Poetic Activism by Orlando Kennedy

Poetic Activist Orlando Kennedy – Los Angeles, CA

I recently met Orlando Kennedy at an Art exhibit closing in Los Angeles, California. Orlando did a Poetry Reading as a part of the evening’s offerings to the audience of some of LA’s most Exquisite Eccentrics. The opening words caught my attention so dramatically that I almost sprained my neck turning around to see The Face of An Angel speaking profound beauty into our Cosmic Existence. I listened intently, feeling deeply moved by Magnetic Resonance while I inched my way closer to the stage in hopes of the chance to connect with the Alphabetical Alchemist that made love to my ears that night. Who was the crafter of this Word Wizardry lulling me into a state of Sapiosexual Bliss?!

When my moment arrived, I confirmed that I was in the presence of one of the most Gentle and Magnificent Souls I have ever crossed paths with or had the honor of laying my eyes upon. A glorious Miracle Made Up of Particles projected into this dimension carrying Codes of Enlightenment intended to subtly Galactivate the Heart and Soul of all those within earshot, whether they listened or not. 

I spoke with Orlando Kennedy a while later to ask if I could share the words gifted to all of us present that evening. The answer was yes, and now I offer you the Blessed Opportunity to receive this beautiful Energy Medicine channeled from a place only the angels know. 

Good evening trees, flowers, insects!

Hello, humans as well.

Don’t ask what your planet can do for you.

Ask what you can do for your planet!

I laid in a field of lilacs and asked myself what’s the difference between a leader and a teacher?

Where’s the border between a realist and a dreamer?

A person I once knew held onto an angel’s egg and stared into the face of silence.

I became a nomad and took in the serenity of the ever-changing scenery.

I drew maps of worlds I had never seen and wrote never-ending novels.

There was some chaos on both of our paths but they were both lined with blue lilacs.

As I meditated I began to finally understand.

Intangible eyes beyond cloud constructions paint portraits of blank canvases that articulate the belief that to discover the self is to forget the self, try to notice what is not currently being noticed.

The world appears as a Robert Venosa painting.

Astral awakenings cast along time wheels, crystalline raindrops, prism patterns kaleidoscopic light dispersion accompaniment.

The sound of a piano fills up the empty space of a silent room subtly singing a sad song sans composer.

The birds chant chirp mantra sounds.

Gregorian chants las canciones de la tierra tararean en un susurro silencioso. *

Impressionist painter planetary portrait.

Aristotelian elements. 

Democritus’ atoms inhale planet. 


Exhale Earth, Gaia, Terra, Isis, Hera. 

Azul cielo built by wind, atmosphere. 

Light fragments held by Atlas. 

A tactile experience. 

The sacred nature of a minuscule event exemplified by feet sinking into the soft soil stained in rain. 

Footprints leading to nowhere washing away a voyage to a valley housing a village where the journey itself is venerated but the village vanished –  vanquished by ego. 

Particulate portion persists. 




Shaolin monastics. 


Zeno of Citium. 

Stoics zen practice. 

Whatever happens, happens. 

What happens on earth stays on earth. 

*Translation: “the songs of the Earth hum in a silent whisper”

‘Coma’ by Cameron Gray

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