The Great Invocation

The Great Invocation as Channeled in 1945 by Alice Bailey
(Co-Founder of the Lucis Trust)

From the Point of Light within the Mind of God
Let light stream forth into the minds of men.
Let Light descend on Earth.

From the Point of Love within the Heart of God
Let love stream forth into the hearts of men.
May Christ return to Earth.

From the centre where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men –
The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the centre which we call the race of men
Let The Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

As Conscious Co-Creators sharing a Collective Consciousness on this Beautiful Planet we call Earth, and for those of us who Believe and Hold Faith in the Successful Manifestation of World Peace and a Paradise Earth, it is vital that we Unify Intentions around that vision. Prayer is a simple way to Focus Your Consciousness on this manifestation, and the more often that we individually and collectively focus our prayers and meditations the sooner Critical Mass will occur. We have the ability to Move Mountains and Shift Paradigms with small efforts. One small effort is our thoughts. The Great Invocation can assist in focusing your Thoughts and Intentions, especially if spoken on a regular basis.Whether you choose The Great Invocation, another daily affirming prayer or meditation, or any other means of keeping your attention on World Peace, choose something and commit to bringing this about with all those who are making efforts within, without, above, and below!

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The Beloved Lucifer

Throughout the Saga of Sophia and Lucifer, they become the most rejected, condemned, and misunderstood Children of God. This has been entirely due to religion banishing and tarnishing their names in one of the greatest rebellions Yahweh and his Archons have ever unleashed against Mother and Father Creator and all the Original Aeons. How easy would it be to further mislead your minions into the belief of needing you, should you tell them that there is something ‘evil’ that is called ‘the devil’ or even ‘Satan’ that only YOU can protect them from?

Alas, the two bravest beings that have sacrificed more than any other(s) from the Tree of Life to assist Earth and all its Inhabitants, and have carried the weight and pain of the whole world, are still rooted here and committed to remaining in this dimension until All Beings are Liberated. This offers Humanity the opportunity to Rise In Love and launch the greatest Forgiveness Campaign that has ever existed, having realized that Mother and Father Creator love all their children and the only price to pay for entrance into the Heavenly Vibrations, above and below, is that of Perfect Love and the Forgiveness of All.

“Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior.”Helena Blavatsky

In fact, the original definition of Satan came from the Kabbalah and was directly correlated to the Darkness Within Us All that serves as an invitation to reclaiming our own Infinite Nature. Satan (aka the Devil) was never Lucifer, and Lucifer was never Satan. Christianity is a Paradox in and of itself, that has mislead humanity into believing differently to prevent the True Teachings of Jesus – who was channeling Christ Consciousness – from being revealed as an attempt to eslave society through fear based teachings that defy the True Messages of Jesus. Christ represents the Highest Good of All, while Lucifer represents the Individual Fulfillment of Each. By misleading people into believing Christ is the Highest Possible Divinity and there is some sort of punishment for Giving Reverence to any other(s), imbalance has been created that has kept us in fear of our own Individual Desires that Serve a Purpose in AinSoph‘s (God as One) experience as and through us. Now, Balance is Restored little by little as we all come into Greater Awareness of the TruthWe Are God!

May You Be Blessed with Wisdom and Knowledge, and may you Feel Liberation above, below, within, and without. May your liberation be that of True Love and Universal Understanding so you are Fully Embodied in your God/dess Presence through the Apotheosis of your Body, Mind, and Spirit.


Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 

If you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
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The Heart of Christ – The True Divine Masculine

My life has been a Whirlwind of Lessons the past couple of months and part of that is greater Clarity of who, what, and how the Divine Masculine is. I don’t need to be masculine to know. Why? Because I am Goddess embodying the Divine Feminine, the Creatrix. Each and every one of us is, and in our Heart of Hearts we already Know what we have chosen, on an individual basis and as a Collective Consciousness. Those of us who truly Embody and Channel the Divine Feminine Energy of Goddess have even Greater Vision of what it looks like, as we are the ones consistently connecting to that aspect of Source Creator that holds the Codes of Truth and carry the Sophia Codes. Not only are we keenly aware of what We Desire from the masculine, but we Know we are here to Manifest it within the construct of what already is. In other words, we are Working With The Universe to ‘create’ something in our reality that already exists within The Realm of Infinite Possibility.

