as opposed to being a victim to all the stories around me.

Because it is your blame and your shame that has made me bolder.

Bolder, because, at the end of the day your blame and your shame have made me realize that my blame and my shame, toward myself, and others, are useless, and merely smokescreens, or signals to take more time for self and external love.

Because, it is the hurt and the pain, that you had caused me, that ultimately led me to discover, that people hurt people because they, themselves are hurt. And, ultimately, it led me to believe that the cycle of hurt and pain, can, and will, be ended if we please.

Because, it is the stories that you about me, in community, that were not true, that forced me to hold my head up high regardless of whether people’s perceptions led them to love or hate, and ultimately, it was my job to turn around and tell a beautiful story of love.

Because the overreactions led me to stay in my center, of love, regardless of what the outside world sent my way.

Because the walls and the blockades simply taught me what we do on a larger scale when we are scared and afraid.

Because every single time you abandoned me I had to look at where I might have abandoned myself in the process, and what I needed to do to not continue the cycle of abandonment.

Because the negative energies you sent me only taught me to love that more deeply, and that more deeply, because it told me that your wounds must have been really deep!

Because the hell realms that you sent me to made me realize that the prisons I had been keeping myself in, at different times, throughout my life, were of my own making. And, it made me realize, that, after a while, I was actually the real jailer, and not you.

And, so I say thank you to my Sacred Adversary, that has come in so many forms – close and intimate, and distant and unknown – because you have made me stronger and you have prepared me for the journey of a lifetime.

I say a deep and strong thank you because of the sacred journey that I am embarking upon now.

Not that this journey is new for me. Because it is not. But I’m diving in more deeply than I ever have before, and the recognition of that fact has brought me to realize that I will need these skills, that you have taught me, more than ever!

So, thank you!

Because of you, I will be prepared.

Because of you, as I walk out onto the world stage with the mission to bring peace to planet Earth, I will be prepared.

Because when I do that. When I step out on that stage, as I am doing now, in a way I never have before, I will have every projection, every lie, every story, every drama, every reaction thrown my way, and I’m going to need to stay centered. As people call me crazy, for thinking world peace is possible, and how, I’m going to need to remember all the lessons you taught me, and stay in love. I’m going to need to stay in compassion and deep understanding.

So, thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me ALL these lessons, so that I may be able to fully bring this mission of world peace to the world, and not back down, in any way, shape or form!

Because you have taught me these lessons in so many deep ways, in such intimate scenarios, and with so many, I know that I will be fully prepared!

So, thank you!

From the bottom of my heart!


Tzadik Rosenberg-Greenberg

Thank you, Tzadik, for all that you do and continue to do for this world… and for always reminding all of us why we came here. 




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Cosmic Kinetics

Yes, there is a LOT happening right now. Cosmic Kinetics. The Astrological Alignments along with the solstice, and upcoming Full Moon, are creating Chaos… this chaos creates friction… that friction is creating sparks that are Illuminating EVERYTHING! The illumination of everything is Creating an Apocalypse like Awareness around the world that is resulting in an Awakening Into Realization.

That awakening results in more questions, which are The Keys to Expanding Consciousness. That expanding consciousness creates an even Greater Connection to the collective which can feel very dense and heavy for Empaths that aren’t Fully Aware of how to navigate or work within that channel yet.

While it may feel like their is more human suffering in the world now more than ever before, it’s actually the least amount of suffering it’s been in all of our history, and that which has been hiding in the shadows is Being Illuminated in a way that all can see. People’s Illusions Are Shattering and, as we are wildly Skipping Across Timelines we are spontaneously in Brand New Paradigms one moment after the next where More Compassion Exists Than Ever Before, each in greater volumes than the other. While those in ‘power’ are scrambling for the social bandaids, the Cosmic Kinetics are creating Tsunamis of Information that are giving us beyond the basic will to survive and showing us how much we CRAVE LIFE and our innate Desire To Thrive. This will eventually slow down and True Solutions will be Birthed From Our Hearts with those just Snapping Out of the Cultural Hypnosis.

As the homeostasis comes back, the next waves of Compassionate Awareness will be around the Animal Kingdom and Mother Nature. Once we have a greater weight of Compassion Ratios for humanity in the collective, this will be an organic side effects. Have patience and trust that we are Heading In The Right Direction Together and Exponential Progress Is Happening on microcosmic and macrocosmic scales.

It’s natural to feel empathically overwhelmed at times, since you can feel the chaos of those around you. That’s why it’s so important now, more than ever before (which will only continue to grow in urgency), to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE and Stand Strong in that Knowing!

