Spiritual Warfare: The Bearers of False Gifts & Broken Promises

Note: I began writing this piece on an emerging spiritual warfare trend months ago… something internal took a pause. It was an Intuition telling me there were vital facts and perspectives necessary to speak of this as accurately as possible. There was More To See and Experience before I would truly be able to Receive the Entire Revelation

During this exploration period, polarities presented themselves in my awareness in a way that solidified the spectrum of this phenomena, as well as the medicine for it. And as you could probably easily guess, the answers is Love. Because Love Is The Answer to Everything

It was Within The Womb of Love where The Greatest Revelations and layers upon layers of Self Liberation would occur. It was a Deep Dive into even more clarity that showed me the Finer Nuances of tactics, infectious behaviors, and  the current Human Condition that is permeating the Collective Conscious to a degree that will require a recipe of Ingenuity, Patience, and Unconditional Love to Resolve and Heal the shared trauma being experienced by the masses that are lost in confusion and chaos. The good news is that there is a very possible Happy Ending because we are in the most Fertile Grounds we’ve ever known in history to Plant Healthy Seeds of Knowledge and Wisdom for the New Paradigm

Please know that this information is not shared to incite fear. Similar to describing the childbirth process in detail, some of this may invoke a sense of discomfort or fear, but I also promise to share Hope and Actionable Solutions to transmute any negative energies within and empower you to be a part of the efforts to Become Victorious Together. It is also important to be wary of spiritual bypass, which I address multiple times in this essay. 

Spiritual warfare is something that has been spoken of for thousands of years primarily as a Metaphysical Metaphor for the Journey of Life. It was typically referenced in regards to The Internal Process of fighting the original ‘Satan’, which was understood to be the human ego until modern Christianity twisted mythology to suit their agenda(s) to weaponize scriptures as a means of oppressive control of rapidly growing populations and world leaders. Many a prophet has predicted that there would come a time when spiritual warfare would take over the entire planet in an ultimate battle for the hearts, minds, and souls of ‘The Righteous‘ or ‘Holy Ones‘. And to me, it is painfully obvious that this event is happening now. 

If We Are Honest with ourselves, we can see this spiritual warfare happening. Many have even been unknowingly complicit in it and driving it. The first time I became Personally Aware of how deeply it had infected Spiritual Communities was in 2017 when the message below channeled through me. I quickly realized that it had been working so well, that it had evolved in an extremely subtle, but effective way. And yet, the antidote was an obvious Solution Within The Challenge being presented. In a way, it was a Blessing In Disguise

As many of you are aware, waves of expansion have been washing over all of you and more and more of your people are stirring from their slumber. In their vulnerable state of waking, they can easily be lulled back to sleep by the present planetary influences which desire to hold their existing false authority and imposed power by holding the newly awakened in the darkness of their ignorance and wounding, or they can be gently woken further by the light of those of you who have mastered the philosophies and wisdoms of the future paradigm that wishes to come through at this time…

The PsyOp War

When I originally channeled the message above, I had seen something Extremely Intelligent spreading through social media and Interpersonal Interactions. I saw a viral infection that was creating a full-blown war against and between the very people sent here to Help Humanity. It was a Powerful Force that was creating chaos and spreading through exposure and infection, playing on the weaknesses of our psychology. 

A tsunami of polarizing information came through from every direction. It was obvious that it was a form of ‘psyops’ (psychological operations) designed to divide the masses and shred the growing Sense of Unity that was quickly gaining momentum. This is a tactic originated with the US military and eventually employed by marketing strategists. It also hides in plain sight, unapologetically, spoken of on government websites. It uses the media (radio, television, and print) to incept subliminal programming into the collective. You can refer to the two public sources below if you’re not sure what I’m talking about:

“Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.”

Source: Wikipedia

“Born from the counterpropaganda and resistance efforts of World War I, modern-day Psychological Operations Soldiers use the power of influence to shape the global security environment and achieve United States national security goals.”