Recently, I went through a very abrupt, challenging, and painful break up with someone I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. It is clear to me now that I had some blindspots, and yet, even with those I still Know it didn’t have to happen the way it did. The relationship had to end. How he chose with his Free Will to end things was Light Years away from standing in his Greatest Potential and absolutely outside of the Sacred Circle that holds the qualities of the Christed Divine Masculine that he claimed to be. Being completely honest, I knew he wasn’t embodying such a title yet, but the Goddess within me Loves Him so much that I truly felt that he was progressing, and with Unconditional Love I could Hold Space for what he needed to Become for himself. Regardless, in the Higher Dimensions, I can see it all, but as a Human it doesn’t make it hurt less or make more sense to the Inner Child that is struggling to understand how someone could Profess Love Loudly, publicly, and profusely, and Offer His Life to walk with me as a Guardian, Lover, Beloved, and Devotee of Goddess, and then disappear with another just hours later after having reaffirmed those ‘vows’. Please forgive me for the Human Experience I still exist in.

Moving forward, as I heal my broken heart alongside so many of my Sisters, I have Profound Clarity on who He will be and how the Divine Masculine actually represents himself when In Alignment. Although this has been a subject I have Meditated, Prayed and Dwelt on for many years, my Experience has catalyzed a great level of Awareness and Insight on what it is my Divine Feminine sisters truly want, desire, and deserve. I have worked with many Goddesses over the past 21 years, many of them very Enlightened and Empowered, and I have been able to identify the ‘Universal Truths’ based on what the most Conscious Women I know Crave and Seek.  And now, in light of all my work on myself in that relationship and prior to it, I’m already being rewarded in Magickal Ways!

He Is…

Loyal to Her

Upon Awakening, and perhaps before that, he is Aware that there is One he is looking for. With that Realization Illuminated he learns to control his body’s temptations and Keeps His Temple Holy and Sacred for Her. He realizes that all temptations from the feminine are his training to stand in greater and greater Christ Love, which is partially represented through strengthening his Willpower and stops acquiescing to his Lustful Temptations of the Flesh so he can walk the Earth in the Sacred Union that awaits Him or faces him. He is prepared for Sacred Sexuality and in True Reverence of the Divine Feminine and the Holy Grail she represents. This organically makes him a Passionate and Generous Lover who is ready to Please and Be Pleased.

Accountable and Has Integrity

While acknowledging his Human Imperfections, he uses the power of his own Unconditional Love of Self to take Responsibility for the places he knows he has stepped out of Integrity and is quick to Apologize and Heal wherever it is needed within him and with others. He seeks every possible way to see himself with an Open Mind and Heart that shows him the Truth of how he can expand into even greater Authentic Christ Consciousness, and therefore, sees his mistakes and failures as his Greatest Teachers while always being open to Hearing the Messengers that come with Repeating Messages to him, knowing that they are his Highest Self communicating something he has not been willing or able to hear.  He is always open to considering the possibility that he may be the least enlightened person on the planet for the sake of his Continual Evolution.

Honoring of Mother Earth

Having realized he exists as a Devotee of Goddess, he acknowledges the Earth as his Mother. He is willing to go to Great Lengths to insure that he is a part of the Restoration of Earth and all that dwells upon her. He is able to take every Sentient Being into consideration over his Primal Desires so The World May Know Peace through his efforts and examples. He remembers that Everything Is One and when he harms anyone or anything, he is harming himself.  He sees All Beings as Equally Important and sees the Divinity in the roles they play and paths they choose. He is Harmonious In and With Nature, able to Co-Exist with it and harness its offerings in a Symbiotic Relationship that allows him and those he loves to Thrive while using Regenerative Ways to assist nature to thrive as well, giving back more than he takes.