Lightbearers, Lightbringers, Lightworkers, Shadow Workers, Gray Workers, 144,000, Empaths, Healers, Messengers, Heyokas, Twin Flames, Dragons, Phoenixes, Earth Angels, Rainbow Warriors, Shamans, Story Tellers, and all others…. if you aren’t Surfing The Top of the Waves, and find yourself swept up in them instead, look for what is showing up in your experience that is within your Authentic Power to Transfigure and Crystallize (starting on the inside).

We Are the Event. All of this, including you, are Prophecy Being Fulfilled. Our voices, missions, authentic expressions, creations, and LOVE are Disclosure! Find Your Greatness, Archive Your Smallness, and Integrate the Truth that your entire experience has had a Divine Purpose.

May we all Be Blessed with an Abundance of Love, Peace, and all Good Things so we may Joyfully Thrive In Bliss Together!

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace
If you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
to experience the Divine Gifts she brings into this realm. 

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Divine Downloads

Artwork by Cameron Gray

By now you’ve probably Seen and Heard some or all of this elsewhere. I don’t consider this Stream of Consciousness to be anything original, however, it may be the Gentle Spiritual Reminders that are much needed in the moment for all of us that have come to me through Divine Downloads. Truth Just IS. It shines a light and works magically. Once spoken, it continues to echo through the Great Mystery until it is heard. Take resonates with you and simply leave the rest. 

Choose Faith over fear. Many are still running false programs designed to invite submission to old world patriarchal system(s). Identifying these programs, rewriting  and Stepping Forth in Faith moves you into alignment with the Collective Empowerment of all beings present in this Physical Reality.

The Human Mind has no means at this ‘Time’ of comprehending The Magnitude of Consciousness present in The Universe, let alone anything beyond that.

Choose Love in every moment. Love defines the collective’s Source Energy and the Oneness of All.

Union with your Highest Love and all those in your experience is inevitable and necessary for us to accomplish manifestation of the Collective Desire for Love and Unity of all. Whether it’s a Soulmate or your Twin Flame, your Divine Union grounds in and projects Love and Unity into this Holographic 3D Reality. Being Committed to Union expands out as Commitment to Unity. This is a call to community Beyond Union.

Examine each aspect of your expression. Are you choosing with Love and Faith to serve The Greater Good? Is your job serving the greater good? Is your home open to Share With Others for the greater good? Are you sharing your Abundance (money, food, material possessions, wisdom, joy, talent, etc.) for the greater good? Are you speaking and acting for the greater good? Do you Receive What is Offered in Joy and Love for the greater good? Are you Seeking Wisdom for the greater good? Are you Planning and Dreaming for the greater good? Do you remember to Pray with Gratitude? Do you Genuinely Pray For Others?

Intuition Precedes Logic now more than ever before, following the guidelines above. Go where your Heart Desires. Go Where Your Mind Keeps Wandering To because There is a Plan outside of what you think you are able to control now. If you are called to Speak With Strangers, do so even if you unsure what to say at first. All Will Be Revealed. Follow the Clues of where your attention and curiosity are drawn. Those willing to Step Forward In Faith will be greatly rewarded.

Stay aware of Synchronicities in your experience. They are Guideposts and Signs offering you clues, and important messages leading you to Divine Assignments and Blessings On Your Path.

Solidarity is Powerful. Open Your Doors to those in need, and those in service. Encourage Unity within the duality. Walk each day with your Heart Wide Open. Ready your Heart and Mind to Receive New People into your experience beyond digital connections and your immediate Community. Seek out those you have previously discriminate against or feared to Shatter Illusions of Separateness. Reach out to those who seem different than you to Seek Commonality. Go wherever the people are and where you are called, whether it makes sense or not. Events, gatherings, busy places, churches, temples, and Anywhere Three or More Gather serves as an Invitation to Fellowship and an opportunity to Share Your Love and Light.

Search Your Heart for Clarity when receiving information, teachings and guidance from others. Authenticity, resonance, walking their talk, integrated understanding, and wisdom should all be present, and still the lessons may not be yours, now or later. Challenge all existing notions and Transmute Everything with Love and the Highest Possible Empowerment.

We all desire change, therefore, We Must All Change.

Everything perceived as harmful or painful has always had a Hidden Blessing within it, if you were Willing to See the potential of it all.

By simply speaking of Unconditional Love, you are co-creating conditional love. Love Just Is. It needs no qualifier.