Source: GoArmy dot com (I’m not inviting them to my site with a link back… this is easily google-able)

The developing trends in these sabotage efforts were (and still are) targeting the Greater Collective, and it had moved into the Spiritual and Conscious Communities, on and offline, in profound ways. It was Perfectly Designed to divide and aggravate, cause self-doubt, promote fear, challenge intuition, and generally create toxic anarchy. It was scrambling the quickly actualizing Peace Efforts and dissolving previously evolving notions of True Oneness and Unity

In 2016, the world at large received an influx of negative exposure to true and false news. We had been slowly sliding into, and eventually, fell face first into what is being called ‘the post-truth era’. We were all left with little ability to Discern the Actual Truth vs. insidious lies and which sources were credible or involved in a much greater conspiracy (that would eventually be revealed). This created an extremely distrustful collective, which enabled and accelerated even greater separation. It was also a blatant and powerful form of sabotage against a large number of Light Bringers.

Those who were most vulnerable to the highly contagious mind viruses were being pulled down swiftly resulting in tragic consequences. By 2017, I was personally aware of, and experienced in my own life, a skyrocketing number of conflicts among lifelong friends, separations of Notorious Spiritual and Power Couples, empath suicides, exponential addiction statistics, dissolution of Peace Movements, activist arrests with extended convictions, and even the corruption of High Profile Spiritual/Conscious Events and Festivals that left many in shock and awe.

Moving through 2018 and 2019, mainstream statistics and anecdotal observations were showing that it had become a psychological pandemic of epic proportions. Even as I type this, in mid February of 2020, we are considered to be in the ‘Age of Rage‘ and facing a true viral pandemic 

There is virtually no corner of the physical or digital world that isn’t riddled with conflict, suffering, or degradation at this point, and no Good Cause has been spared. Many have come to realize that ‘The Event’ Is Happening. Our ‘time’ to act is Now or Never.  We are all invited to Be The Change We Wish To See and to Set New Examples as the Wayshowers and Lightbringers who have come to Guide Humanity Back To Harmony and Balance in all ways. Above, below, within, without, in body, mind, and spirit and in thought, word, and deed.

All of our habits, traditions, beliefs, behaviors, and choices are being called into examination for their levels of Integrity, Alignment, Regeneration, Empowerment, and their propensity to Bring Love and Liberation to and for All Life On Earth. Old paradigm ways being painted with Spiritual Glitter will not make it through our collective bottleneck, as it is facing the planet’s sixth mass extinction event. This, in and of itself, has implications in spiritual and physical terms. Humanity’s Success relies heavily on alignment with The Highest Good of All Through the Individual Fulfillment of Each. Moreover, the actualization of collective Balance and Harmony by finding the Centerpoint of All Extremes

A New Paradigm of Peace

Every test we are facing right now, individually and collectively, is an invitation to find Heart Centered Answers and Soulutions that can lead us all to a Paradigm of Peace. If we Remain Mindful of this potential, and Open To Receive the wisdom and knowledge necessary to co-create and manifest this reality into existence, we can witness a Fair, Equitable, Prosperous, Regenerative and Peaceful World utilizing Visionary Ideas Inspired by Love quite rapidly!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
– Buckminster Fuller

We can all observe the individuals and patterns that are propagating these spiritual warfare tactics to decipher the mechanics. Many of us have the ability to reverse engineer the Regenerative Solutions on a social level that can help build the bridge between this current state of existence on Earth to a world and Culture of Peace. It is all intertwined with the Universal Laws of Polarity & Duality and can easily be integrated through the principles of The New Holy Trinity and regular Mindfulness Practices.

Truly, when we Reconnect to Nature, combining Perfect Love and Perfect Wisdom to find Compassion, employing Critical Thinking, and committing to our self-loving Mindfulness Practices, we can See The Truth. I am also a firm believer that if we can perceive the problem, we can Perceive the Solution. We can also Be the Solution.

Always Love All Ways

To begin the process, I invite you to consider Observing the Phenomenon through The Lens of Benevolence and Compassion. In doing so, we can easily see that most of the people knowingly or unknowingly serving in this veritable ‘army of darkness’ already had a compromised Spiritual Immune System. In other words, combinations of their individual choices, circumstances, diets, substance use, addictions, lifestyle, beliefs, fears, imbalances, mental states, materialistic inclinations, insecurities, jealousies, unhealthy relationships, loneliness, and so forth, allowed for pre-existing vulnerabilities within their Level of Consciousness

If you are reading this, it is likely you already understand that our internal energies and levels of consciousness are in a Constant State of Flux. As with All Things In The Universe, they are also consistently seeking Balance, Equilibrium, and Harmony. This process can be easily associated with the Water Element. In this very Diverse World we incarnated into, we Observe the Realities of this Physical Realm and experience Empathic and Emotional Responses that influence our entire experience. 

