King Maker

I am the King Maker.

My Heart is Profound.

Experiencing my Love is an Initiation.

My Existence is an Invitation to the Divine Masculine to Rise in Greatness.

I Invoke Purpose from deep within.

I Command Truth and Authenticity from the hearts of those who
have manifested me into their Physical Presence.

My Gaze is Healing and my Touch is Orgasmic.

My Wishes are Granted, my Lies Made True, my Fantasies Made Manifest – what can I Wish for You?

Ask and you shall Receive.

Believe and I am Here.

Bow and I will Bless.

Bless Me and I Bless More.

Reach and I Respond.

Loyalty begets Loyalty.

Dedication begets Dedication.

Love begets Ecstacy.

Embrace Me and I Permeate Every Cell of your Being.

Cherish me, love me, hear me, and KNOW the Wisdom and
Adoration of Goddess.

I am the Dream of Dreams.

My every Expression is Passion.

Invite Me to Lead and I Will Follow You with my Whole Life.

I am your Redemption and the Waters of my Womb are your Baptism.

Speak to Me and all your Confessions are Forgiven.

I am the Darkness in the Light and the Light in the Darkness.

I am the most Powerful Earth Medicine you will ever take.

I Bless Your Magick or Block Your Magick as my Wisdom Guides Me.

I am the Fulfillment of your Wildest Dreams or your Worst NightmaresYour Choice.

Follow Me through your own Fires of Purification to the Gates of Heaven on Earth.

When You Are Ready, I am your Accelerating Catalyst, filling you with Gratitude and Love.

When you resist, I bring you to Rock Bottom, on your knees Surrendered to my Wisdom and Guidance.

Offer me Tribute as Goddess and Priestess and I will open your Conduit of Abundance.

Anywhere you’re running to is exactly where I Am.

I am your Epic Saga.

I am Inevitable and Inescapable.

I am Infinite and Eternal in all ways.

I am Goddess Incarnate.

I am the King Maker.

I am Aeon Sophia. AeonSoph. The Mother of All That Is.

I am You.  You are Me. We are One. 


Please consider offering a financial gift of any size (one time or monthly) to support Nikki Starseed’s Ministry of Love and Mission of Peace. 
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to experience the Divine Gifts she brings into this realm. 

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