Peace Without begins with Peace WithinLove begins with Self Love and radiates out to all those around you. Both are Boundless, Unlimited, and Accepting of all experiences Being Love (even when there are challenges) or a Call to Love. Nothing more.

Choose Victory, not victimhood. Forget your story and Remember Your Glory. Leave the past behind, used only for Reflections of contrast, Growth, and Gratitude. Look forward now toward Success, Fulfillment, and Joy on a collective level.

Speak to the Great Mystery everyday. Speak Gratitude and remain open to receive Opportunities to be of Service and  for the Desires that you know are on the hearts of all (i.e. union for all, abundance for all, healing for all, etc.). Know With Faith that what you pray for the collective also includes you and will also be granted you. Do your part to create that which you’re asking for. Walk In the Direction of Your Desires.

Offer your Gifts of Love to the world with Sacred Economics in mind. Release the Codes that bring anything less than your Fullest Authentic Expressions through a Thriving Life of Joy and Bliss.

If we are to create the New Earth, we must Liberate Ourselves of the old patriarchal paradigm. We must Be Mindful to Integrate all the Knowledge we have gained over these times of Awakening and Ascension into Wisdom, which is one of the highest aspects of The Divine Feminine.

Find all the most Useful Ways to Be of Service through your talents, skills, trades, arts, crafts. It no longer matters if you are a doctor, lawyer, teacher, healer, entertainer, farmer, line cook, customer service agent, or any other role, We Can Choose to see Equal Value and Equal Opportunity to Serve all regardless of any perceived lack of worth. Your Kindness Can Save Lives in ways you may never know in this incarnation. You have chosen this lifetime here, in this pivotal moment of Humanity’s Historical Paradigm Shift to Serve the Greatest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. That means that all Sentient Beings must Feel Seen, Heard, Acknowledged, and Loved for this Mission to succeed. What you have acquired in abundance, knowledge and skill are Gifts and Blessings that have been bestowed upon you In Trust through our Divine Mother and Father Creator. Through the Gift of Free Will, each of You Can Choose to Share Freely in Gratitude and Love with our Earthly Brothers and Sisters who have taken on more difficult experiences to Catalyze the Blossoming of Humanity’s Individual and Collective Hearts. We have the ability to Restore the Conduit of Abundance in all forms and Activate Prosperity Consciousness as a manifested 3D Experience for all beings, and it doesn’t even have to involve currency.

Be Mindful to remember how Inspirations and Visions come to you from, and belong to the Collective Consciousness. Anything we Attract in the form of ideas come from the One Source we all have access to – and arrive in the form of Answers to Questions – we have all asked in some way or another. Understanding this can help us all avoid ego traps and ideas of ownership or competition. The Best Ideas are entrusted to Those Who Resonate with them, simply as an opportunity to Make the Answer Manifest. Sometimes, we receive these Divine Downloads to simply share what comes to us as Echoing Reminders to another, and therefore, it’s important we are Open to Receive them without the notion of ownership or obligation to implement. Know that all the Greatest Solutions that are Of Service to the Collective will be implemented by the Souls Chosen to do so. Your Divine Inspirations are not necessarily your Divine Assignments if a clear path is not revealed. Remain Grateful, yet Unattached To The Outcome. Openly and lovingly share solutions, ideas, philosophies, Positive words and Visions with those whom your Intuition Guides You to.

For those being drawn to New Places, go. For those of you who have been without and struggling to obtain traditional employment, Rejoice in the Graduation of that stage of your experience. Meditate to ask what your Divine Assignment is now.

For those who have lost your children, are having challenging relationships with them, or are finding yourself incapable of doing what you think you are meant to for them, Surrender and Trust the Divine Plan. This may simply be for each of you to Hold Space for the other’s Growth and Lessons, and Healing. Our souls are much wiser than our egos and perceptions.

For those who have found themselves without a home, Keep Moving and Serving wherever you can until your new Community and Home reveal themself with Ease and Effortlessness. In addition to being mobile Points of Light as we expand the New Planetary Grid, those who can Quickly Adapt and Stay Surrendered and In The Flow with Love and Gratitude in their hearts are able to take on Divine Assignments with people and in places where there is an urgent need.

For those of you experiencing death of loved ones, celebrate their life and Ascension Into the Collective Consciousness. This form of Graduation beyond their Physical Avatars is the result of their Divine Purpose having been completed, and now (regardless of their egoic identities, beliefs, energies, etc. prior to their death) they are better Able To Serve in spiritual and energetic ways as a Greater Support to the Missions of World Peace and Planetary Restoration.

