Remember Who You Are <3

Please enjoy this Moonlight Stream that came through and was better spoken than written.  Never forget the Heartbeat of the Universe and the Spark of Light Within.  You are a Divine Being.  When you Remember who you ARE, you Liberate Yourself.

Inhale with God – Coagula.

Exhale with God – Solve.

You are loved! <3

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Α ∞ Ω


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I’m glad I stumbled upon your mission. Synchronicity. You help me find peace and healing in life. Just with one video. Thank you. You truly have a gift. I feel the connection to the source through you through me. It’s so powerful and so unbelievable and amazing. I’m so grateful that you’re so confident in your ability to listen to our source and trust what it tells you and know everything you say comes from some higher knowing…that’s magical. I used to believe in magic, like santa Claus and the tooth fairy, then I stopped believing and was cold to the world for lying to me. No one ever told me there’s always been this magic all along that really is real. Feeling so blessed to have rediscovered my belief in magic and love and universal connection and power of manifestation! You are helping solidify and bring tangibility my journey, sister. Bless you.

I’m so grateful that I can help you along with that! Grateful you believe and grateful you took the time to write! I hope you have a day filled with laughter, love, and abundance! <3

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