We are obligated to show others how to Always Love In All Ways. Almost every challenge Earth As a Community is experiencing right now is based on the opposite. Egocentric and ethnocentric ideologies that have far-reaching multilayered entropic effects. When we bring ourselves to a Cosmocentric (or Pluralist) state of mind, we elevate our state of being, become a Reality Surfer, and have the ability to influence many and bring them with us. This is Transcendence. No matter what your starting point is, you have the ability to achieve this at an accelerated speed, as you are simply releasing the illusory weight that is holding you in the lower states in order to rise up to your natural state. 

Here is the most important warning I will give you before you read further. This does not condone, and cannot be achieved, through spiritual bypass or willful ignorance. Righteous anger, valid grief, and awareness of the injustices and imbalances in the world are a part of this process. You cannot envision, implement, or be the True Solution(s) if you cannot be Deeply Honest about the nature of the reality here on the physical plane, even while it is veiled in excuses and shrouded in lies. Absolute Authenticity in all of its forms and expressions is fundamental to these processes. 

Bringing Light Into The Darkness

Spiritual Bypass 

One of the more frustrating pieces of this spiritual warfare is how it has so heavily fertilized and nurtured the seeds of spiritual bypass. If you’re not 111% sure what I’m talking about, read this article by Dr. Robert Masters that explains spiritual bypassing in a comprehensive way. Spiritual bypassing is one of the most toxic habits anyone can have and it has far reaching consequences that most don’t even realize. It is the bullet that shatters Your Fullest Potential and poisons the impact you have on the world. It is the exact opposite of ‘doing the work’. I fully believe that it was something that was implanted into the community, very consciously, in order to play upon the weaknesses of those just waking from their existential slumbers, in a way that would derail them from the path they were accelerating on. Again, just like Cambridge Analytica proved, many are ‘persuadables’, and the communities of spiritual seekers looking for answers to the confusion they find when they ‘open their eyes’ are very simple prey to target. It also means something much more than that, in regards to the Collective Conscious, which I will address in another piece in the future. 

So, what are some of the most common forms of spiritual bypass to be aware of in yourself or others, with discernment and not judgment?

False positivity is the most powerful and most widespread of the symptoms. Suppressing your emotions with false positivity will not achieve anything more than a greater risk of vulnerability and holding in the negativity in a way that becomes toxic as well. No matter how ‘enlightened’ you are, you are still a soul having a human experience, and that comes with a diverse palette of emotions. It’s important to Be True To Your Emotions, process them in a way that lets them fully move through you, listen to them, realize they are transient, completely and healthily purging them, and then integrating their message. I am not the first person, and will likely not be the last, to address this issue. Forced positivity is toxic to you and everyone around you. 

The most unfortunate emerging trend is the number of people turning to suicide and how often this is because of being turned away by their ‘friends’ and those they should be able to trust for support. For being told they are ‘toxic or negative’ for feeling any sort of depression, overwhelm, or otherwise asking another to hold space for their pain. The world is a very challenging place right now, and on a planet of over 7.7 billion people, no one should ever feel alone, and yet so many do due to the harmfully dismissive western culture habits of pushing people away when they need emotional support. For that matter, we have become a society that shames those asking for any type of help and this has to stop. As an Interdependent Species, we should all feel safe asking for any kind of help when we need it, and there should never be shame in asking or shame projected when asked. Understandably, one may not have the strength or bandwidth to Benevolently Hold Space for another at that moment, but that is no reason to shame them for asking. Perhaps help connect them with another healer that does have the space to share. 

False positivity is also being used as another weapon in this spiritual warfare against intimacy, vulnerability, and conflict resolution that are skills we all need to master if we are going to make it to the next level of our conscious evolution and Bring Humanity To a New Era of Sustainable Peace. It has been commonplace for Conscious Beings to be ostracized from their peer communities for addressing issues of inappropriate actions within the group, speaking openly about their inner struggles, addiction, addressing ‘controversial’ or ‘inconvenient’ topics such as Social Justice (including cultural appropriation, privilege, racism, etc.), politics, or simply making a human mistake. If we are to be True Light Bringers, we must be able to confront difficult conversations and issues. We must be able to address them in regenerative ways that can be replicated all over the world. If we cannot develop emotional intelligence and maturity, as well as protocols around things this basic, we have completely forsaken the purpose for Our Mission and Presence On This Planet

In the polarity of this, we can no longer excuse ourselves or anyone else for any unnecessary violence against others in any way. We have to use resources, tools, methods, and communication styles that eliminate and alleviate as much of the aggression of the past as possible in order to invite in and invoke the peace and harmony of tomorrow. This includes macroaggressions, microaggressions, and passive aggression. By no means am I saying that pacifism is going to solve the issues, but what is fundamental to the cause of moving the world into a truly equitable and harmonious era is eliminating as much unnecessary aggression as possible.

