Pistis Sophia Chapter 47

‘Parsifal’ by Jean Delville 1890

Pistis Sophia Chapter 47

Jesus continued again in the discourse and said unto his disciples: “It came to pass then, when Pistis Sophia had uttered the seventh repentance in the chaos, that the commandment through the First Mystery had not come to me |83. to save her and lead her up out of the chaos. Nevertheless of myself out of compassion without commandment I led her into a somewhat spacious region in the chaos. And when the material emanations of Self-willed had noticed that she had been led into a somewhat spacious region in the chaos, they ceased a little to oppress her, for they thought that she would be led up out of the chaos altogether. When this then took place, Pistis Sophia did not know that I was her helper; nor did she know me at all, but she continued and persisted withal Singing Praises to the Light of the Treasury, which she had seen aforetime and on which she had had faith, and she thought that it [sc. the Light] also was her helper and it was the same to which she had sung praises, thinking it was The Light in Truth. But as indeed she had had Faith in the Light which belongeth to the Treasury in truth, therefore will she be led up out p. 70 of the chaos and her repentance will be accepted from her. But the commandment of the First Mystery was not yet accomplished to accept her repentance from her. But hearken now in order that I may tell you all things which befell Pistis Sophia.

“It came to pass, when I had led her unto a somewhat spacious region in the chaos, that the emanations of Self-willed ceased entirely to oppress her, thinking that she would be led up out of the chaos altogether. It came to pass then, when |84. the emanations of Self-willed had noticed that Pistis Sophia had not been led up out the chaos, that they turned about again all together, oppressing her vehemently. Because of this then she uttered the eighth repentance, because they had not ceased to oppress her, and had turned about to oppress her to the utmost. She uttered this repentance, saying thus:

“‘1. On thee, O Light, have I hoped. Leave me not in the chaos; deliver me and save me according to thy gnosis.

“‘2. Give heed unto me and save me. Be unto me a saviour, O Light, and save me and lead me unto thy light.

“‘3. For thou art my saviour and wilt lead me unto thee. And because of the mystery of thy name lead me and give me thy mystery.

“‘4. And thou wilt save me from this lion-faced power, which they have laid as a snare for me, for thou art my saviour.

“‘5. And in thy hands will I lay the purification of my light; thou hast saved me, O Light, according to thy gnosis.

“‘6. Thou art become wroth with them who p. 71 keep watch over me and will not be able to lay hold of me utterly. But I have had faith in the Light.

“‘7. I will rejoice and will sing praises that thou hast had mercy upon me and hast heeded and saved me from the oppression in which I was. And thou wilt set free my power out of the chaos.

“‘8. And thou hast not left me in the hand of the lion-faced power; but thou hast led me into a region which is not oppressed.'”


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