The New Holy Trinity – Nature, Critical Thinking, and Compassion

“And they were all from one Heart and Will.”

The New Holy Trinity – Nature, Compassion, and Critical Thinking

The New Holy Trinity is the alchemy of Reconnection, Reconciliation, and Restoration with and for Nature. It is Compassion for Liberating Ourselves and others for the Highest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. And finally, it is Critical Thinking and Logical Dialogues with ourselves about mitigating total climate collapse. Ultimately, these are also the keys to achieving World Peace.

The Solutions to the challenges humanity faces already exist and are Intricately Linked to these three Fundamental Truths. It’s also important to realize that almost all beings have the potential and capacity to embrace them. This concept of the New Holy Trinity was presented to me by Ian Michael Augustine, founder of The Temple of Nature. To quote Ian directly:

We are in the midst of an apocalyptic sixth mass extinction here on Earth, and humans, not meteors, are to blame. This is why scientists have referred to this extinction event as the Anthropocene Extinction. The major problem is that, in spite of our ingenuity, tenacity, and cooperative capacity, we humans are fundamentally flawed. We fall prey to cognitive biases of all kinds — even when we believe we are doing what is right. We have been blessed by the Kosmos with intelligence, and yet, that same intelligence arose out of an evolutionary context which necessarily puts limitations on what we can readily perceive and comprehend. Nevertheless, our intelligence, if properly applied, can be the key to cleansing the lenses of our inadequate perception, as well as the gateway to a flourishing life, not only for ourselves but for all of the Earth’s living creatures.

Humanity is on the brink and set to take down over a million species with it when it fails. While the Earth is sick right now, she will eventually restore herself as she has done before. And, yes, it is true that this is the sixth time a mass extinction event has taken place on Earth. The difference between this extinction event and others is that this one was almost entirely created and/or profoundly accelerated by humans that have demonstrated very little True Humanity.

While you may still cross paths with ‘climate deniers’, 97% of scientists on the planet agree it is happening. These scientists have been urgently warning the world at large that we, the most deadly creatures on the planet, are responsible for the vast majority of these changes, and We Have the Ability to Turn It Around as well. 

Even as the USA’s current president continues to remain on the denier list, our respected organizations and vital institutions such as NASA, The UN and Pentagon, the EPA, and a panel of 13 different government agencies that was formed in 1989 when the issue was first brought to light (the USGCRP), are all quite clear. Not only are profound changes to our planet inevitable but imminent if we fail to Take Dramatic Action immediately. As individuals, and as a global community. 

In reading the reports, we see that the organizations are begging the governments that finance them to act now! Sadly, these governments, including our own, have mostly been ignoring them and rebelling against recommendations. This is primarily due to private interests. We, the people, are painfully aware that corporations have been stuffing millions of dollars into the pockets of lawmakers. There is Greater Awareness around this than ever before, and as frustrating as it has been, change is happening.

At the same time, we each have an Individual Responsibility and Moral Imperative to take a very honest account of our obligation and ability to respond accordingly.  Our lifestyles, traditions, habits, and much more are being called into an examination and Profound Transformation. We are asked to apply this New Holy Trinity in our personal lives. Life As We Know It is going to drastically change one way or another, whether we like it or not. It’s simply a matter of choosing which drastic change we are committing to with every choice we make. We Can Humble and Transform Our Current Ways of Life Now, or consume ourselves into extinction.

This applies to everyone… all races, all socio-economic statuses, all religions. There are no more excuses. We cannot simply blame the wealthy elites and corporations. After all, they are a product of our complicit consumption that pays them to exist. We can starve them into extinction while taking back our power with our dollars, no matter how little we have. 

All Life On Earth Is Unified in a profound question of fate. Will we make it or not? How many will survive? Can we possibly find the answers that will help us to pull back the wheel in ‘time’ to Thrive Again? The answers exist within the Wisdom of the New Holy Trinity

In the most common understanding, the Holy Trinity is seen as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is the most modern version based on the Christian founders that attempted to bury The Divine Feminine. There are, and have been, many different perceptions of the Trinity or Triquetra. For this article, I’m going to speak of the Gnostic version of The Father, The Mother, and The Son

Nature – The Body of the Mother of All Creation

One of the greatest causes of this disastrous failure in our Social Evolution is our imagined separation from Mother Earth. Regardless of the cultural background we each come from, All of Our Ancestors Share Certain Commonalities. These include life in villages, Prayers Around a Fire, Drums, hunting and gathering, Tribal Associations, and Sacred Economics. Our ancestors spent their evenings In Wonderment of the Stars as they tried to find their place in the universe while they shared Myths and Legends of Creation through Storytelling. They understood and realized their place Living In Harmony and Balance with Nature. One can posit that they actually lived the proposed New Holy Trinity, and therefore, it could potentially be seen as the Original Holy Trinity

This way of life was the Cornerstone of Our Existence and Human Experience as one all beings shared and understood until just a few short generations ago. It was tragically transformed in a myriad of ways. The deepest attacks came from colonization and religious wars that spread around the planet like a plague. The road to destruction had been carved and eventually accelerated with the pavement laid by the industrial revolution.