It all comes back to Balance. Calling people in, as opposed to calling them out. Enlightening, and educating instead of shaming. Empowering instead of punishing. Aligning instead of alienating. I will be writing a separate piece just on this topic, however, I want to make sure it is understood that all forms of unnecessary aggression taught or learned, in any scenario or situation, is part of what we are trying to heal the world of. In and of itself, this is a heavy topic as it is a part of our daily lives in an extremely diverse world interacting with each other instantaneously every second, every day, via social media and other outlets. What kind of digital and energetic signature are we leaving in our wake?

It is our individual responsibility to Take Full Accounting and Accountability of our actions, regardless of anyone else’s and regardless of our circumstances. This doesn’t mean we invalidate or negate The Truth of others’ actions, individually or systemically, but that we are proactive in all the ways we can be to advocate for ourselves and others. Being proactive includes using tools and methods that are likely to bring about the most positive outcomes and impacts for all involved, asking for help when we need it, and really being honest with ourself when it’s time to take a step back to regroup and recharge, or simply walk away from an unwinnable battle.

That said, being victimized is different than victimhood. Victimization happens to all of us in some way or another in our lifetime and does not discriminate. Trauma is a daily collective experience and the levels of oppression are subconsciously affecting everyone that is aware of the planet’s current affairs with the system that is in place right now. Even the aggressors and oppressors are experiencing the weight of the hatred and resistance due to the causes they’re promoting. The world is filled with wounded soldiers on both sides of the war right now.

Where victimization becomes a much deeper problem is when it becomes victimhood. Victimization is a form of experiencing something traumatic, cruel or unjust. Victimhood is a disempowering state of mind, as opposed to An Empowered Path of Healing. It is an extremely damaging habit or belief of the mind, often passed from one generation to the next. This can include everything from racial oppression, addiction, poverty, ignorance, religious martyrdom, and all manner of oppression. It becomes a self fulfilling pattern that insists upon itself, oftentimes propagating more of the same root cause into the individual or group’s experience. It is reflected out of the individual and into the world as excusing oneself for harmful behaviors, apathy, inaction, and a lot more that is harmful to the individual and others. 

We must Be The Hero of our own story and Empower Ourselves to find the best exit strategy and healing from any form of trauma, illness, oppression, or other social dis-ease we have experienced, or are currently experiencing. When we do this, we can also Lead Others to Their Redemption as well. When we spiritually bypass our own issues, make excuses for ourselves or others, and remain in a victimhood mentality, while we Know In Our Hearts that our destiny is to be of assistance during this time, we are abandoning ourselves and many others. 

The Spiritual Path is about Self Exploration, Evolution, Realization, and Actualization. It is equally available to all. To fully actualize we must overcome the temptations of spiritually bypassing our shadows, less than benevolent personality traits, or (mis)behavioral habits. Instead, use the Self Loving Spiritual Tools you have access to, such as Meditation and Divine Mirror Work, in order to see oneself fully and completely, be open to receiving critical feedback from others, and be honest about your own internal energies. Be willing to look within before blaming another, and even then, reflect on where you can do better in the moment and as you move forward. Dive Deep into your own darkness and pull up the roots of all that presents as anything other than Love

Consciously take back your power, Create Healthy Boundaries, and apply self discipline to Heal, Grow, and Evolve. Learn the, sometimes, subtle differences and nuances between boundaries and walls, and be careful that your boundaries are not a form of running or avoidance. True self work can be very uncomfortable and can involve elements of confrontation or conflict, within or without, which can still be addressed through standards of Benevolent Compassion and Patience while remembering that we are all still learning. 

