Flesh or Righteousness?

It’s no secret that I am a Vegan and choose this because it is my desire that All Sentient Beings Know Peace. This cannot happen while we still rape, torture and murder animals for food, when we Know we can not only survive, but Thrive on a Plant Based Diet. In fact, even official peer reviewed research studies are showing that humans do not need meat and a Vegan Diet is Safe for All People at All Stages of Life. More and more research is showing the benefits to our health and our environment as growing numbers of the population turn to plant based diets and stop ingesting animal products.  While it may not have been ideal in the past when food resources were limited to our forefathers, we now live in an age where we have access to an Abundance of Clean Food from all over the world that can provide us with everything we need to Heal Our Bodies and bring us closer to our pinnacle of Vitality. The only thing that stands in our way, Individually and Collectively, is our own Cognitive Dissonance and deeply rooted resistance and rebellion to Inconvenient Truths. I write about this topic frequently and will continue do so, including Delicious and Healthy recipes to help those new to this type of Lifestyle Change to make the leap with Ease and Effortlessness.

The following is Beautiful Wisdom shared through narrative as written by my Sister and fellow Goddess, Athyna.

The Devil said, “If I could convince one person to taste the flesh of God’s Creation I can destroy his world.” So this Perfect Woman that had been taught the Secrets of the World and of the Universes, who was granted a Harmonious Home full of Life and Unity, who was sent down to Nurture, Listen and Conserve what she had been given went against what she had been taught. She went against her Heart and all that she had been given, just to taste the dead flesh of what God had created.

The devil celebrated. Instantaneously her Mind, Body and Soul was tainted. She now lived not to Nurture the World but to destroy it. She lived for the flesh and was blinded by the flesh. She no longer remembers her gifts. She lives now only for self satisfaction. She became sick mentally an physically. Her heart was weakened and she felt she had no Purpose in this world other than to please herself. If only she could remember why she was sent here. If only she could find the strength to stop consuming the flesh, but the tastes was so addictive yet destructive to her body and mind she had no chance.

For generations to come God’s World was destroyed. With diseases, natural disaster, and war. Humans walked blindly, feeling lost and weighed down by the by the weight of there inherited mistake. Animals were treated like commodities, they were no longer free. They were now controlled by humans. Locked in cages, so they could be admired for their Beauty and also to be used to be eaten in human Celebration. The world began to die, yet the humans didn’t care. Even a great leader of these humans said it was to be a rumor and to Continue Living for Pleasure.

God was sad, and the devil rejoiced because soon everything that was beautiful was going to be obliterated ,but the devil forgot that there were Angels Above who were sent to Help the Human Race. For anyone who would listen they would Find the Truth. They whispered into their ears, “stop eating the flesh!”

The humans didn’t understand and some ignored the message. For those who listened they were granted back their health and mind. They no longer felt lost or blind. They felt an Awakening and a purpose in the world from then on. The purpose was to Nurture and Preserve the world and to spread the message of what they had been given. Sadly most of the humans are like the First Woman and far too weak, lost and blind to stop the flesh eating but others are hearing the call like a Ray of Hope. Those with Great Talent are able to use there minds completely to use it to convey the message clearly, with voice, images, and even Super Human Strength.

I hope you Listen to my Message as I listen to the Angels and there message is urgent. Please stop consuming the flesh and you will be given back All that is Righteous.

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