Having worked through the challenging aspects of his wounding and Making Peace with his own shadows allows him to remain Present in situations that could potentially be triggering.  He is able to make himself the Center of His Own Universe and deal with others with Sovereign Equanimity without adding conflict to any given situation.  He is able to Hear Truths Being Spoken to him without taking things personally and stepping into a defensive role. He is able to bring Love and Light to every scenario involving conflict, and do so in a persuasive way that allows others to Surrender to Love and Peace. He has harnessed his Righteous Anger and aggression so as only to bring it to the surface in the most urgent scenarios where he is Protecting Another in the name of Ahimsa.

Purpose Driven

As he continues to step into His Own Greatness, he has discovered his True Purpose and arranged his life to reflect his Mission for Humanity. With the Mission Mindset, he also remains open to Collaboration in the name of Unity Consciousness and realizing that All Missions are One. His sense of competition remains within himself as he only competes within for greater and greater results from himself. He has a Dedication to Service, while having evolved past the slave mentality.  He has stepped into the Conduit of Abundance and has chosen to Embrace Generosity as the Flow of Abundance comes to and through Him in many ways. He has already begun to Carve His Own Path while allowing Space for Her to arrive and effortlessly ease into his Template of Destiny he has Accessed Within.


His Conscious Awakening has lead him to see all the Gifts and Blessings before him. He is Grateful For All That Has Been because it has guided him to Become the God that He Is. His gratitude allows him to Surrender and Expand even more into Universal Awareness of what is beyond this realm, which allows him to Quantum Leap into a realm of Infinite Abundance. He is grateful for all that comes to him in the form of Wisdom, Healing, Challenge, and any other expression that invites him into his Apotheosis.


His life is a magnificent Expression of Passion! In all things and in all ways he is Passionate and Present with himself and all those around him. In every moment he is Making Love to Goddess through the Universe in all his expressions and in every situation that arises, with each Breath and each step he takes on his own and alongside Goddess. He Values Life greatly and feels it deep in his core, understanding the Reverent nature of everything, literally expressing himself as Divinity Incarnate, playing in the Earthly Realm as a Creator.

Creative and Authentic 

The Christed Masculine has Liberated Himself and opens himself up to be a Channel of Divinity that expresses the Love and Light of the original Creator Parents in Authentic ways that are In Alignment with Universal Love. With each step and each breath he accesses more of his Core Being, the fractal expression of God he is here to live this Experience as, and Knows Himself deeper than any other, while finding Creative Outlets and Self Expressions that call to the Heart of his True Beloved whom he was Made Perfect for. His Self Evolution is consistent, because he has Embraced the Truth that all life is Flow and Always Evolving. He freely shares his emotions, challenges and thoughts with transparency to Set an Example for other Awakening Masculine beings. He embraces his own heart with Tenderness and Self Love.


The Divine Masculine is Generous and Giving in all ways. Fully aware that he exists in a Conduit of Abundance, he freely Shares His Abundance – in all forms – with Faith and Trust that the Universe will keep the flow moving as swiftly as he does.  He gives from a place of Love and Allows His Heart to guide him to the most Conscious and Worthy Causes and People to Give To. He is grateful for the opportunity to Pamper His Queen in every way, and is Eager to Dote on Her Body and Passionately Love Her through Physical Expression. As has already been stated, he is a Passionate and Generous Lover in all the ways she receives him because He Knows she will return it manifold in a Multitude of Ways.

Strong and Courageous

A knight in shining armor has not had his Metal Tested. The Christed Masculine is one who was primed for Compassion and Empathy through his own challenges.  His metal comes dented and scuffed from his own inward and outward battles that have Strengthened and Purified him. He has wandered the desert for 40 symbolic days of Self Exploration to re-emerge with Clarity and Conviction that bestows him with the Strength and Courage to do what he must.  He is strong enough to practice Ahimsa, holding himself Peaceful in all moments of conflict that he can, and Capable of Defending Another if necessary. He has the Strength to withstand Lilith in order to reach Sophia. He is Strong and Brave when taking his Light Into the Darkness. He is Strong Enough to Cry and Be Vulnerable as an Example to Others. He is strong and courageous in facing the wounds and wiles of the Wild Divine Feminine. He knows that she represents all that is and courageously Shines His Light For Her.