When interacting with others in any way, it is vital to remember that you may not have all the facts, might be wrong, might be imposing your own beliefs or opinions that have nothing to do with theirs, or entirely misperceiving a situation that is based on ill informed assumptions. What influence are you having on others? Is it helping to Create Solutions? Are you preventing or creating further separation with a ‘me vs them’, or ‘us vs them’ mentality, as opposed to Unity Consciousness?

We can Hold Compassion and Accountability at the same time. Seek to understand before being understood. It is important to Raise Awareness of predatory and/or harmful people, organizations, situations, behaviors and other adverse issues. It is also important to ensure that we do so in Healing Ways to avoid even greater harm. A guideline to follow is to only address an issue if you have a solution to offer, or are inviting a conversation to bring clarity and possible solutions around the issue being addressed. Otherwise, we are irresponsibly dumping more toxic waste into the oversaturated sludge of information that is already overwhelming the minds of the masses with an imbalance that requires them to fend for themselves. There are far too many vulnerable people these days that don’t have the ability to process and manage the amount of negative exposure they take on in a day. Our first rule in all that we do should be to Do No Harm.  Imagine what the world would be like if the ultimate goal of every conversation and interaction had a common result of Problem Resolution and More Peace Created in the world!  

You can find Nonviolent Communication resources at this link. They are Infinitely Valuable for those in Leadership Positions that may be asked by their heart or community to facilitate difficult conversations. 

UnSacred Sexuality

As deeply sad and misfortunate as it is, sexually inappropriate behaviors and events are still making it past Religious and Spiritual Gatekeepers Communities. For that matter, many of the most unfortunate events are taking place inside of them, sometimes orchestrated by them, and often covered up by them. The world is also becoming more aware of the shocking amount of sex trafficking that is present worldwide. It is easy to understand how such a Powerful and Creative Energy would be targeted and attacked via fear and trauma. In an increasingly unhappy populace at risk of starting an Apocalyptic Revolution, sexual fear and dysfunction, as well as greater distrust among individuals (furthering illusions of separation), can also limit the Creative Centers of the Mind that are responsible for Higher States of Consciousness capable of finding Pathways to Liberation from the oppressors. 

Manipulation or sexual violations by anyone in a position of power and influence, such as one who is pretending to play the role of teacher, healer, guru, or any other Influential Role in someone’s life cannot be ignored. Preying on another is never acceptable and we cannot allow spiritual bypass, apathetic excuses, or gaslighting to take place at all. We are each Directly Responsible for tackling these issues whenever they are brought into our awareness.

Likewise, we also need to Be Vigilant around the other side of this issue. False claims, regret based accusations, exaggerated stories, fabricated allegations and other abusive tools intended to punish or persecute another to satisfy some narcissistic or psychopathic desire of another are equally insidious. We must hold these offenders just as liable as the true predators and ensure that we aren’t jumping on their bandwagons without just cause. By the way, simply because you don’t like someone is not a reason to be quicker to believe they are a predator when an unhealthy person with an unhealthy mind is accusing them. Again, we have to be True Warriors of Discernment

Regardless of the truth of any circumstance, Restorative Justice is The Ultimate Solution and simultaneously The Most Loving and Regenerative Solution for all involved. Moving from one paradigm to another requires Parallel Systems to be envisioned, implemented, and perfected to make the old systems of broken justice and institutionalization obsolete. Restorative justice is not just used in sexual misconduct scenarios, but it is a truly regenerative solution in these specific cases. It’s also a recommended concept to study for all other forms of harm or crime, intentional or not, as we move through this Collective Evolution

Returning back to the main theme, Sacred Sexuality does not translate to prude, monogamous, committed, or any other specific association we may have considered it to be in the past. But, it does invite and represent Conscious Levels of Respect for others while we Push The Boundaries of Possibility in our personal Sexual Expressions. It is about Empowered Sexuality to whatever degree each individual identifies their orientation to be and wishes to explore and express their sexuality. It is a willingness to Accept and Respect all the diverse ways Divinity Is Experiencing Sensuality and Intimacy Through us. For some, that may reflect out as asexuality, and for others, it may be a very active sex life filled with many partners. The only defining factor that determines if it is sacred (new paradigm) or not (old paradigm) is the level of Self Love and Awareness involved, as well as acknowledgment of The Divinity Within by all participating in a sexual experience, no matter how vanilla, chocolate, or rocky road it gets!

