Guidelines and Boundaries

Liberation Circle’s Boundaries & Guidelines

These Boundaries and Guidelines serve to create the best possible experience for all involved, and ensure the successful evolution we each desire to achieve. These have been woven from the experience and wisdom passed down through a variety of circles, ancient and modern, divided and unified, across cultures, and millennia. Please read this in its entirety. Meditate, integrate, and only accept the collective agreement if it resonates with you completely.

Liberation Circles are life changing fellowships for those who are fully invested and committed to the work we are doing together with love and integrity. The processes present us with the opportunity to experience sacred space to empower ourselves and others in multiple ways. Together, we explore and seek greater understanding of the universal and natural laws, unconditional love, prosperity consciousness, gratitude, true leadership, compassion, expanded perspectives, equality, sovereignty and what liberation for all life on Earth means. We do this in unity to experience personal and collective evolution in an environment that fosters a bond with a diverse support system that truly understands shares our hearts, minds, hopes, dreams, and visions for the New Paradigm.

We each agree to integrate these guidelines and boundaries on a personal level, applying them to our experience and interactions within our circles and in our personal lives, as a benefit to ourselves, as an act of love to all others on the journey with us, and to stay present in our individual and collective journey with a service mindset as we step forward in even greater capacities assisting Mother Earth and all her offspring. They exist as a statement of our intentions to foster clarity around purpose, inspired action, and to demonstrate truly empowered new paradigm leadership as we activate and catalyze change from the inside out, beginning with ourselves and expanding out in our missions.

We agree to make these fellowships a priority in our life, and to give them the time and attention needed to properly support ourselves and others in the process. We acknowledge them as a part of our wellness and self-evolution that create dedicated time for our shared visions that are intrinsically important for the regeneration of our planet. We realize that the work we do together will create positive impact on a planetary level as it ripples out through our daily interactions and choices (micro) and our missions and solutionary work (macro).

We each acknowledge that the success, longevity, and integrity of every single circle relies on how we individually show up and participate. We agree to offer our presence in a trustworthy and reliable way through consistent attendance and contribution on group calls and forums, as well as the ways we put honest effort into the exercises and thought experiments offered. We agree to practice being trustworthy and trusting others and to take deliberate action in our part to co-create a community of support while we learn with and from each other.

We agree to communicate with honesty, authenticity, compassion, equanimity, transparency, patience, empowerment, and to demonstrate unconditional love for one another. We agree to respect, honor, and protect the wisdom and knowledge that exists in each of us as an individual, and remain open to receiving new information from others participating in order for us to become powerful together in the creation of the parallel systems that will inevitably emerge. This is one of the most healing gifts we can offer to ourselves and others, and is deeply intertwined in our agreements. We each acknowledge and agree that negative emotions, such as righteous anger and grief, are viable expressions in specific circumstances, and we make an effort to demonstrate the type of interactions and expressions we know will be the most healing for everyone involved. The ability to hear another is important for each of us to be able to speak and listen in balance, as well as considering honest feedback that can assist us in our evolution and help us to expand our personal awareness. It also gives us a chance to receive wisdom, new or old, that we are now ready to receive and integrate into our path and practices moving forward.

We agree that in order to truly co-create this new paradigm and serve as leaders, we must do better than those who came before us. We agree that how we may have been taught or believed was correct may not be viable anymore in our world that is quickly evolving and forging new ways of being in all areas of life on Earth. We each agree to make an ongoing effort to identify and eliminate any previously unchecked racism, prejudice, cultural appropriation, discrimination, and/or other separatist beliefs or behaviors from our minds, lives, teachings, or public offerings. We agree to actively explore and acknowledge the places this may still exist, we may have been resisting, or has been a blind spot for us in the past as we move forward with an effort to protect, preserve, and revere the diversity of all people. We agree to seek out the expressions of our individual roots.

We each agree to honor the privacy of what we share with each other in our circles, within reason, and treat one another as sacred. Clear consent is mandatory before sharing anything from or about another, including their name or involvement in these fellowships. Even if it is shared with positive intentions in an anonymous and/or anecdotal way of storytelling or lesson sharing. This boundary is of the utmost importance in order for others to truly feel safe with us in these circles and beyond. If someone is sharing thoughts of harming themselves or another, this can be shared with your circle’s fellowship facilitator(s) or forum moderators, who can address the situation.

We each agree to actively do our individual work to bring ourselves into the highest possible alignment and accountability, as well as deliberately engaging in the co-creation and physical manifestation of our shared visions. We agree to do this through our lifestyle choices, daily example, personal missions, and leadership roles carried out in the world. This level of embodiment is vital to our individual and collective success. We understand that this does not replace any traditional therapy or counseling that one might need to cope with and/or heal traumas or other psychological issues that are pre-existing or come up through the course of our fellowships.

We each take full responsibility for the power we do each have within our own experiences, and how that expresses in our mission and choices in the world. We agree to share circumstances we have faced, or are currently facing, that represent any form of oppression, struggle, suffering, abuse, or other profound experience that has enlightened us to the state of the world, the human condition, and all areas that humanity is still seeking a solution. We agree to remove unnecessary victimhood from our mentality as much as possible in order to become as empowered as we can to create the most regenerative change possible. We know this does not invalidate the truth of our experience or the social ill that we feel, see, or are experiencing, or the trauma incurred from it. It is simply a process of moving forward unencumbered by the past while embracing what we are individually capable of as part of the collective efforts.

We agree to avoid uninvited self-promotion or business advertising out of context or with pressure tactics at any time. Our facilitators and co-facilitators may occasionally recommend specific products or services from a variety of vetted providers and facilitators, including the Womb of Liberation network. This will only be done when it is suggested to assist an individual member with an issue they’re experiencing or a desire they’ve shared, or somehow applies to the current focus topic for the entire group. Individual members are also encouraged to share information with their circle about themselves and what they do, as well as in the appropriate space in the forums. Nonetheless, we all agree not to use the Womb of Liberation or its Liberation Circles as a platform to advertise to, or pressure any other member to promote their individual product or service in any way. Collaboration and networking will be just one way your mission, cause, product, or other business can thrive within this environment in a much more organic way.

We each agree to participate without any racist, sexist, abusive, combative, homophobic, religious superiority, or otherwise harmful behaviors and to get help for any that might be present within us. Should we see this behavior, we agree to be an ally and intervene with peace making intentions in whichever way is necessary to bring peace and harmony again, and to follow up with leadership for resolution.

By making your payment below, you are agreeing to the boundaries and guidelines set forth above. You also understand that you may cancel your subscription at any point, but there are no refunds on previous payments.