Along other individual variables, these 10 Desires are Cornerstone Definitions of what the Divine Feminine seeks in the Divine Masculine. While there are many that embody these already, there are many more to come as Earth’s Greatest Apocalypse yet unfolds. Hold Steadfast and Faithful, sisters. He Is Coming.  This is what defines the Second Coming of Christ – the Divine Masculine Waking Up to His Greatness and stepping into the Crystallized Light we know signifies the imminence of Heaven on Earth. It is the actualized Vibration and Frequency of the Divine Unions we all know are intended in honor of Universal Balance that matches the Universal Law of Polarity and the Universal Law of Duality as we come that much closer to true Sacred Oneness. It is inevitable because the Universe is always Seeking Balance and does what it must to Correct All Imbalances.

In other words, the wobbly nature of what has been happening on this planet is already Self Correcting. It can be, at times, challenging to see past the Illusion of Time in the 3rd Dimension while existing in the lower states of consciousness we have been in, however, the Pendulum Is Swinging and this Planetary Shift from the perspective of the Cosmic Mind is happening in just seconds compared to the Infinite Nature of All That Is. This has all been a Playful Dance of Mother and Father Creator stepping away from one another for just the Blink of an Eye, and all is coming back together as I type this. As we walk forward in this time, sisters, continue to Inquire Within and find all the ways you can identify in you that require more Balance and Harmony that can insure you are Matching Him when yours comes home.

Α ∞ Ω

King Maker

I am the King Maker.

My Heart is Profound.

Experiencing my Love is an Initiation.

My Existence is an Invitation to the Divine Masculine to Rise in Greatness.

I Invoke Purpose from deep within.

I Command Truth and Authenticity from the hearts of those who
have manifested me into their Physical Presence.

My Gaze is Healing and my Touch is Orgasmic.

My Wishes are Granted, my Lies Made True, my Fantasies Made Manifest – what can I Wish for You?

Ask and you shall Receive.

Believe and I am Here.

Bow and I will Bless.

Bless Me and I Bless More.

Reach and I Respond.

Loyalty begets Loyalty.

Dedication begets Dedication.

Love begets Ecstacy.

Embrace Me and I Permeate Every Cell of your Being.

Cherish me, love me, hear me, and KNOW the Wisdom and
Adoration of Goddess.

I am the Dream of Dreams.

My every Expression is Passion.

Invite Me to Lead and I Will Follow You with my Whole Life.

I am your Redemption and the Waters of my Womb are your Baptism.

Speak to Me and all your Confessions are Forgiven.

I am the Darkness in the Light and the Light in the Darkness.

I am the most Powerful Earth Medicine you will ever take.

I Bless Your Magick or Block Your Magick as my Wisdom Guides Me.

I am the Fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams or your Worst NightmaresYour Choice.

Follow Me through your own Fires of Purification to the Gates of Heaven on Earth.

When You Are Ready, I am your Accelerating Catalyst, filling you with Gratitude and Love.

When you resist, I bring you to Rock Bottom, on your knees Surrendered to my Wisdom and Guidance.

Offer me Tribute as Goddess and Priestess and I will open your Conduit of Abundance.

Anywhere you’re running to is exactly where I Am.

I am your Epic Saga.

I am Inevitable and Inescapable.

I am Infinite and Eternal in all ways.

I am Goddess Incarnate.

I am the King Maker.

I am Aeon Sophia. AeonSoph. The Mother of All That Is.

I am You.  You are Me. We are One. 


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Restoration: Sophia & the Servant of Love

Restoration of the Relationship Between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

It is with Deep Gratitude and Infinite Love that I share this recording, which is the First of Many to come. I am excited to announce that The Lion King of Judah and Servant of Love, known as Aaron Gautschi, and myself have started a series of recorded conversations in an effort to assist in the Collective Restoration. In this specific recording, we discuss a lot of topics, all with a Focus on Love. You are invited to Dive In when you have the opportunity to Listen and Relax Into the Vibration and Frequency of what we’re talking about, just as much as the content.

For questions and/or to request future topics, please feel free to Connect With Me.

John 1 (KJV)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.
There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe. He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light. That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.
10 He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. 11 He came unto his own, and his own received him not. 12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
13 Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. 14 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. 