When we dwell in old paradigm ways of objectification, disconnected hookups, selfish physical pleasure seeking, and sexual violence, we are giving in to lower primal States of Consciousness that inhibit our evolution and make us far more susceptible to the mind and body infections that create disharmony inside and out of our bodies, taking on dense, dark energies of co-dependence and dysfunction. The Return to Sacred Sexuality is simply about eliminating dis-eases and misalignments within our sexual experiences and embracing The True Nature of Intimacy, Divine Union, and Soul Connections in physical expressions that bring us the pleasure and inevitable Love Bombs that blast out Healing Waves of Transcendence

Patriarchal Spirituality  

What most of us know as ‘popular spirituality’ today, is actually a continued system of the oppressive patriarchal structures that have mainstream roots. In fact, as controversial as it may be, the actual beginnings of the New Age Movement began with the Theosophical Society in the late 19th century, founded by Helena Blavatsky who is known as ‘The Grandmother of the New Age‘, who was a Russian aristocrat in search of answers away from an unsatisfactory Orthodox upbringing. In essence, she weaved together  multiple Spiritual Philosophies, Paths, and Concepts that she had discovered throughout her world travels while standing on the foundations of other Courageous Thinkers

The ‘Age of Enlightenment‘ had begun in Europe during the 17th century.  The concept was somewhat of a rebellion against the church and was primarily popular with those who had the privilege of wealth, time, and education. It had an emphasis on autodidactic Intellectualism and the idea of the ability self guide one’s personal Conscious Evolution with the goal of Transcending the Human Condition without the interference or assistance of any deities. By the early part of the 19th century, this had caught a decent amount of attention, and eventually birthed an emerging fascination with Spiritism, the exploration of souls, or spirits. It theorized and attempted to investigate the nature of Spirit’s purpose and destiny absent of a traditional religious context.  

The Theosophical Society came into fruition alongside these two coinciding movements that were primarily comprised of white European descendants and the Evangelical Revival in the USA. Helena Blavatsky was stepping into a dirty arena where women were typically not allowed and had a lot of external pressures from varying sources, including attempted sabotage and successful theft of intellectual property within her own organization by men who were threatened by her growing influence. Needless to say, as Brave and Courageous as she was, she was still a vulnerable human during a very controversial time and much of her work, while still highly regarded, quoted, and genetically embedded into most New Age circles, were under constant attack and scrutiny.

In essence, her agenda was to create a synthesis of science, philosophy, and all available religious ideas to Revive Ancient Wisdom and show that there were other paths, different ways, and alternate perspectives on our purpose, place, and relationship with the cosmos, and the gnosis and esotericism that could lead us to our Ultimate State of Liberated Apotheosis. She promoted vegetarianism and veganism, benevolence and goodness, the equality of all sentient life, rejected supremacy or authoritarianism of any kind, and highlighted our ability to thrive outside of patriarchal religions that were dominating the world at that time. Whether she was the initial trigger point, or simply the most notable target at the time, she was at the beginning of a direct and intense attack on Humanity’s Consciousness coming to light. 

(a) All men have spiritually and physically the same origin, which is the fundamental teaching of Theosophy. (b) As mankind is essentially of one and the same essence, and that essence is one — infinite, uncreate, and eternal, whether we call it God or Nature — nothing, therefore, can affect one nation or one man without affecting all other nations and all other men. This is as certain and as obvious as that a stone thrown into a pond will, sooner or later, set in motion every single drop of water therein. — The Key to Theosophy, p. 41

What happened, before and after her death in 1891, was a fractal expansion of the ideas she presented that were birthed into the world. This includes The I Am Movement, The Lucis Trust, The Summit Lighthouse, and many other religious organizations that angered Christian traditions, as well as influencing a lot of controversial people such as Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Aleister Crowley, Rudolf Steiner and, sadly, Adolf Hitler. For better or worse, her influence had far reaching impacts in the world that cannot be undone, and have often been (intentionally and unintentionally) taken out of context, misrepresented and perverted

Unfortunately, much of what she started was hijacked once again by what became known as patriarchal spirituality. Jeff Brown summarizes this continuation of oppressive and suppressive old paradigm spiritual dogma carried over from controlling religions of the past. Primarily rooted in Abrahamic Traditions, these are further disempowering teachings that pull us even further away from our actual Inner Peace Actualization, let alone the idea of Enlightenment:

