Dear Sacred Adversary <3

The Stars Are Blind

The Sacred Adversary is a Powerful Ally. One that exists in its own mind as your enemy or foe. It’s no secret that when one comes into the public eye on any scale, they will have obsessed fans, staunch allies, harsh critics, and vicious ‘haters’. It becomes obvious in politics. It doesn’t matter what country, politician, or policy is being examined, all of these characters seem to be present in the conversations for better or worse. 

It is all a part of the Universal Laws of Polarity and Duality. Until we collectively find Balance and Harmony, the energetic pulls will be dramatic. I personally Envision a Future of Peaceful Coexistence where the critic will still exist, but those who idolize us or ‘hate’ us no longer exist. Neither extreme is truly empowering to anyone and yet our allies are vital in personal support and our critics, or skeptics, give us the impetus to examine our professed truths and integrity. When our allies support us and help propel us forward and we leverage the feedback of our skeptics for the highest alignment, we are almost guaranteed to succeed! 

Nonetheless, our Sacred Adversaries are our Greatest Allies whether they realize it or not. This was emphasized to me again after a day that most people can relate to. I was surprised by a sudden onset of rather harsh and blatant lies being blasted out about me, and some of them at me, with no amount of peaceful self-defense, links to actual facts for correction, or any other sensible reasoning seeming to lull the hyenas. It put me into a position where the most obvious and egoically uncomfortable answer was to simply walk away. It wasn’t the hill I wanted to die on, metaphorically speaking. It became clear that these things were what they actually wanted to believe and if they were so set on that and acting in such a way, I truly had no interest in them at all. At that point, I was only in it to be right, which wasn’t worth it. Even if I had swayed any of them, would I actually want to associate with any of them after this? No matter how hard it was on my ego, the Heart Centered Decision was to simply bow out and walk away and let them have their nightmare fantasy. 

Ironically, it was also a day that I sent a healing invitation to someone I have a history with who has repeatedly played a bipolar love and hate game with me in the digital realms, while I have consistently held Compassion for them. Even though I have never met them in person, I know a lot of intimate things about them through our interactions and have always cared for their Inner Child with a lot of Understanding. I feel because they know this, they find me to be the safest outlet for the vitriol within.

After several months of their rhythmically patterned stalking and online bashing that had been revealed to me over the previous week, I invited them to a Community Healing circle I am co-hosting. I ended up receiving a varied spectrum of feedback from four people around me that know me well in person. It was actually confusing to an extent and left me questioning my decision as wise or not. 

Nonetheless, a synchronistic conversation led to one of my favorite Collaborators and Friends reaching out and eventually sharing this piece of his writing with me. It meant a lot coming from him, because of who he is, how much he has done and continues to do in the world, and his Raw Authenticity at all times. 

The context of this letter was already on my heart and mind at the time, but Tzadik words it so beautifully. With his permission, I am sharing it with you. This sentiment is one we can all use, and even moreso for those of us walking in the spotlights taking on the Goliath battles for a cause bigger than us, no matter what it is, in the hopes of creating a world filled with more Love and Peace

Dear Sacred Adversary,

Yesterday I was thinking about you. I was thinking about you rather deeply.

I was thinking about you and all the various forms you arrive as.

And, as I sat and pondered all your wonderous forms, I decided it was time to write to you.

Not because I hate you.

Not because you have caused me harm.

Not because I wished things were different.

But, rather, because what I want to say, is THANK YOU.


I want to say thank you for all the times you called me names.

I want to say thank you for all the times you projected your hurt and your stories onto me.

I wanted to say thank you for all the blame and the shame.

I wanted to say thank you for all the hurt and the pain.

I want to say thank you for all the stories you told about me that are not, and never were true.

And, beyond that, I want to say thank you for spreading those lies around the community and making it very difficult for me to breathe in social and political situations.

I want to say thank you for your overreactions.

And, thank you for your walls.

I want to say thank you for the countless, numerous times that you’ve abandoned me.

I want to say thank you for your hate and all your blockades.

I want to say thank you for all the negative energy you have sent my way.

And, I want to thank you for the hell realms that you forced me to grapple with in the aftermath of all of that.

I want to say thank you.

Why am I saying thank you?

Because it is your projections that have made me stronger.

They have forced me to look within and find the real truth of the moment, as opposed to being a victim to all the stories around me.

Because it is your blame and your shame that has made me bolder.

Bolder, because, at the end of the day your blame and your shame have made me realize that my blame and my shame, toward myself, and others, are useless, and merely smokescreens, or signals to take more time for self and external love.

Because, it is the hurt and the pain, that you had caused me, that ultimately led me to discover, that people hurt people because they, themselves are hurt. And, ultimately, it led me to believe that the cycle of hurt and pain, can, and will, be ended if we please.

Because, it is the stories that you about me, in community, that were not true, that forced me to hold my head up high regardless of whether people’s perceptions led them to love or hate, and ultimately, it was my job to turn around and tell a beautiful story of love.

Because the overreactions led me to stay in my center, of love, regardless of what the outside world sent my way.

Because the walls and the blockades simply taught me what we do on a larger scale when we are scared and afraid.

Because every single time you abandoned me I had to look at where I might have abandoned myself in the process, and what I needed to do to not continue the cycle of abandonment.

Because the negative energies you sent me only taught me to love that more deeply, and that more deeply, because it told me that your wounds must have been really deep!

Because the hell realms that you sent me to made me realize that the prisons I had been keeping myself in, at different times, throughout my life, were of my own making. And, it made me realize, that, after a while, I was actually the real jailer, and not you.

And, so I say thank you to my Sacred Adversary, that has come in so many forms – close and intimate, and distant and unknown – because you have made me stronger and you have prepared me for the journey of a lifetime.

I say a deep and strong thank you because of the sacred journey that I am embarking upon now.

Not that this journey is new for me. Because it is not. But I’m diving in more deeply than I ever have before, and the recognition of that fact has brought me to realize that I will need these skills, that you have taught me, more than ever!

So, thank you!

Because of you, I will be prepared.

Because of you, as I walk out onto the world stage with the mission to bring peace to planet Earth, I will be prepared.

Because when I do that. When I step out on that stage, as I am doing now, in a way I never have before, I will have every projection, every lie, every story, every drama, every reaction thrown my way, and I’m going to need to stay centered. As people call me crazy, for thinking world peace is possible, and how, I’m going to need to remember all the lessons you taught me, and stay in love. I’m going to need to stay in compassion and deep understanding.

So, thank you. Truly, from the bottom of my heart, for teaching me ALL these lessons, so that I may be able to fully bring this mission of world peace to the world, and not back down, in any way, shape or form!

Because you have taught me these lessons in so many deep ways, in such intimate scenarios, and with so many, I know that I will be fully prepared!

So, thank you!

From the bottom of my heart!


Tzadik Rosenberg-Greenberg

Thank you, Tzadik, for all that you do and continue to do for this world… and for always reminding all of us why we came here. 




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