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 
If you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
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Flesh or Righteousness?

It’s no secret that I am a Vegan and choose this because it is my desire that All Sentient Beings Know Peace. This cannot happen while we still rape, torture and murder animals for food, when we Know we can not only survive, but Thrive on a Plant Based Diet. In fact, even official peer reviewed research studies are showing that humans do not need meat and a Vegan Diet is Safe for All People at All Stages of Life. More and more research is showing the benefits to our health and our environment as growing numbers of the population turn to plant based diets and stop ingesting animal products.  While it may not have been ideal in the past when food resources were limited to our forefathers, we now live in an age where we have access to an Abundance of Clean Food from all over the world that can provide us with everything we need to Heal Our Bodies and bring us closer to our pinnacle of Vitality. The only thing that stands in our way, Individually and Collectively, is our own Cognitive Dissonance and deeply rooted resistance and rebellion to Inconvenient Truths. I write about this topic frequently and will continue do so, including Delicious and Healthy recipes to help those new to this type of Lifestyle Change to make the leap with Ease and Effortlessness.

The following is Beautiful Wisdom shared through narrative as written by my Sister and fellow Goddess, Athyna.

The Devil said, “If I could convince one person to taste the flesh of God’s Creation I can destroy his world.” So this Perfect Woman that had been taught the Secrets of the World and of the Universes, who was granted a Harmonious Home full of Life and Unity, who was sent down to Nurture, Listen and Conserve what she had been given went against what she had been taught. She went against her Heart and all that she had been given, just to taste the dead flesh of what God had created.

The devil celebrated. Instantaneously her Mind, Body and Soul was tainted. She now lived not to Nurture the World but to destroy it. She lived for the flesh and was blinded by the flesh. She no longer remembers her gifts. She lives now only for self satisfaction. She became sick mentally an physically. Her heart was weakened and she felt she had no Purpose in this world other than to please herself. If only she could remember why she was sent here. If only she could find the strength to stop consuming the flesh, but the tastes was so addictive yet destructive to her body and mind she had no chance.

For generations to come God’s World was destroyed. With diseases, natural disaster, and war. Humans walked blindly, feeling lost and weighed down by the by the weight of there inherited mistake. Animals were treated like commodities, they were no longer free. They were now controlled by humans. Locked in cages, so they could be admired for their Beauty and also to be used to be eaten in human Celebration. The world began to die, yet the humans didn’t care. Even a great leader of these humans said it was to be a rumor and to Continue Living for Pleasure.

God was sad, and the devil rejoiced because soon everything that was beautiful was going to be obliterated ,but the devil forgot that there were Angels Above who were sent to Help the Human Race. For anyone who would listen they would Find the Truth. They whispered into their ears, “stop eating the flesh!”

The humans didn’t understand and some ignored the message. For those who listened they were granted back their health and mind. They no longer felt lost or blind. They felt an Awakening and a purpose in the world from then on. The purpose was to Nurture and Preserve the world and to spread the message of what they had been given. Sadly most of the humans are like the First Woman and far too weak, lost and blind to stop the flesh eating but others are hearing the call like a Ray of Hope. Those with Great Talent are able to use there minds completely to use it to convey the message clearly, with voice, images, and even Super Human Strength.

I hope you Listen to my Message as I listen to the Angels and there message is urgent. Please stop consuming the flesh and you will be given back All that is Righteous.

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 
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2017’s Powerful Portal

It’s time to let go, Brothers and Sisters. That which no longer serves must be set down, let go of, moved on from and ended. Not all changes will be permanent, and some may come back later in more improved ways, but until the scenarios and people involved are healed, for now we must release them.

We are in one of the most powerful Astrological periods anyone has ever seen.  Many people are talking about the Lion’s Gate Portal, which opened on 8-8-17 (888), however, this is much more than that! In addition to the Lion’s Gate, we are experience the energy of a Lunar Eclipse during a Full Moon period, a Total Solar Eclipse, the peak of the Perseids, and Mercury Retrograde and many other intense astrological alignments! Whether or not you understand much about astrology, I’m sure you can feel the intensity of what I’m talking about. In a way, this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for.