Those ungrounded and inhumane ‘spiritual’ models that have been fostered by emotionally armored, self-avoidant men. These models share some or all of the following beliefs: the ego is the enemy of a spiritual life, the ‘monkey mind’ is the cause of suffering, your feelings are an illusion, your personal identifications and stories are necessarily false, witnessing your pain transforms it, your body is a spiritually bankrupt toxic quagmire, the only real consciousness is an ‘absolute’ and ‘transcendent’ one, stillness and silence are THE path, isolation is the best way to access ‘higher states’, there is no “self”, meditation is THE royal road to enlightenment, enlightenment actually exists, formlessness over form, the ultimate path is upward and vertical, real spirituality exists independent of our humanness etc. In fact, most of it as a blatant lie… Read More

These false narratives of spirituality aim to oppress, not Liberate Everyone and Everything. It is often theorized, and I believe, that this was done intentionally with insidious goals to obscure human perceptions of self and the universe as a whole. This form of pseudo-spirituality still relies heavily on fear and judgment based dogma and is riddled with race and gender supremacy ideas and practices (including cultural appropriation and misappropriation of others’ sacred traditions), apathetic pacifism, willful ignorance, and is the poison that causes all the symptoms I’ve discussed above.

It is the opposite of what Helena’s hopes were for the future of humanity’s Spiritual Revolution. She was a firm believer that all Spiritual and Religious Paths contain pieces of truth in them, although none are a Complete Truth, in spite of many holding a claim to being the only truth. Nonetheless, there elements within each of them that are variations of identical philosophies. These have come to be known as Universal Truths.

One of the primary universal truths, worded and spoken in several variations, speaks of not causing harm. Of course, even harm is a relative term. That said, in the most general sense, ‘do no harm’ would imply you are not impeding or infringing upon the free will of any other sentient being, nor causing pain, suffering, or abuse, or otherwise limiting another being’s Existential Experience without their request or consent. This was the cornerstone of Helena’s messages, as well as the many other Wise Messengers who have taught on this planet. It is also the one that is most ignored by humankind as evidenced in every aspect of our culture and the spiritual warfare we are experiencing now. 

As I’ve stated clearly throughout this essay, this war is enveloping our planet and blanketing it with racism, oppression in all forms, abuse of sexual energies, corruption of all kinds, mind games, encouraged apathy and inaction, distractions, willful ignorance, and detrimental perversions and attacks on spirituality as a means of suppressing the Conscious Evolution required in order to bring us through a dramatic Paradigm Shift that fulfills our shared vision of a Truly Peaceful World. It is not accidental, and depending on the perspective you hold, we have all been victimized by it. That does not mean we have to be a victim of it. 

Nature vs Nurture

I have no doubt that every single person that reads this is meant to. That it is not a coincidence, but Divinely Guided. This world may have attempted to ‘nurture’ you as a recruited member of the army of darkness, and it is possible you even assisted for a time, but this does not have to be the case anymore. It is your True Divine Nature to Be Here Now as one of the ones who will Lift This World Into Its Highest Glory.

Within your heart is a piece of the Blueprints of Heaven On Earth. If you are reading this, you are destined to be a Love Warrior in the Army of Light that has come to bring All Life On Earth into it’s fullest Harmony and Balance through a world that satisfies the Highest Good of All Through The Individual Fulfillment of Each. Whether you are Actively Engaged With Your Mission right now and it is time to Level Up, or, you are not even sure what your mission is just yet, you can start now. 

It All Starts Within!

Each and every one of us is right where we are meant to be and can always do better. This is the Clarion Call to the Army of Light Bringers to fully engage with Love Ops now. There has never been a more urgent moment. All Life On Earth is counting on us. There is a lot of work to do, and we all have a part in it.

Are You Ready?

I invite you to deeply consider the following:

  • Do you want World Peace
  • How do you personally define World Peace?
  • Are you personally committed and actively engaged in bringing your thoughts, words, and actions into Harmonious Alignment with World Peace?
  • Do you feel that you can make greater Internal and External Contributions towards The Co-Creation of World Peace?
  • Do you want all Sentient Beings to fully Know True Peace and Love?
  • Are you open to the possibility that the Answers and Solutions to humanity’s greatest questions and challenges are hiding in plain sight?

We can do this together. 

Let there be Love, Light, Peace, Prosperity, Security, Community, Abundance, Harmony, Liberation, Balance, Knowledge, Wisdom, Vitality, Creativity, and All Good Things For All! 

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