Truly, some of the causes were more sinister than others. Political and religious dominance, i.e. colonization, are based purely evil intentions. And, some of what has happened began with Good Intentions with innovation that resulted in unintended consequences. To be fair, the industrial revolution truly wished to make life easier and more convenient. 

Urbanization and technological advancements have almost completely wiped out this way of life for the vast majority of Westerners. It has also had a palpable negative effect on other parts of the world as well. Today is a challenge to travel to even the most remote parts of the planet without finding Nestle and Coca-Cola products being sold to oppressed people. Even worse is the oil and factory farming corporations pillaging Sacred Indigenous Lands with vulnerable yet Necessary Eco-systems and Unique Lifeforms. Some of these are vital to the planet’s overall biosphere. This has not been a secret but has been greatly ignored by the greedy intentions of a few. 

In order to Liberate All Life on Earth many of us are going to need to Reconnect and Reconcile With Nature. We must take the necessary steps to bring about Restoration from the damage caused. This is our obligation to assist her so she can Regenerate Herself back into the Abundant and Prosperous Paradise she was before she was ravaged by our recklessness.

I want to stress something one more time. We already know She Will Regenerate one way or another. And, it’s important to know that there is a fork in the road right now. One path leads to a Collective Clean Up of the mess we made and assisting Her in this process, thereby enabling humanity to continue to exist on this planet alongside millions of other species. The other choice is that we consume ourselves into extinction while taking down the other species with us. This leaves the planet working that much harder to reconcile, restore, and regenerate herself. The answer has been simple all along, except that we have missed two other Crucial Ingredients.

Critical Thinking – The Father and Cosmic Mind

Critical Thinking has propelled our world forward on multiple levels. Simultaneously, it has been the blight of the elite since (un)civilization began. Why? Because Critical Thinkers have the ability to see and point to the places in which individual power is being stolen from the masses. Critical thinkers are the enemies of false authority and patriarchal tyranny. 

“Tyrants hate intellectuals, for intellectuals as a class see tyranny for what it is and can articulate what they see. They know when freedom is being violated and stolen. They are better attuned to know that they are being fed lies. They recognize to what extent the majority opinion is an anti-intellectual one…

Attacks on people who can think occur in every culture and in every epoch. Rebellious feminists in Russia are labeled with mental disorders made up on the spot for the purpose of incarcerating them. Scientists who point out the environmental dangers caused by business are ridiculed as fear mongers. Every age and every culture has its versions of cultural revolutions, inquisitions, and Scopes trials.

Eric Maisel in ‘Why Smart People Hurt

Critical Thinking is still frowned upon in ways I witness and personally experience on a regular basis. When the words of critical thinkers settle into the minds of the masses, they become the antivenom to the toxic systems many live in now. Therefore, those who are at risk of losing their false power and false authority tend to do whatever they can to discredit and silence the intelligent offenders. This has gone as far assassinations within the last few years, and so it’s understandable that many feel inclined to simply fall in line and quiet their discontent Hearts and Minds

Nonetheless, its role in The New Holy Trinity is vital. It is also something that can be taught in a way that helps others to move past the emotional attachments they have to their own personal destructive habits, traditions, and beliefs. If the current systems and powers that be have taught us anything it is that you don’t have to win all the minds, let alone a majority of the minds, in order to create a widespread social change. 

While most people reading this will never be public speakers, it’s also important to note how our words can create powerful Fractal Waves of Awakening. A Truth, once spoken, will echo until it is heard. It may be in a personal conversation or a simple social media post that you’ll influence an influencer. Once the Seeds of Truth are planted, they are watered through repetitive exposure until all the most viable ones blossom. Even with far-reaching misinformation tactics, the truth of the world we live in continues to push through into the mainstream media and credible outlets. Keep Faith and continue speaking your truth! 

As the Conscious Evolution continues to blossom at a rapid pace, we see that the adolescents of the day seem to be the most immune to systemic lies. They are shining examples of critical thinkers that will not compromise or invest in lies. The voices of Greta Thunberg, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez, Autumn Peltier, and others are bringing powerful adults to their speechless knees. Their tongues are the Swords of Truth shaming every adult in the room, resulting in palpable changes being made. Even the most arrogant politicians squirm in their seats when these brilliant youths speak into the microphone. Their messages demonstrate Crystallized Truths rooted in their Critical Thinking. They command the attention and action of their peers who follow them into the streets in protest. 

Of course, the youth activists of today are not the only ones addressing the same issues. Many sociologists and political analysts are speaking up as well, and yet, society at large still struggles. By and large, our society has leaned on co-dependent relationships with governments and religions. As much as individuals wish to thrive, they typically fear stepping outside of the boxes they’ve been told are designated for them. They find comfort in the ‘rules’ and are aware of the repercussions that could happen if they do what is right, as opposed to what they are told. Still, they conform. And that is exactly how we came to this Time and Space of Human Existence.  