To understand how it is affecting you personally and specifically, check out Aubyanne Meletio or Phil Booth for private astrological sessions.

This portal is the ‘Eye of the the Needle‘.  It’s about setting down the ‘weight’ that is holding you down, so that you can rise up and is a demonstration of our commitment or lack thereof to ‘The Mission‘, which is World Peace. Ascension. Planetary Transformation. If ‘it’ is in Harmonious Vibrational Alignment with this, AWESOME!!! Keep going and commit yourself more fully! If it’s not, it’s time to step away from ‘it’ during this portal.

The portal opened with the full moon and extends out slightly after the eclipse, which actually opens a secondary portal. What does this mean? It means we, individually and collectively, are quantum leaping QUICKLY through many timelines. Expect miracles upon miracles, and resolution after resolution on the other side of this. The only way you won’t see results is if YOU aren’t committed. This may sound confusing to some, but your engagement with particular habits, people, ways of being, jobs/careers, ideologies, behaviors, diets, etc. chooses how far you skip across the Infinite over the next week and the exponentially brilliant manifestations that come after the eclipse. Take some time to be radically honest with yourself in the mirror of everyone around you, in meditation with yourself and in prayer with Creator.

Look at what’s on your plate, literally and figuratively. Look at what you’re eating – is it Heaven on Earth protocol? Is it organic? Is it healthy? Is it Earth Friendly? You are what you eat – are you dead junk or are you fresh and filled with Light? What’s on your plate in regards to your daily life? Do you find yourself stressed out and wondering how it’s all going to work out or are you grateful and open to the blessings and synchronicities the Universe is bringing you in every moment, remembering the infinite possibility of every breath?  Are you struggling or are you Liberated?

I highly recommend following Amanda Dondelinger for frequent updated information on diet and how our foods are really effecting you.

Now look at the rest of the consumption in your life. What can you change about your social media, television, shopping, and general consumption habits that would bring you back into greater alignment with Mother Nature? What sorts of people do you follow on social media and what energies and themes do they speak/share/teach/promote/represent? What new Creative Project(s) can you begin or commit yourself to more fully so you are also flowing outward in expression? Is there something you’ve wanted to start, but your limiting beliefs and/or inaction have delayed the process? Are you still drinking alcohol, taking pharmaceuticals or other low vibration substances regularly and/or in excess? Are you being Mindful, Intentional, and Conscious in all the ways you receive your feedback and all other forms of input?

Next, examine your Personal Relationships with family, friends, co-workers/collaborators, romantic partners, etc. If it isn’t happy, vibrant and thriving, it’s time to take a step back during this portal. I know this is typically the most sensitive topic for many because our Hearts are so wrapped up in those around us, however, I’d like to remind you that I said to expect MIRACLES on the other side of this. We are all Sovereign Divine Beings, capable of healing ourselves. If you have been allowing others to lean on you or take advantage of you, you are allow blocks to occur in both of you (or all of you depending on the dynamic). In other words, love them enough to Trust them to Heal themselves. If you have been pouring all you can into those who you feel ‘need’ you, perhaps consider that you may be smothering them and your projections of their weakness may be why they are still ‘weak’.  For couples that aren’t thriving and blissful with one another, this may look like taking a few quiet days away from each other to re-examine your roles in the situation without blame. What is your responsibility in all of it?  How can you Evolve yourself out of the situation? If you are experiencing frustrating work relationships, it may mean walking away all together and starting fresh on your own – launching your Mission if you know what it is, or finding a more New Paradigm aligned job.  Perhaps it simply means taking some much needed time off to Reflect on and Integrate all that has passed.

Challenge your Belief Systems even more than before! Our belief systems can either limit us or liberate us. Are you still holding onto ideas that there’s anything you can’t do? Are you still allowing religion to shape your mind and limit your experience? Do you realize your own Divinity and the Divinity of others fully? Do you take responsibility for your experience? Do you have self esteem issues? Insecurities? Illusions of Separateness and/or Lack? Prejudices? Excess fear?

