Twin Flame Dictionary

In 2015, after several years of focusing all of my sessions to those in the Twin Flame subsect of the Spiritual Community, my ex-partner and I started piecing this together while laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes.  After that, we shared our original version with others in the community and have had additions offered by others.  Feel free to comment and suggest additions, and as always, share away! If you’re not a believer in this Philosophy, you might still enjoy it anyway.  

Twin Flame – your Divine Partner. The other half of your soul from the beginning until the end of all time, the Alpha to Omega expression of your consciousness’ Polarity and Duality. You can read a thorough and in-depth explanation of the term and the ancient history of it in this post

Been Flames – the ones who have completely abandoned all hope and walk away from the entire experience.

Cringe Flames – the really intense couples that make people cringe while reading/hearing/witnessing their stories of dysfunction, abuse, and toxicity.

Dim Flames – clueless couples that have NO idea what’s going on.

Flampires – gothic couples; alternatively, those who are so in love that they suck up all your time wanting to tell you about every little ‘cute’ thing the other did and said and and and…

Flimsy Flames – those who vacillate between Full Faith and no faith in their ability to achieve Twin Flame Union.

Franktwinstein – the couple that has separated and come back together repeatedly.

Friend Flames – when you have been friend zoned by the one you believe to be your other half.

Fringe Flames – couples so weird even other eccentric onlookers find them odd.

Grin Flames – blissed out couples that eye gaze, smile and Make Love All Day.

Kin Flames – couples that are blood-related.  Also, the rest of your flame soul family.

Sin Flames – couples on their honeymoon affair before wrapping up karmic relationships.

Skin Flames – extreme nudist couples.

Spin Flames – the couples that are stuck in a circular pattern around a specific lesson or potential breakthrough. Derp, derp, derp…

Swing Flames – couples exploring sexual polyamory.

Thin Flames – couples deep in the bubble phase who are sooo in love they forget to eat!

Twin Aims – pre-reunion Twin Flame Believers and Seekers.  The ones that know they are out there and just haven’t found them yet.

Twin Babes – drop-dead gorgeous couples.

Twin Blame – The person or construct you blame for every perceivable negative thing in the world.  Everything that you feel is wrong in your life is somehow their fault, even as small as you stubbing your toe somehow is their fault and you are always the victim.

Twin Brain – the Shared Consciousness between a couple that creates Telepathic Communication, knowing, speaking in stereo and identical thoughts.

Twin Chains – the ridiculous expectations some put on each other in co-dependent patterns.

Twin Chase – Stalker level chasing of the person you believe is your one and only.

Twin Claim – When two different people believe a specific individual to be their Twin Flame.

Twin Craze – when you finally figure out what the nature of this intense relationship is and spend copious amounts of time researching, reading and venting about your relationship or lack thereof. Your whole life collapses around you and you begin to Question Your Sanity.

Twin Dames/ Twin Gays – same-sex Twin Flame couples.

Twin Fames – the famous, infamous, and notorious couples.

Twin Fumes – couples past the point of hiding farts from each other.

Twin Games – manipulative power struggle tactics in the form of running, chasing, blaming, spiritual bypassing, gaslighting, and other forms of toxicity.

Twin Grays – couples that are both ET Abductees.

Twin Greys – Older couples.

Twin Names – when both partners have the same name, with or without the same spelling (i.e. Aaron and Erin).

Twin Pregs –  pregnant couples that identify as Twin Flames.

Twin Sames – When both souls find themselves sharing Parallel Synchronicities.

Twin Shades – The really kinky couples.

Twin Shame – the fear and shame some have when trying to explain what they believe is really happening when others feel they are just obsessing over someone.

Twin Space – the Etheric Astral Space that some couples can access together.

Twin Strains – the frustrating Divine Mirror Reflections that cause triggers and upset between a couple.

Twin Strays – couples that separate for a time, and even potentially exploring other relationships.

Twin Vagues – those who are secretive and cryptic about their journey and status as Twin Flames due to Twin Shame.

Twin Waves – the waves of couples believing themselves to be Twin Flame Pairs that publicly come and go in the Twin Flame Community over time.

Twinching – when the Illusion of ‘Time’ gets the best of you and it feels like your Twin Flame Journey is taking too long and you’re just inching forward. All you want to do is quantum leap past all of the less desirable aspects of your Self Evolution and get to ‘the good stuff’.

Twinclusive – The ‘realization’ that Your Twin Flame Is Everything and Everything Is Your Twin Flame.  That there really is nothing other than this and this is what defines everything.  Once in Union With Your Beloved, the two of you are inseparable, having realized you are one soul looking through the eyes of two avatars and ‘separation’ is no longer an option or desire.

Twindications – all the signs throughout your life that you can see were leading up to this one specific Destined Partnership.

Twindiscretion – When you are accidentally – and divinely – outed by someone else as walking the Twin Flame Path to those you have not spoken to about it.

Twinfinity – The amount of ‘time’ you both wish to live in love with each other.

Twingle – an individual on the Twin Flame Journey who is romantically unavailable to anyone else while in the separation phase, as they focus on themselves, their mission and their own Healing Journey.

Twinsanity – when the Divine Mirror with the one you believe is your Twin Flame is driving you fucking crazy!

Twinsexual – The sexual orientation of a person not experiencing Sexual Attraction toward anyone other than the person they believe to be their Twin Flame after meeting them.

Twinspiration – the overwhelming emotion of wanting to Share The Love you have of your Twin Flame with the WHOLE world.  Also known as Unity Consciousness or Oneness.

Twintegration – the phase of a relationship when a couple starts sharing a life, mission, and home.

Twinternity – the profound experience one can have that creates an Awareness of the Singularity that is Eternally One within the Twin Flame Connection, beyond ‘Time and Space’ and interwoven in all lifetimes.  The realization that the two of you are the Alpha and Omega, God and Goddess Incarnate.

Twintuition – When you can hear and/or feel their thoughts, actions, emotions, etc.

Twinvocation – The activation of Cathartic Awakenings that can include Kundalini Rising, Realization of Godself, dissolution of time and space, interdimensional orgasms, Instant Manifestations (for better or worse), deifying downloads, Collective Conscious Transmissions, observing the collapse of duality and other phenomena that can occur on this path.

Twission – The realization and actualization of your Mission on the Earth Plane.

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