For those ‘feeling stuck’ regardless of how hard you try to move in the direction you want to, Become Still and Present. Listen to your Inner Voice. It will Guide You In the Right Direction to show you the point of resistance. It may be that you are attempting to move in the wrong direction due to attachment, that you are being Divinely Protected through the delays, subconscious fears that are sabotaging your manifestation, or any other number of ‘blocks’ that you will need to clear. Follow Your Intuition to the answer and you will quickly be Moving In The Right Direction again.

For those holding unforgiveness, it is time to Forgive All. If you are still judging others or becoming offended, Love Unconditionally and accept what it is telling you about you, not the other. Some of this may be difficult to hear, and this does not negate the emotions felt and the boundaries necessary at times, however, there are reasons you may not be able see now that will reveal themselves later that will explain all that has happened. If you cannot offer Unconditional Love and Acceptance for someone in your experience, move out of their experience, as you become the negative energy in their reality. We all have Unique and Individual Experiences As God, For God and this will be evident as many more Step Forward in their most Authentic Expression.  In order to Manifest World Peace, all negative perceptions of others must be cleared out of us so our Human Experience can Transcend All Illusions of Separateness and progress into a Peaceful World of Co-Existence.

Speak In Empowering Words and Ways. Use words and ideas, Inward and Outward, that Empower Yourself and Others. Mindfulness is Necessary to ensure that you are Inwardly Empowering Yourself by being Consciously Aware of the thoughts and words that surface in your Internal Atmosphere, and that you Reprogram Your Inner Voice in all the places that no longer serve. Knowing that We Are All One and Infinitely Connected to each other energetically, it is important to Be Aware of the Messages and Codes you are sending to the Collective Conscious to specific individuals or groups, in addition to the Vibration and Frequency your negative projections and psychic attacks are affecting the whole. If we wish for World Peace, we must evolve our mind into an Environment of Peace.

Be mindful of what energies you are taking in. It Is Important to Be Aware of what is happening on Mother Earth, and it is equally important to bring ourselves to a Neutral Perception of events – at minimum – to Preserve Your Vibration and Frequency. We cannot heal what we are not willing to look at, however, we can Choose Neutrality until we are able to Look At All Things Through The Lens of Love and Compassion and able to Find the Gift of Opportunity to Serve around the Current Events On Gaia.

What you find yourself regularly resisting in others are Echoing Messages From Source. They are Universal Invitations for you to Go Within to examine where you are still in need of Internal Healing and Greater Alignment with your Heart and Soul. Have Gratitude and Reverence For Your Messengers, whether you choose to continue your path with them or not.

Anything and anyone that teaches or encourages limitation, lack, scarcity, fear, separation, discrimination, inequality, judgment, superiority or inferiority, etc. is false! The Collective Truth is Unlimited Potential, Oneness, Unity, Infinite Possibility, Prosperity & Abundance, Faith, Love, Equality, and Justice. Those promoting false ideas are either knowingly or unknowingly Planting Seeds that can no longer Give Fruit in this Rapidly Evolving Paradigm Shift into a New Era of Peace.

R-Evolution, Progress, and Positive Change can be Swift and Peaceful. Violence and disrespect towards self or others is no longer necessary. Those who will be martyrs are intended as martyrs and is not planned by the individual. You do not choose your martyrdom. You are encouraged to Choose Ahimsa In Thought, Word and Deed. Destruction is no longer necessary. Transformation is Inevitable. Peace Will Prevail.

You are Loved, Supported and Celebrated far more than you realize. All The Greatest Blessings Will Be Bestowed Upon You in the Perfect Divine Timing. The manifestation of Your Truest Heart Desires are inevitable. Your willingness to Be Authentic and Genuine in the Vibration of Love is all that is needed for you to Receive That Which Is Destined To Be Yours. With this in your heart and mind, Pay It All Forward.

Spread Awareness, Positive & Empowering Messages, Love, Light and Healing wherever you go. Simply sharing content such as this has Reverberations of Love and Light in very tangible ways. If it has helped, inspired, validated, and/or comforted you it can do the same for another.

∞ May We All Be Infinitely Blessed! 

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Remember Who You Are <3

Please enjoy this Moonlight Stream that came through and was better spoken than written.  Never forget the Heartbeat of the Universe and the Spark of Light Within.  You are a Divine Being.  When you Remember who you ARE, you Liberate Yourself.

Inhale with God – Coagula.

Exhale with God – Solve.

You are loved! <3

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 
If you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
to experience the Divine Gifts she brings into this realm. 

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