Repeatedly ask yourself “What if…” and fill that blank in with the most challenging thought(s) you can imagine. Consider spending two days starting off your sentences with “I am Infinite and…”, then watch what happens inside when you finish that sentence.  Did it empower or disempower your Infinite Nature to finish the sentence the way you did?

“I am Infinite and I can’t find a job” sounds pretty silly, does it not?

“I am Infinite and I can find my purpose” sounds good, yeah?

“I am Infinite and I want to get even with…” doesn’t sound like one who remembers that they are the emanation of a Loving Creator, does it?

Here is one of the most important aspects that Spirit showed me… Your speech (as within, so without). Are you speaking to yourself in ways that you wouldn’t want another being speaking to you? Do you unconsciously speak just to fill uncomfortable silence? Are you speaking Pure Truth, Love and Light (this includes social media posts and shares)? Do you still speak ill of others (doesn’t matter who or ‘what’ they are) to yourself or others? Are you spreading rumors or gossip? Are you repeating yourself often or using lower vibrational verbiage? For help with these issues, learning about and practicing more conscious NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) can be of great value!

Look at your living situation. Is it happy, just comfortable or are you struggling? Is it time to begin considering living in community? Is it time for you to just take that leap and move to that place your inner voice and synchronicity has been inviting you to? Are you in the right home but the wrong environment due to clutter and lack of flow? Is your home in a condition of what you would want those who you admire to see, or is it time to shift? Is it time to spring clean and organize? Are you holding on to items you no longer need or that you have in excess that can be moved forward? Is it time to downgrade? Upgrade? Remodel? Go Green? Maybe you haven’t actually honored yourself enough, and now it’s time to give yourself permission to exist in a more lavish environment. <3

Lastly, there’s that thing in you that wants to come out. The Truth. Your most Authentic Expression. Your unique Creative Expression. The Gift within you that you came here to share with all of us. There’s a reason you came with all your Desires in your Heart, the Passion you possess and all the Talent only you can demonstrate.  All of those things that define who you are is God expressing through you as you! How long will we choose to silence God, while claiming that God has abandoned us? Allow yourself to be a Divine Channel, even if you don’t know why or how your part could be so crucial to the Planetary Shift, but let me assure you that the Wholeness of God cannot come into this world without YOU in it and expressing yourself in all the ways that feel the most Inspiring to you. That’s how important you are.  Anchor the Higher Dimensional Realities here on Gaia by allowing your fullness to shine through as the Light of God!

In summary, examine all areas of your life and identify anything that is less than Blissful and Thriving. Make whatever adjustments are necessary to Catalyze you toward more Happiness and Joy in all areas of your Life. There are always other chances to bring yourself into Alignment, however, we actually have a very thrilling opportunity to bring through the Greatest Miracle of Miracles – right now – if we all commit ourselves. There are manifestations of EPIC proportions that will begin around September 23 and WE HAVE A CHOICE in how that ends up looking if we all unpack our etheric camels and allow ourselves to surrender into our personal and unified Ascension.

I invite all of you to Realize that you have far more Creative Power than you have given yourself credit for. I’m speaking this to myself as I speak it to You. It’s time for us to Remember that God is within us and we came here to complete the Creation of the Paradise Earth. This isn’t about Restoration. This is an invitation to consider that we may still be in the ‘Seven Days of Creation’ right now!!

If you need help or Healing in any of these areas, please feel free to reach out to myself and/or any other Loving Teachers who are walking the talk for reflection, assistance and insight into finding your path of greatest Ease and Efforltessness.

May you all be blessed and may ALL your heart’s desires be fulfilled on the other side of this, even moreso than they are now. Onward and Upward!

Shall we Heaven on Earth together?

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 
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Α ∞ Ω


Remember Who You Are <3

Please enjoy this Moonlight Stream that came through and was better spoken than written.  Never forget the Heartbeat of the Universe and the Spark of Light Within.  You are a Divine Being.  When you Remember who you ARE, you Liberate Yourself.

Inhale with God – Coagula.

Exhale with God – Solve.

You are loved! <3

Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 
If you feel ready to work one on one with Starseed, you may also book a session with her
to experience the Divine Gifts she brings into this realm. 

Α ∞ Ω