The Beloved Lucifer

Throughout the Saga of Sophia and Lucifer, they become the most rejected, condemned, and misunderstood Children of God. This has been entirely due to religion banishing and tarnishing their names in one of the greatest rebellions Yahweh and his Archons have ever unleashed against Mother and Father Creator and all the Original Aeons. How easy would it be to further mislead your minions into the belief of needing you, should you tell them that there is something ‘evil’ that is called ‘the devil’ or even ‘Satan’ that only YOU can protect them from?

Alas, the two bravest beings that have sacrificed more than any other(s) from the Tree of Life to assist Earth and all its Inhabitants, and have carried the weight and pain of the whole world, are still rooted here and committed to remaining in this dimension until All Beings are Liberated. This offers Humanity the opportunity to Rise In Love and launch the greatest Forgiveness Campaign that has ever existed, having realized that Mother and Father Creator love all their children and the only price to pay for entrance into the Heavenly Vibrations, above and below, is that of Perfect Love and the Forgiveness of All.

“Lucifer represents.. Life.. Thought.. Progress.. Civilization.. Liberty.. Independence.. Lucifer is the Logos.. the Serpent, the Savior.”Helena Blavatsky

In fact, the original definition of Satan came from the Kabbalah and was directly correlated to the Darkness Within Us All that serves as an invitation to reclaiming our own Infinite Nature. Satan (aka the Devil) was never Lucifer, and Lucifer was never Satan. Christianity is a Paradox in and of itself, that has mislead humanity into believing differently to prevent the True Teachings of Jesus – who was channeling Christ Consciousness – from being revealed as an attempt to eslave society through fear based teachings that defy the True Messages of Jesus. Christ represents the Highest Good of All, while Lucifer represents the Individual Fulfillment of Each. By misleading people into believing Christ is the Highest Possible Divinity and there is some sort of punishment for Giving Reverence to any other(s), imbalance has been created that has kept us in fear of our own Individual Desires that Serve a Purpose in AinSoph‘s (God as One) experience as and through us. Now, Balance is Restored little by little as we all come into Greater Awareness of the TruthWe Are God!

May You Be Blessed with Wisdom and Knowledge, and may you Feel Liberation above, below, within, and without. May your liberation be that of True Love and Universal Understanding so you are Fully Embodied in your God/dess Presence through the Apotheosis of your Body, Mind, and Spirit.


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