The New Holy Trinity is an invitation for all Critical Thinkers to step forward and Come Together in Collaboration. To find all the best ways to ignite the parts of the human mind that Inspire Courage and the willingness to act on their own behalf, let alone, for the sake of their loved ones and future generations. To use the most intelligent parts of their mind, regardless of IQ, to see the truth outside of their limited perceptions and belief systems. To look at all the available solutions and find the best possible implementations in the shortest amount of time with as few resources as possible. To form and engage the councils that will lead us into our own Self Fulfilled Salvation

Inevitably, for the New Holy Trinity to succeed, as our body connects to Nature, and our mind connects to Critical Thinking, our spirit must connect to the final piece… Compassion

Compassion – The Spirit of the Son

Compassion is the primary function of Love. By definition, it is Empathy in the form of Sympathetic Concern for other’s potential or actual suffering. This is the cornerstone of integrating and embodying Oneness and Unity. It is also what the world needs the most, now more than ever before. Granted, if compassion had been Fully Present in the collective any time before now, we never would have ended up in this situation.

And, since we are facing this challenging present, we can use it as a launching pad for Empowerment. We can embrace the Above and Below we have to bring Our Best Selves and truly Embrace Our Fullest Potential

Remember that Compassion is more than a simple emotion, feeling, or a thought. It is about putting The Golden Rule into tangible action. Compassion asks you to Do For Others what you would desire them to do for you! Feeling compassion for another is just the invitation to Deliberate Action. Whether it’s political, financial, service based, or some other inspired action, Compassion goes far beyond feelings and prayers. 

Compassion is the gateway to Oneness, Unity, and Benevolence by its very virtue. For those who truly embody and experience compassion, self-education becomes compulsory. The vast majority of people don’t understand that even some of the most Well-Intentioned Choices can lead to the most disastrous outcomes, even if they don’t feel or see it directly. Mindfulness has to be implemented in one’s entire experience. It requires one to be truly Awake and Aware of what is happening in the world. It is not about becoming indoctrinated by the media, but more about understanding what is happening, what is causing it, and what would heal it. Asking really important questions and putting yourself in others’ shoes and really looking at things from their perspective as an act of Oneness and Unity. Looking at how your choices impact those you love, future generations, the rest of nature, your brothers and sisters around the planet, and even yourself in the long term. Keep in mind that compassion for your future self is an act of Self Love that can lead to greater overall Personal Integrity

It is important to reflect on what you are doing to harm or help your brothers and sisters on Planet Earth. What can you start doing or stop doing alleviate or eradicate your impact on those circumstances of suffering? What solutions are obvious within those opportunities that inspired you to experience and Express Compassion in the first place? 

The New Holy Trinity Embodied

When we collectively know our Connection To Nature, apply Critical Thinking into our choices, and act upon our capacity for Compassion, real change can begin. There are many options right now that will assist you in making passive impacts that relieve suffering. Simple changes in our excessive lifestyles and habits can have greater impacts than most know! It helps to take your Individual Power back while supporting Collective Efforts while fueling emerging movements that bring Positive and Progressive Change

Some of the options include simple things like not buying or using single-use plastics anymore, recycling, being generous with houseless people & animals, picking up litter, making yourself a Safe Space for others, and commuting less. Deeper dedication would be taking steps to go as green and heart-centered as possible including choices such as organic veganism, political action, social & environmental activism, acquiring a hybrid vehicle, living off the grid, Kindness Campaigns, choosing a new career with a cause, examining one’s privilege, or even starting your own Benevolent Corporation

Regardless of what each of us chooses, we have to do something. Anything. All life on Earth depends on us. No subculture of this current (un)civilization is free from the moral imperative of Global Transformation. Even those with developmental disabilities are capable of finding a purpose in picking up litter or volunteering with shelter animals. Those limited by health or physical disabilities that keep them bedridden are capable of signing and spreading awareness on important petitions and causes. Single mothers on limited budgets can cut factory farmed meats out of their family’s diet and take their children out into nature more often, even if it’s just an inner city park where they may see a few birds and squirrels. 

The New Holy Trinity is about true unity through Unified Intent and Deliberate Action for World Peace. Unity is turning World Peace and Environmental Restoration into our shared religion that becomes our cross-cultural way of life. It’s about using what we do have as a resource to make an impact. To do our part to Protect and Preserve Diversity as we simultaneously Liberate Everything and Everyone beginning with ourselves. It is about making The New Holy Trinity the foundation of all that we do, the guidelines for Life, Love, and Co-Existence and embodying the wisdom of The Golden Rule. And, I fully believe we are capable of doing this together For The Highest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each

May you all be blessed and may you be blessings to all! 

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